Sushi: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Sushi: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


We had a chance to examine one of the most typical examples of Japanese cuisine – Miso Soup.

Today we will look at an even more significant food which has brought Japan to the top in the culinary world – Sushi.

Many people hold a belief that sushi is a traditional dish in the modern world with about 200 years of existence.

Nevertheless, the history of sushi is richer than we thought. It has been a part of Japanese life for over 7 centuries.

Sushi health benefits are various because they are dependent on what the cook includes in it.

But rice is always present. People mix it with rice vinegar to increase its stickness.

Other ingredients of sushi vary from vegetables to raw fish.

Normally, fish is one of the most important parts and there are numerous types of fish to select, such as salmon, mackerel or tuna.

Besides, people also use wasabi, ginger, or soy sauce as side dishes when eating sushi. Green tea is a common drink for sushi-eaters.

This habit of eating brings a lot of health benefits as most of them are beneficial.

Nowadays, sushi has travelled to almost all corners of the world and in each country, it combines both local lifestyle and Japanese tradition.

For example, in the United States, the regulations do not permit the cook to use raw fish which might contain parasites. Therefore, frozen fish is more common.

Nutrition Facts

Sushi Nutrition Facts

There is no exact analysis of sushi nutrition facts because it might consist of many different ingredients.

Generally speaking, the popularity of sushi, especially in the Western countries, results from its richness of omega-3s fatty acids.

Fish used in sushi mostly contain the highest amount of these fatty acids in the natural world.

Selenium is also another important nutrient you can get from fish in sushi.

In addition, seaweed provides such an excellent source of iodine.

With some side dishes like ginger or wasabi, you are exposed to a great source of minerals and vitamins.

Health Benefits of Sushi

Below are top 6 health benefits of sushi that are more prevalent. They come from reliable research and definitely give a boost in your desire to consume sushi.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Sushi - Cardiovascular Health

With the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, it is undeniable that one of the best health benefits of sushi is to enhance our heart health.

Sushi raises the levels of good cholesterol, known as HDL, and lowers those of bad cholesterol at the same time (12).

As a result, we can avoid suffering from clogged arteries which are a catalyst for many problems, such as strokes or atherosclerosis (34).

Moreover, research also indicate the association between omega-3 and lower blood pressure (567).

In other words, these fatty acids promote the oxygen amount brought to essential organs in the body.

Therefore, our metabolism will experience a great boost.

You had better consume sushi which consists of tuna, salmon or herring. They are much better than the use of Fish Oil.

Bottom Line: Containing a high level of omega-3 fatty acids, sushi can be an excellent support for your cardiovascular system.

2. Prevent Cancer

Many health benefits of sushi come from its main ingredient – fish.

Omega-3 is not the only thing to remember about fish. It is also abundant in selenium which has been known to prevent cancer very well (89).

But as mentioned above, sushi is not all about fish.

Once you are served sushi, you will have a chance to consume other beneficial foods, namely, ginger and wasabi.

These two ingredients possess an impressive number of antioxidant compounds.

Thus, they are strongly anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic (10111213).

They provides antioxidants to fight against harmful effects of free radicals in our body.

This means that the development of cancer cells might be contained efficiently.

Another essential ingredient is seaweed that people use to wrap sushi.

Seaweed, or Nori, supplies a huge number of phytonutrients to lower the risk of cancer as effectively as antioxidants (1415).

Bottom Line: Sushi is a combination of many ingredients which are suitable for boosting the cancer prevent thanks to their content of antioxidants.

3. Immune System

Sushi - Immune System

Health benefits of sushi on our immunity come from the presence of some elements.

First of all, the antibacterial quality of wasabi seems to be more powerful when combined with raw fish.

Second, ginger is famous for its antiviral and antibacterial properties (1617).

Therefore, the regular consumption of sushi may strengthen your immune system which is the most important shield to protect you from diseases.

4. Digestion

If you are a regular visitor to sushi restaurant, you will notice that green tea is the most common drink along with your meal.

Green tea contains a special compound – tannins – which has positive impacts on people’s digestive system (1819).

Take time to find out more about Health Benefits of Green Tea – an amazing drink that you should try every day.

Also, soy sauce contributes to the digestive health benefits of sushi.

There are great amounts of proteins and iron in soy sauce and they have protective effects on the colon to help you stay away from harmful bacteria (20).

Though, with a high level of sodium, soy sauce is not a wise choice for those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Bottom Line: Consuming side dishes of sushi might be a great idea because they can promote the digestive health and protect your colon, like the case of soy sauce and green tea.

5. Hormones

Among top sushi health benefits, it is necessary to mention its effects on the hormone control.

Nori is the seaweed to wrap sushi. When examining nori nutrition, scientists found a great level of iodine.

This nutrient is very important for the regulation over the endocrine system (2122).

When your body receives a sufficient amount of iodine (remember, only ENOUGH), the levels of hormones in our body will be stable and not result in any problem.

6. Blood Circulation

Sushi - Blood Circulation

You can find an increbily high amount of iron from sushi which includes soy sauce and fish.

Iron is responsible for health benefits of sushi on the blood circulation as it participates in the release of red blood cells (23).

Iron plays a vital role in your skin color and tones, your hair growth and the speed at which your cells and tissues are healing.

It will help you stay away from anemia – one of the most serious problems caused by the deficiency of iron (24).

Side Effects

Although sushi is common and very beneficial, there are still situations in which you are in trouble because of them.

Allergies to fish are not a rare problem among the population. Thus, it is wise to look at the menu and select the most appropriate fish for your health.

Furthermore, mercury is a very serious problem when it comes to some types of fish.

Your life might be in danger if you consume too much mecury from fish.

Remember to trust a reliable restaurant which uses safe fish only.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Sushi: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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