Royal Jelly: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Royal Jelly: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Bees play an essential role in the development of almost all creatures on Earth. They take active part in the growth of plants and trees which are vital for life.

In addition, bees provide honey which have a lot of benefits.

Nevertheless, not everyone is aware of another wonderful product that bees supply – royal  jelly.

Royal jelly is a nutritious substance which worker bees produce from their glands.

This is the main food for bee larvae during the first days of their life. However, they stop using royal jelly after that.

In fact, the regular consumption of royal jelly belongs to queen larvae only. It is the reason why people call it “royal”.

This ingredient can help the queen live 20 times longer. Besides, the size of bee queen will be larger than other bees thanks to this food.

Bee workers are famous for their hard-working spirits. Therefore, there might be over 500 grams in a single colony after 5-6 months.

This amount exceeds the consumption of the queen. Thus, it is reasonable that royal jelly has a rapid developing market.

Containing many essential nutrients which only the queen has the privilege to use, jolly jelly has many benefits on human health.

Nutrition Facts

Royal Jelly - Nutrition Facts

As royal jelly is important for cell growth, it is full of essential minerals, ranging from copper, iron, potassium, to calcium, phosphorous or silicon…

In addition, one of the most striking royal jelly nutrition facts is that it contains 17 different types of amino acids.

8 of them cannot be produced naturally in our body.

Another feature of royal jelly nutrition is the content of vitamins A, B, C or E…

Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Some quick information on royal jelly nutrition facts might enable you to understand parts of royal jelly health benefits.

Here are top 8 health benefits of royal jelly that anyone should be aware of for the sake of their well-beings.

1. Infertility

Even though more studies are necessary to make clearer statements, it is believed that one of top benefits of royal jelly is to improve fertility.

One of supportive facts is that queen bees can produce nearly 2,000 eggs on a daily basis for their whole lifespan.

Their diet might make great contributions to this quality.

Some studies stated that royal jelly could have positive impacts on men’s sperm mobility and quality (123).

As a result, the opportunity of pregnancy increases significantly.

Bottom Line: Royal jelly can be a great addition to sperm improvement, but there is still a need for further research.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease

Royal Jelly - Alzheimer’s Disease

We can witness benefits of royal jelly on the neural functions by examining its positive impacts on short-term memory.

Royal jelly might be a great cure for problems related to memory and learning capacity, such as Alzheimer’s.

Our brain tissues seem to be vulnerable and free radicals might damage them easily.

With antioxidants in royal jelly nutrition, it can prevent and reduce significantly the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (4).

Bottom Line: Royal jelly contributes to the prevention against Alzheimer’s disease which affects adversely your memory and learning ability.

3. Anti-Cancer

One of the most important health benefits of royal jelly is to prevent many types of cancer efficiently (5).

Some research proved that royal jelly is powerful to fight against the development of tumors (67).

In addition, royal jelly serves as a hinderance to the growth of bisphenol A (BPA) which worsens breast cancer (8).

Bottom Line: Containing many antioxidants, royal jelly is beneficial to prevent cancer, especially breast cancer as it limits bisphenol A.

4. Blood Pressure

Royal jelly nutrition is not all about antioxidants.

This ingredient also contains a number of proteins which constitute royal jelly health benefits on the blood pressure.

The presence of potassium supports these proteins to reduce pressure your blood vessels have to suffer from (910).

In 2008, the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin published the report of a research.

In the research, rats with high blood pressure used royal jelly for 2 months. At the end of the experiment, there was a considerable reduction in the cases of constricted blood vessels.

Bottom Line: Proteins and minerals in royal jelly might have great influence on the level of blood pressure.

5. Weight Loss

Royal Jelly - Weight Loss

The next among top health benefits of royal jelly is to assist in weight loss.

This quality mainly comes from lecithin present much in royal jelly.

This substance has positive impacts on the function of the liver and digestive system.

Besides, it reduces bad cholesterol effectively (1112).

Furthermore, benefits of royal jelly on the metabolism will stimulate the fat-burning process of your body (13).

This means that your body will use more energy and there will be less fat accumulation.

All of these efforts contribute to more effective weight loss.

6. Healing

Wound healing has remained one of the most popular applications of honey.

And it is undeniable that one of top health benefits of royal jelly is to quicken the healing process as well.

In 2010, a study claimed that royal jelly could speed up the healing of a wound up to 24 hours.

7. Slow Down Aging

Royal Jelly - Slow Down Aging

Remember the fact that royal jelly can help the queen bees live longer than other bees, don’t you?

Some studies suggested that it is thanks to antioxidant compounds in this food (14).

And there is no reason to refuse to use it to fight against aging-related problems.

Therefore, to slow down aging process is another among the best royal jelly health benefits.

Antioxidants can have powerful impacts against the appearance of wrinkles, hair loss and macular degeneration.

Royal jelly also stimulates the production of collagen which reduces bad effects of skin aging (15).

In addition, like queen bees, you might prolong your life with the support of royal jelly which fights against many chronic diseases.

Bottom Line: By using royal jelly, you can avoid many problems with your skin, hair or eyes due to aging process.

8. Diabetes

According to some studies, patients with diabetes can profit much from some health benefits of royal jelly.

This result might be recorded in both female and male patients.

In one trial with 40 type-2-diabetes patients, they used 10 grams of royal jelly on a daily basis.

The result showed some positive changes in their level of glucose which benefited the treatment.

Some studies also suggested that antioxidants in royal jelly could help patients regulate diabetes more efficiently (16).

Side Effects

Just like honey, royal jelly can bring about some unwanted effects if you do not pay close attention.

First of all, some people have allergic reactions to products of bees.

As a consequence, the consumption of royal jelly may trigger some annoying problems, such as rashes or itchiness.

Besides, royal jelly might worsen the blood thinning effects, which makes you more vulnerable for bleeding.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Royal Jelly: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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