Smartphones Are Aggravating the Human Health!

Smartphones Are Aggravating the Human Health!

The two major technologies that most of us are using on a daily basis include laptops and smartphones. The latter being more prevalent than the former. These technologies connect with us on a personal level. And it seems like something is missing when we are not around them.

Life without them is pretty much unimaginable because they are running our lives instead of us running them. There are retreats and vacation spots where you can become smartphone-free for a couple of days. It may seem unreal not to think about the busy life and only focus on our enjoyment. Each one of us has a good reason to use smartphones.

Talking about the digital age, even the marketing field has undergone major transformation. Those times are becoming extinct when we used to promote businesses through face-to-face marketing. It is safe for me to say that the 21st century belongs to digital marketing and other methods to promote businesses on the Internet.

How many people in the world are using smartphones and computers? According to the statistics, the number of people using smartphones will touch 2.53 billion by the end of 2018. This figure keeps on rising for the upcoming years.

We will be looking at ways smartphones affect human health and how can we manage our digital needs keeping our overall health in check.

Impact of the Smartphones on the brain – Momentum Busters

Human brain profoundly effects as a result of smartphone use. We think they are a big help because we can communicate with others through them. Moreover, we can read news, books, articles, watch movies, TV shows, and play games as much as we want. But there is a flipside which isn’t enlightening or assisting. I know it is hard to believe, but smartphones pull us away from socializing in a group.

Let’s say a few friends are meeting up to spend some fun time and enjoying the company of each other. When something in your pocket goes off, it steals you away from the group. It kills the momentum, the impulses and the reactions of the whole group in the ongoing conversation. Consequently, our mental health is at a loss because of a tiny gadget coming in the way of our social life. If the gap widens beyond limits, we will fail to exist!

Interference with the thinking process

How well do we know about smartphones? This question is serious and needs answer. Dr. Gordon Pennycook, a Cognitive Psychology specialist from the University of Waterloo, says that our dependence on the Internet has a diminishing effect on our logical thinking and our ability to solve a problem naturally. The capability to look for answers and come to conclusions by thorough analysis is merely a thing of the past.

Physical health is also at stake

It is not just the mental health that is at stake but also the physical health. We can access movies, TV shows, and games only by clicking a few times. Tapping on the smartphone screen is the gateway to unlimited entertainment and information. However, this creates a vacuum between our physical activity and recreation.

It makes things too easy to come by and results in obesity. We are putting our health on the line. Obesity is the mother of all chronic illnesses. Let’s not be harsh on ourselves and start moving!

Always staring at the electronic screen

The blue light emitting from the screens of electronic devices is a hindrance to the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps us go to sleep. On the contrary, nowadays, there are smartphones with the eye-protection feature which is good. Activating the night-mode keeps a check on the blue light emissions and protects the eyes.

Accidents can be fatal

It is a big ‘No’ to the use of mobile phones while driving. They can distract us from the road. A recent study shows that it is not safe to text when you even go out for a stroll. Looking down at the screen and typing locks us out of the surroundings. A sudden appearance of a vehicle or something else can startle us and cause irreparable damage.

What’s the solution?

These facts are not easy to digest even. One way of living the life is the belief in action and not thinking about the consequences. It usually happens when we are unaware of them. However, in this case, we are well-aware of the impending results, so we must take steps in the right direction.

Focusing on outdoor activities

When we get out more, we begin to form a bond with nature. We should make it a habit of brisk walking coupled with walking at a milder pace. There are physical movements and muscle activities along with the nourishment of our sense of sight. The wind blowing through the trees brings incredible feelings of pleasure and comfort. Invite a friend over for a run on the track or play a game. It will open a window to the physical world, your first step in becoming smartphone-free.

Physically carrying a book and reading

To overcome the aftereffects of smartphones, we should not read a book online but instead get the physical copy by heading to the bookstore or visiting the library. Nothing beats the habit of reading a book alongside sipping our favorite hot drink.

It frees us up mentally from the exhaustion of staring at the smartphone screen. It is like entering into the realm of smartphone independence in two phases. First, you take the pleasure of the journey up to the bookshop. Second, you spend time reading it along with a cup of coffee either at the same bookshop or a table by the window in a restaurant.

Writing the old-fashioned way

Reviving the relationship with the pen and the writing pad can be a life-saver. Many of us missed those days when we used to write letters and send cards to our loved ones. It is time to bring those days back and cherish the flow of writing on a piece of paper. You can get used to it by maintaining a diary to write everything that happens during the day.

Own a pet

I know I am talking about live animals here, but this relationship is significant in becoming smartphone-free. Pets are the next closest things to us. They are also living beings who can react and respond, unlike the plants. To stay positive and away from the volcano of stress waiting to erupt, own a parrot, a dog, or a cat.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Smartphones Are Aggravating the Human Health!
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