Selenium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Selenium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


For long, selenium is well-known as an essential mineral.

This element contains an extensive diversity of health benefits.

Hence, by consuming selenium supplements, people may fight against many health problems.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and benefits it selenium to help readers have basic information about this substance.

Nutrition Facts

Generally, selenium is an organic chemical (1).

Natural sources of selenium include soil, water, plant meterials, etc.

Although great amount of selenium may release toxins, it is vital for numerous functions in both animals and people.

Thus, a diet which is rich in selenium can contribute to health improvement.

People first discovered selenium in the 19th century.

Firstly, selenium was thought to be dangerous for consuming.

Later on, there are more and more evidence for its role as an essential nutrient (2).

To increase selenium intake, people can seek for foods like eggs, cereals, nuts, mushrooms, etc.

However, Brazil nuts are likely to be among the richest sources of selenium.

Health Benefits of Selenium

Here are top 8 benefits of selenium which people may not know.

1. Cancer

When it comes to benefits of selenium, many people mention its ability to work against cancer.

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest killers all around the world.

It emerges when cells inside the body grow uncontrolled.

Unfortunately, there is still the lack of acurate cure for cancer.

Thus, it is necessary for people to take any preventative ways towards this disease.

Luckily, selenium intake is able to prevent the development of cancerous cells.

As mentioned before, selenium plays a part in certain cellular processes, one of which is the body’s response to cancerous growth.

According to some research, selenium consumption may lead to reduction in cancerous cell formation (3).

Moreover, this substance may neutralize apoptosis – an automatic cell dealth (4).

Also, free radical – one of the deciding factors in cancer growth can damage DNA and turn it into cancerous root.

By repairing damage to DNA, selenium will prevent this mutation from happening effectively.

Bottom line: It is highly certain that selenium supplement may create barrier against cancer development.

2. Immunity

Obviously, immune system is of importance as its role is to fight against strange invaders.

Therefore, to take care of immunity health is to save yourself from certain damage.

In fact, benefits of selenium include enhancing immunity functions.

Some studies show that selenium can stimulate antibodies – components of the immunity (5).

Antibodies are responsible for indentifying and eliminating harmful virus, bacteria, etc.

As a result, you are safe from viral or bacterial attacks.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that selenium many improve immunity function.

Bottom line: Selenium can make a contribution to immune system health improvement.

3. Anti-inflammatory Effects

Anti-inflammatory is an important quality which results in numerous benefits of selenium.

In reality, anti-inflammatory effect helps neutralize oxidative stress in joints and bones (6).

Thus, selenium intake is beneficial for many inflammatory conditions.

They are arthritis, gout, lupus, eczema, rheumatoid, etc.

Thanks to reduction in inflammation of the body system, you probably stay active, healthy for a long time.

4. Thyroid Health

Another benefits of selenium is to foster thyroid health.

In fact, thyroid gland is important for hormonal regulation inside the body.

Also, it plays a key role in endocrine system.

According to many research, selenium is an indispensible part of thyroid gland’s funcions (7).
Its duty is to regulate the amount of thyroid hormone inside the body system.

Thus, enough selenium consumption can guarantee proper thyroid function.

Moreover, selenium is a deciding factor of T3 hormone production.

T3 hormone is a product of thryoid gland which controls metabolism process and the lack of this substance may have negative impact on the body system.

Bottom line: Selenium is important for thyroid health.

5. Aging

One of the most typical benefits of selenium is to slow down aging process.

In addition to terrible effects on cancer, free radicals many also negatively influence the entire body.

To be more detailed, they weaken and even kill cells in many organ system.

Right here, antioxidant in selenium can show more than an anti-cancerous agent (8).

In particular, it will neutralize and repair damage from free radicals.

Thus, selenium consumption leads to reduction in problems related to free radicals.

They are cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, age spots , cognitive decline, etc (9).

6. Kashin-beck Disease

In general, Kashin-beck is a common disease which belongs to heart condition (10).

This health issue usually leads to the death of cartilage cells and growth retardation.

Some discomforts from Kashin-beck disease are joint pain, lack of flexibility, etc.

According to doctors, selenium deficiency is the leading cause of Kashin-beck disease.

By addressing the lack of selenium, it is likely that people can lower the danger of Kashin-beck disease surely.

Bottom line: Kashin-beck disease – one of common heart diseases may be addressed thanks to the help of selenium.

7. Dandruff and Hair Health

The ability to remove dandruff is also included in benefits of selenium.

Despite the lack of scientific confirmation, many people believe that selenium may reduce hair loss and dandruff (11).

8. Heart Health

Serving as a blood thinner, selenium may lower the danger of blood clots.

Therefore, selenium consumption is beneficial for reducing LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) of the body system.

Thus, atherosclerosis – a condition related to high levels of LDL cholesterol will be addressed thanks to selenium intake (12).

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of selenium, this mineral can contribute to several beneficial health effects.

However, you should be careful with excessive selenium consumption as it may cause toxicity.

Generally, toxidity may lead to fatigue, irritability, bad breath and even death.

Therefore, you should not take selenium supplements in case you have a selenium-rich diet.

Also, the cooking process leave almost no impacts of selenium content of foods.

However, in comparision to other kinds of foods, animal products have tendency to lose less amount of selenium.


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Selenium Nutrition Facts

Selenium Health Benefits

Selenium Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Selenium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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