Popcorn: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Popcorn: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Popcorn is a popular food choice when people come to cinema.

In addition to attractively delicious taste, popcorn has many health supporting effects.

Benefits of popcorn include blood sugar regulation, digestive improvement, cancer prevention, etc.

This article will give details of nutrition facts and benefits of popcorn which may prompt you to add it more into diet.

But first, you can have a look at Health Benefits of Corn to understand the ingredient to make popcorn.

Nutrition Facts

Popcorn: Nutrition Facts

Simply, popcorn is a kind of corn with a hull which has starchy interior.

Under heat pressure, the hull will lead to a pop happening.

People believe that popcorn first appeared 5000 years ago.

Nowadays, people around the world enjoy eating popcorn.

However, its function as a healthy food disappear when people get used to adding butter into popcorn.

Therefore, it is vital to remember that popcorn can bring beneficial health effects when it is eaten plain.

Because the heat only can effectively creat popcorn, people don’t need to add olive oil to it.

Nutritionally, popcorn contain some essential nutrients.

They are fiber, B vitamins, manganese and magnesium.

Also, popcorn has valuable amount of polyphenolic components.

Bottom line: Popcorn in plain form which contains some nutrients can be an ideal choice for people.

Health Benefits of Popcorn

Following are some typical benefits of popcorn which you may not know.

1. Digestive System

One mechanism behind benefits of popcorn is its ability to improve digestive system.

Serving as a whole grain, popcorn is a valuable source of fiber.

More than this, popcorn contains minerals, B vitamins and vitamin E.

In fact, all of these nutrients can enhance the function of digestive system.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that popcorn consumption can effectively support digestion.

To specify, fiber content in popcorn will add bulk to stool and smooth bowel movement (1).

Besides, fiber may foster intestinal muscles and support digestive juice secretion.

Thus, people may avoid constipation and some digestion-related problems well.

Bottom line: Popcorn consumption is beneficial for all digestive activities.

2. Cholesterol Levels

The ability to regulate cholesterol levels is also one of the typical benefits of popcorn.

Once again, high content of fiber help popcorn shines among other foods in health industry.

In fact, fiber in popcorn can strip off high cholesterol levels (2).

Also, it is able to protect blood vessels and arteries from damage.

As a result, by adding popcorn, people may keep cholesterol levels in check.

What’s more, the chance of atherosclerosis and some cardiovascular issues will also reduce thanks to popcorn intake.

Bottom line: Popcorn is an ideal solution to control cholesterol levels effectively.

3. Blood Sugar

When it comes to benefits of popcorn, many people mention its good effects on blood sugar rate.

As we all know, high blood sugar levels is a dangerous factor which may easily cause diabetes (3).

Packing with fiber, popcorn may manage blood sugar well.

This fact is a good explaination for the suggestion that diabetic patients should consume popcorn.

4. Cancer

Popcorn: Cancer Prevention

Another benefits of popcorn is attributed to anti-cancer effect.

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest health ailments all around the world.

It can easily and quickly take away the live of thousands of people.

Unfortunately, cancer remained uncured.

Therefore, it is important to prevent cancer right from its beginning.

Among many natural foods which may reduce the danger of cancer, popcorn is also common.

According to some studies, popcorn can release antioxidant effect.

Polyphenolic compounds are telling examples of antioxidant components in popcorn (4).

In fact, powerful antioxidants may eliminate free radicals – deciding factor which can trigger cancer.

Thus, the habit of eating plain popcorn possibly lower the chance of cancer.

Bottom line: Loading with some powerful antioxidants, popcorn is a promising food which can lower the chance of cancer.

5. Aging Process

People, especially women are always afraid of aging process.

Commonly, aging accompanies with wrinkles, age spots, muscle weakness, hair loss or osteoporosis.

In fact, people usually lean on the help of chemical-based products to slow down aging process.

However, this choice may cost a huge amount of money and sometimes cause adverse effect.

Luckily, people can choose popcorn as an economical yet effective way to avoid aging.

In fact, free radicals are leading cause for the appearance of aging process (5).
As mentioned before, antioxidants in popcorn may neutralize free radical’s activities well.

Thus, popcorm can keep people looking happier, younger and healthier even when it comes to older age.

6. Weight Loss

Despite people’s common though, popcorn can support weight loss process naturally.

Averagely, each serving of popcorn has only 30 calories.

In comparison to potato chips, this amount is relatively moderate.

Additionally, the amount of saturated fats in popcorn is quite low.

Also, high fiber content in popcorn can suppress appetite and make you feel fuller.

All of these facts make popcorn an ideal food for obese people or anyone who wants to lose weight (6).

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of popcorn, this food can also bring about many other good effects.

However, you should always remind yourself that only plain popcorn without salt or butter can help with people’s health.

Therefore, you should not add any topping or seasoning into your popcorn.s

Also, when popcorn starts to pop, certain chemicals in chemical packaging will do damage to the hull, leading to reduction in benefits of popcorn.

Therefore, people should avoid purchasing pre-package microwave popcorn.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Popcorn: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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