Yerba Mate: Nutrition Facts and Health

Yerba Mate: Nutrition Facts and Health


Yerba mate is a famous drink in South America.

Despite the thought of many people about alcoholic beverage, yerba mate contain many beneficial health effects.

In fact, yerba mate can have good effects on heart health and cancer prevention.

Also, the habit of drinking yerba mate can support weight loss naturally.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and health benefits of yerba mate which you may not know.

Nutrition Facts

Yerba Mate: Nutrition Facts

People believe that yerba mate first appeared in South America.

Nowadays, the popularity of this drink has widened.

People in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina are all familiar with yerba mate.

The main ingredient for yerba mate production are mate tree leaves.

In reality, mate tree is a subtropical plant which is 18m in height.

The ideal environment for mate tree is rainy weather with extremely cold climate.

It is sais that the period between October and November can best foster mate tree to blossom.

According to many research, yerba mate can offer an extensive diversity of health benefits.

These effects are attributed to the appearance of many essential nutrients (1).

They are polyphenols, saponins, xanthines.

Also, yerba mate is an excellent source of iron, copper, potassium, manganese and zinc.

What’s more, vitamin C, B1 and B2 are telling examples of vitamins in yerba mate.

Bottom line: Loading with many important substances, yerba mate can effectively improve people’s health.

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

Following are top 7 typical benefits of yerba mate which may prompt you to add it more into diet.

1. Antioxidant  Qualities

In fact, powerful antioxidants are leading factor which bring about benefits of yerba mate.

As people all know, polyphenols, chlorogenic acid and caffeoyl are all valuable antioxidants which are really good for people’s health.

Interestingly, yerba mate is a power house for all of them (2).

Oxidative stress is a risky factor for the health of liver and heart.

By consuming yerba mate, people can effectively reduce bad effects of oxidative stress.

Moreover, yerba mate intake can lower nitrosative stress which is mainly responsible for DNA damage.

More importantly, in comparision to green tea, yerba tea can inhibit cytotoxicity better (3).

For anyone who may not know, cytotoxicity can seriously cause blood flow restriction and heart stroke.

Bottom line: Powerful antioxidants in yerba mate are good solutuion to the danger of many health ailments.

2. Heart Health

The massive benefits of yerba mate include heart health improvement.

In reality, the appearance of polyphenols in yerba mate can reduce the chance of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is one of the most common heart-related problems.

Result from many studies have suggested that drinking yerba mate will keep LDL cholesterol levels in check (4).
Moreover, it can have good impacts on the condition of lipid parameters.

A different study showed that yerba mate consumption will control free radical activities which may lead to heart stroke (5).

3. Antimicrobial Qualities

Another factor which contributes to benefits of yerba mate is antimicrobial effects.

In a research, yerba mate is capable of preventing the development of E.coli bacteria in the body.

E.coli is really dangerous as it may result in certain health ailments.

And antimicrobial properties take responsibility for yerba mate’s good effects on E.coli growth.

That’s why the list of nutrient foods for the battle against E.coli always contains yerba mate.

Bottom line: Thanks to antiomicrobial qualities, yerba mate can work against certain infectious ailments.

4. Diabetes

Yerba Mate: Diabetic Improvement

One of the most typical benefits of yerba mate is to control diabetes.

In fact, hyperglycemia is a risk factor which can trigger numerous diabetic complications.

Luckily, yerba mate can effectively control hyperglycemia activities (6).

Playing a role as an effective antioxidant,  yerba mate can also neutralize dicarbonyl process which can produce oxidation and hyperglycemia.

5. Weight Loss

For long, weight number is always matter of concern for many people, especially women.

Among many methods which can improve weight number in people, yerba mate is popular.

According to scientific evidence, yerba mate can have good impact on obesity (7).

To specify, yerba mate consumption will increase fullness and suppress your appetite.

Yerba mate’s ability to manage weight comes from its positive influence on fat oxidation and gastric emptying (8).

Bottom line: Yerba mate is an ideal drink which can effectively support weight loss.

6. Cancer

Nowadays, cancer is one of the most serious health ailments which can easily cause dealth.

Unfortunately, the acurate method to treat cancer remains under question.

Therefore, it is always necessary to prevent cancer right from its beginning.

Among many products which can release anti-cancer effect, yerba mate is highly appreciated (9).

7. Inflammation

Flavanoids are famous for the ability to reduce inflammation – an important indication for many chronic problems (10).
Interestingly, yerba mate is an excellent source of flavanoids.

That’s why yerba mate can contribute greatly to the treatment for many chronic diseases.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of yerba mate, this drink can also help with many other problems.

In general, yerba mate does not pose any threats to people’s health.

However, people should always be careful with yerba mate production.

In fact, if not produced well, yerba mate will get contaminated by PAHs (11).

PAHs stand for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – leading cause of cancer (12).

Moreover, children and pregnant women should not consume yerba mate.

Following are steps of yerba mate production:

  • Put dried llex paraguanriensis leaves into a gourd.
  • Pour hot water into the leaves.
  • Repeat the 2 steps many times.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Yerba Mate: Nutrition Facts and Health
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