Wheat Germ: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Wheat Germ: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Wheat germ is a popular nutritional food, especially in Western countries.

In fact, it is the centre part of wheat kernel.

Despite its small size which occupies only 2,5% of kernel weight, wheat germ contain many essential nutrients.

This article will focus on nutrition facts and health benefits of wheat germ.

Nutrition Facts

Wheat Germ: Nutrition Facts

In fact, nature has offered people many overall nutritious foods.

These products have 2 parts including normal parts and beneficial parts.

Interestingly, people can consume both of which to cultivate beneficial health aspects.

Among many overall nutritious food, wheat is popular.

While wheat kernel contains wheat bran and starchy endosperm, wheat germ serves as health part.

In general, people add wheat germ to salads, pasta sauces, desserts, etc.

Nutritionally, wheat germ is an excellent source of many essential nutrients (1).

According to scientific studies, wheat germ is high in energy, fiber and protein.

Also, it is a power house of carbohydrates.

What’s more, wheat germ contains a valuable source of vitamins and minerals.

They are vitamin E, folate, zinc, calcium, selenium, etc.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important factor which you may find in wheat germ.

Bottom line: Wheat germ consists of huge amount of nutrients, which is a good explaination for its beneficial effects on people’s health.

Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

Following are top 8 benefits of wheat germ which may help you with many health ailments.

1. Immunity

One mechanism benhind benefits of wheat germ is its ability to improve immune system.

Obviously, immune system plays an important role in the body system.

Without a strong immunity, it is likely that people will suffer from attack of strange invaders.

In fact, the addition of wheat germ into daily diet will effectively boost immunity functions (2).

To specify, wheat germ protein hydrolysates are able to support antioxidant activities in organic system.

These powerful antioxidants will indentify and break down free radicals and other dangerous factors for health (3).

Bottom line: Wheat germ can be a good selection for immunity improvement.

2. Heart Diseases

The massive benefits of wheat germ make it good for heart condition.

Nowadays, it is clear that cardiovascular issues are among the biggest killers.

Result from scientific studies have suggested that whear germ is good for heart health (4).

Specifically, wheat germ is beneficial for coronary heart issues and the entire heart system.

This effect is attributed to octacosanol (5).

This conponent may lower cholesterol levels.

As a result, it will decrease the likelihood of strokes, heart attack and so on.

More that, great content of omega-3 fatty acid can neutralize harmful effects of omega-6 fatty acids on heart system.

Bottom line: Loading with octacosanol and omega-3 fatty acids, wheat germ can leave good impacts on heart health.

3. Cancer

Wheat Germ: Cancer Prevention

When it comes to benefits of wheat germ, people usually refer to its ability to prevent cancer.

In reality, cancer is a dangerous health problem which may easily cause dealth.

Unfortunately, cancer remains uncured.

Therefore, it is important to prevent the growth of cancerous cells inside the body.

Among many natural foods for cancer prevention, wheat germ is popular.

By adding wheat germ into daily diet, people may lower risk factors for many cancer types (6).

In fact, wheat germ shows good ability to neutralize glucose metabolism and keep numerous kinases in check.

Glucose metabolism and kinases are 2 factor which may trigger cancer.

4. Anti-aging Qualities

For long, anti-aging properties are important factors which contribute to benefits of wheat germ.

People, especially women are always afraid of aging process.

In general, aging causes many problems such as hair loss, wrinkles, etc.

Thus, the majoirity of women don’t hesitate to pour money on beauty products to slow down aging process.

However, instead of using these goods, people can go for a more natural ways.

Packing with essential nutrients and vitamins, wheat germ can release anti-aging effects (7).

In particular, vitamin E in wheat germ may effectively reduce some skin problems (8).

They are sunburn, eczema, dull complexion, etc.

Bottom line: Wheat germ can bring about anti-aging effects thanks to its richness in essential nutrients.

5. Performance

Another field which benefits of wheat germ shine is in physical performance.

Recently, many studies have indicated that wheat germ can have ergogenic properties.

By stimulating energy production, this effect will increase stamina and performance effectively (9).

That’s why wheat germ usually appears in special diets for people who do exercise regularly.

6. Cellular Metabolism

As mentioned before, wheat germ is an abundant source of vitamins, especially B vitamins.

In fact, niacin, thiemine and folate are telling examples of B vitamins in wheat germ (10, 11).

According to scientific research, these components are beneficial for cellular metabolism.

They may effectively transform nutrients throughout the body to enhance body function.

Once metabolism is stimulated, it may provide enough energy for other body processes.

Bottom line: Benefits of wheat germ also include its good impacts on cellular metabolism.

7. Muscle Health

Facts have shown that wheat germ is one of the biggest natural sources of protein (12).

Undeniably, protein can have maintain muscle strength, regulate enery levels and improve damaged tissues.

Thus, it is easy to understand that wheat germ intake may support muscle health.

Also, protein is necessary factor for people who want to have ideal body shape.

Therefore, adding wheatgerm into daily diet will really have positive impacts on muscle improvement.

8. Pregnancy

Folic acid is another deciding factor which creates benefits of wheat germ.

In reality, folic acid is essential nutrient for pregnancy (13).

Particularly, healthy levels of folic acids may lower the danger of neural tube defects in unborn child.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of wheat germ, this food can also help with many other situations.

Generally, people can well tolerate wheat germ consumption.

However, in some special cased, wheat germ may cause adverse impacts.

For example, wheat germ is not suitable for a gluten-free diet (14).

More than this, high calories content in wheat germ may easily lead to weight dain if you do not monitor your intake.


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Wheat Germ Nutrition Facts

Wheat Germ Health Benefits

Wheat Germ Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Wheat Germ: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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