Raisins: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Raisins: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Raisins are well-known as a favarable dry fruit of many people.

They have delicious taste which can attract almost everyone.

People have many ways to add raisins into their daily diet.

For example, they can be added into health tonics, snacks, high-energy foods, etc.

However, raisins are not simply food, they can serve as natural medicine for many problems.

This article focuses on nutrition facts and benefits of raisins which you may not know.

Nutrition Facts

Raisins: Nutrition Facts

In reality, the main ingredient to process raisins is grapes.

By drying grapes either under the sun ot in driers, people can have raisins.

Raisins’ color range from golden, green to black.

However, people seem to be most familiar with golden varieties.

Unlike fresh grapes, raisins are powerhouse of energy, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals.

Also, they are excellent source of minerals, vitamins and electrolytes.

Other nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, carotenes, lutein can be also found in this food.

These substances are mainly responsible for massive benefits of raisins.

Bottom line: Raisins are wonderful source of many beneficial elements for people’s health.

Benefits of Raisins

Here are top 10 benefits of raisins which have been supported by many research.

1. Constipation

One mechanism behind benefits of raisins is its ability to fight constipation.

It is said that raisin consumption may add bulk into the food and enable food to move through intestinal system smoothly (1).
Therefore, raisin may provide instant relief from constipation symptoms.

According to scientists, raisins contain insoluble fiber.

In fact, insoluble fiber is really beneficial for stoping loose stools and reducing diarrhea frequency.

Bottom line: Thanks to packing with insoluble fiber, raisin may help reduce the seriousness of constipation.

2. Weight Gain

Obviously, weight number is always matter of concern for many people.

While many people deal with a head-aching problem of losing weight safely, others only wish to gain weight naturally.

And raisins are among foods which people should eat to gain weight.

Not unlike other dried fruits, raisins are good for gaining weight in a healthy way (2).

Thanks to richness in fructose and glucose, raisins may provide people enough energy.

As a result, they may foster appetite and make people gain weight naturally.

That’s why raisins can be an important part of diet for athletes and body builders – ones who always need great source of energy.

Additionally, raisins may stimulate to absorb foods effectively.

Bottom line: Raisins can be a part of diet for people who want to gain weight naturally.

3. Cancer

One of the most outstanding benefits of raisins is its ability to fight cancer.

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest killer all around the world.

This phenomenon happens when cells inside the body grow out of control.

People believe that free radicals are deciding factor which lead to cancer.

Luckily, catechins in raisins may neutralize free radicals (3).

Therefore, increased raisin consumption may decrease cancer formation.

Bottom line: Raisin intake may release anti-cancer effect due to the appearance of catechins.

4. Hypertension

The massive benefits of raisins make it ideal for addressing hypertension.

For long, people have been consuming raisins to reduce pressure and improve their heart health (4).

This effect appears to be attributed to the existence of potassium in raisins.

Facts have shown that this substance may effectively lower tension to blood vessels (5).

Therefore, it will decrease blood pressure.

Moreover, dietary fiber in raisins is beneficial for reducing stiffness in blood pressure, leading to lower risk of hypertension.

5. Diabetes

Raisins: Diabetic Improvement

It is undeniable that diabetes is a dangerous health problem.

According to several research, raisin consumption can regulate insulin levels (6).

In fact, unstable insulin levels are mainly responsible for the appearance of diabetes.

As a result, it is logical to understand that benefits of raisins also include anti-diabetic quality.

To specify, raisins may moderate sugar absorption by the body, keep it stable, which can reduce health emergencies for diabetic patients.

Bottom line: Thanks to the ability to keep insulin levels in check, raisin may help improve the condition of diabetes.

6. Anemia

When it comes to benefits of raisins, many people refer to its good effects on anemia.

In fact, iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia.

By making up for the lack of iron, raisin may provide instant relief from anemia discomforts.

Also, the appearance of B-vitamins and copper in raisins can  foster new blood cell formation.

As a result, people will no longer suffer from headache or other complicated symptoms of anemia.

Bottom line: Anemia accompanies with many annoying symptoms. To reduce its discomforts, people can go for raisins.

7. Eye Health

To improve eye health is another popular benefits of raisins.

In fact, phytonutrients are essential for a good eye health since their duty is to protect eyes from damage of free radicals (7).

Luckily, raisins are valuable source of phytonutrients.

As a result, raisin intake may be useful for the treatment of cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

8. Acidosis

Generally, acidosis is a condition of rising acidity levels in blood (8).

This condition is rather harmful as it may lead to skin diseases, hair loss, gout, arthritis, etc.

Loading with magnesium and potassium, raisin may help correct acidosis effectively.

Specifically, these components will neutralize acidity in blood and keep it at healthy levels.

9. Sexual Dysfunction

Another field which benefits of raisin shine is sexual dysfunction.

Raisins are famous as traditional method to stimulate libido in people.

This effect comes from amino acid called Arginine (9).

Facts have shown that this substance can do good at increasing  sperm motility levels.

Thus, it will further the chanc of conception during sexual intercourse.

Bottom line: Raisin consumption may bring about good effects on sexual dysfunction.

10. Bone Health

Undeniably, raisins are rich in calcium – one of the most essential nutrients for bone system.

Hence, they can considerably improve bone health.

Also, raisin are storehouse of boron – an important micronutrient.

In fact, this micronutrient is needed for bone formation and effective calcium absorption (10).

On the other hand, this element can prevent osteoporosis – one of the most common bone-related issues.

Take Home Message

In addition to these above benefits of raisins, this food can bring about many other beneficial health effects.

Generally, raisins are quite safe to use.

However, in some cases, raisins may pose threat if we consume it with an excessive amount.

Being high in calories, raisins may make people gain weight if they do not pay attention.

Also, people with fatty liver cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes should consult doctors before eating raisins.


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Raisins Nutrition Facts

Raisins Health Benefits

Raisins Health Benefits

Raisins - Take Home Message

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Raisins: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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