The Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Muscle Growth  

The Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Muscle Growth   

If you are looking to build super strong muscles as fast as possible, read on before buying HGH injections. Understanding the facts about human growth hormone and muscle growth may change your mind.

Perhaps no other medication has as many facts and myths as HGH. Some people swear by its ability to increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass.

Is this the truth?

The answer is not as clear as yes or no. There are HGH muscle growth benefits for people who experience a human growth hormone deficiency (HGHD). After all, if your body is missing something that is causing problems, restoring balance will reverse those concerns.

Can HGH also increase muscle mass for people who are not human growth hormone deficient?

That is where the myth comes into play. Human growth hormone is not a magic muscle booster. If your body already has normal HGH levels, you will not yield any benefits from further increasing your levels. Instead of HGH muscle growth, side effects of high growth hormone levels will likely occur.

How Human Growth Hormone Promotes Muscle Growth

The human body is roughly 40% skeletal muscle. Maintaining healthy muscles is crucial for movement, protection of the internal organs, fat metabolism, breathing, glucose metabolism, and thermogenesis. The role of human growth hormone for muscle growth is crucial to understand as HGH stimulates muscle protein anabolism. This is a regular function and not one that will produce superhuman results.

Protein turnover comprises the breakdown and synthesis of proteins via the recycling of amino acids. When protein breakdown occurs, amino acids released can be reutilized through protein synthesis or lost due to oxidation. Amino acid loss is irreversible. One study that compared the rate of protein synthesis and breakdown in adults with HGHD to those with normal growth hormone levels found that those with GH deficiency had significantly reduced rates.

When we look at human growth hormone muscle recovery, HGH increases protein synthesis and reduces protein oxidation. HGH accomplishes its function via the insulin growth factor 1 mechanism. IGF-1 is the primary promoter of HGH activities in the body. It is secreted by the liver based on the amount of HGH the organ receives.

One benefit of human growth hormone and muscle growth is seen in aerobic exercise capacity. HGHD adults who receive human growth hormone therapy often experience significant increases in aerobic exercise capacity. However, this does not translate to extensive increases in muscle strength. Again, the benefits of HGH for the muscles occurs only in adults with HGHD, not those whose bodies still produce a normal amount of growth hormone.

How to Use Human Growth Hormone for Muscle Growth

If you are looking at using HGH injections, muscle growth should not be your primary factor for treatment. Human growth hormone therapy only benefits adults with HGHD. For those with this deficiency, they can expect improved muscle protein synthesis, muscle functions, and strength. Again, we are not talking about superhuman strength, but rather an overall body strengthening that reverses the muscle and strength loss associated with growth hormone deficiency.

HGH muscle growth results are modest in adults dealing with low growth hormone levels. Regular intervals of resistance training will help improve overall muscle-boosting benefits. Because HGH does aid in muscle recovery, heavy training will provide an added boost.

Experienced weight-trainers will not reap the muscle protein synthesis increase that adults with HGHD normally see. If you are looking to increase your muscle size and strength and are not human growth hormone deficient, you would be better served by supplementing with various amino acids.

HGHD adults will find that human growth hormone and muscle growth do restore the lean muscle mass which the deficiency took away.

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The Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Muscle Growth  
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