Shrimp: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Shrimp: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


For long, shrimp is popular option to improve overall health in a delicious way.

In fact, shrimp is a broad definition of many small crustacean spices.

It has contributed to culinary culture diversity of many countries.

Thanks to a concentration of many essential nutrients, shrimp can help with many health ailments.

This article will take a closer look at nutrition facts and health beenfits of shrimp which you may not know.

Nutrition Facts

Shrimp: Nutrition Facts

Many people believe that shrimp belongs to Caridea and Dendrobranchiata groups.

Also known as prawns, shrimp own stalk eyes, small legs with long whiskers.

Averagely, shrimp’s length ranges from 1cm to 3 cm.

Allthough shrimp contains numberous varieties, most of which share some similarities.

More importantly, no matter what kind of shrimp is, it can all bring about many beneficial health effects.

In fact, the mains storage of food in shrimp is its meaty tail.

However, people in many cultures also choose eating other parts of shrimp.

As water is the main component in shrimp, this food is merely water.

It is estimated that a serving of shrimp has no content of carbs and is really low in calories.

Acting as an organic animal, shrimp is an excellent source of protein.

What’s more, an abundant source of vitamins and minerals is leading factor which results in benefits of shrimp (1).

Iron, sodium, zinc and phosphorus are telling examples of essential minerals in shrimp.

More than this, shrimp is a treasure trove of thiamin and niacin.

Bottom line: Shrimp is a good selection to promote overall health thanks to its loading with certain essential nutrients.

Health Benefits of Shrimp

Following are top 7 typical benefits of shrimp which have been proved instantly by scientific evidence.

1. Weight Loss

One of the most typical benefits of shrimp is to support weight loss process naturally.

Shrimp is a power house of protein and vitamin D.

More than this, shrimp consumption adds no carbohydrates to your daily diet.

These facts make shrimp a promising food for obese people (2).

Also, high content of zinc in shrimp may raise leptin levels inside the body system.

In reality, higher leptin levels can suppress people’s appetite, reduce fat storage and prevent overeating habit.

What’s more, shrimp can interact with thyroid gland to foster weight loss effectively.

Bottom line: Shrimp is an ideal choice which can help people lose weight naturally and effectively.

2. Aging Process

Another benefits of shrimp is to slow down aging process.

Undeniably, sunlight is a leading factor which may trigger skin aging (3).

If people do not protect skin properly from sunlight, they are likely to face wrinkles, spots and even sunburn.

Luckily, shrimp consumption can remarkably improve skin health (4).

This effect is attributed to great content of astaxanthin – a popular carotenoid in shrimp.

To specify, this element will recover damaged skin due to harmful UVA from sunlight.

This benefit can be seen in many other sea foods. Check it out at Health Benefits of Salmon or Health Benefits of Sardines.

Bottom line: Loading with astaxanthin, shrimp can effectively improve people’s skin health.

3. Macular Degeneration

When it comes to benefits of shrimp, many people refer to its ability to treat macular degeneration.

Shrimp consists of a heparin-like element, making it a good food for patients of age-related macular degeneration.

In fact, people who spend long time in front of computer are more prone to eye fatigue.

Interestingly,astaxanthin in shrimp will provide instant relief from eye fatigue effectively (5).

4. Hair Loss

Shrimp: Hair Loss

To improve the condition of hair loss is another typical benefits of shrimp.

Loading with an excellent source of many essential nutrients, shrimp can promote hair health well.

In particular, a huge amount of zinc in shrimp may address zinc deficiency – the main cause of hair loss in people (6).

This substance will maintain good health of new cells and encourage hair to grow stronger and longer.

5. Heart Health

Another field which makes benefits of shrimp shine amongst other foods is heart health improvement.

Loading with fibrinolytic enzyme, shrimp may produce thrombolytic therapy.

According to scientific studies, thrombolytic therapy is an ideal method which may prevent the formation of blood clots – a dangerous factor for heart health.

Moreover, this enzyme may work against the development of cardiovascular problems (7).

Additionally, high content of omega-3 fatty acids will keep cholesterol levels in check.

As a result, it is easy to understand that eating shrimp may lower the danger of heart stroke.

Bottom line: The huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids and fibrinolytic enzyme in shrimp will help people have a healthier heart.

6. Bone Health

Phosphorus and magnesium are telling examples of essential nutrients in shrimp.

Facts have shown that both of them can have positive influence on bone health.

In particular, they may support the battle against bone degeneration (8).

Undeniably, when the body is not provided with enough proteins and vitamins, people are likely to deal with osteoporosis.

Interestingly, shrimp is a good supply of proteins and essential nutrients for bone health improvement.

7. Brain System

Enhancing brain’s health is also included in benefits of shrimp.

Loading with great content of iron, shrimp may make a contribution to bonding process with oxygen in hemoglobin.

As a result, it may support oxygen flow to brain, strengthening concentration and memory (9).

At the mean time, shrimp intake will enhance muscle’s strength and endurance.

Research indicated that astaxanthin in shrimp may help people have better memory and lower the danger of brain inflammatory issues (1-, 11).

In addition, the richness in iodine makes shrimp a promising food for thyroid hormones which are necessary for pregnancy.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of shrimp, this food can also help with many health ailments.

Generally, shrimp poses no threat to people’s health.

However, in some situations, people should pay attention to shrimp consumption.

For instance, the trace amount of mercury in shrimp can lead to mercury poisoning, visual degeneration and fetal health (12).

Moreover, excessive amount of shrimp could trigger purines and food allergies (13, 14).

Therefore, it is important to balance your diet with a suitable amount of shrimp.

Following are some recipes to prepare shrimp.

Shrimp pasta:

  • Fry some shrimp until it turns tender.
  • Cook processed shrimp with white wine or Alfredo sauce.

Shrimp kebabs:

  • Spear 4-5 shrimp on a kebab.
  • Grill them over the fire.


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Shrimp Nutrition Facts

Shrimp Health Benefits

Shrimp Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Shrimp: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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