Pineapple: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Pineapple: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


The appearance of pineapples is quite funny, but their nutritional value and health benefits are really serious.

Pineapple is an important member of the Bromeliaceae family. This name might remind you of its essential compounds, known as bromelain.

The shape of a pineapple is wide cylindrical and its skin is often yellow or brown.

When it comes to the taste of pineapple, it is complicated to describe. It is a perfect combination of sweetness and tartness.

Pineapple is believed to have come from South America and travelled to Europe in the late 1400s thanks to European explorers.

It became more popular for the rest of the world, including Asia or Africa, in the 16th century.

Nowadays, pineapples are ubiquitous, although some countries are extremely outstanding in the production of pineapples. Some examples are Hawaii, Thailand or Brazil.

The use of pineapples is various. You can eat them raw, use them as a part of cooking, make them into the juice, or add them into alcoholic drinks.

But no matter how you use pineapples, their nutritional value still remains and you can benefit a lot from it.

Let’s find our some pineapple nutrition facts that will blow your mind.

Nutrition Facts

Pineapple - Nutrition Facts

With 86 percent of its content being water, pineapple provides about 209 kcal per 100 grams (1).

It contains a quite low amount of protein and fat, but it is super rich in fiber which is responsible for many health benefits of pineapples.

In pineapple nutrition facts, you will notice immediately the rich content of minerals, ranging from copper, calcium, magnesium to potassium or manganese.

Additionally, a further look at pineapple nutrition will reveal that this fruit is an excellent source of vitamins C, B6, thiamin or folate.

Finally, it would be a big mistake not to mention bromelain. This compound plays an essential role in many pineapple health benefits.

Health Benefits of Pineapples

This article will introduce to you top 8 mind-blowing health benefits of pineapples. There have been reliable studies supporting these benefits as well.

1. Bones

When it comes to the improvement in bone health, most of us will think of calcium immediately.

Though calcium is not a star in pineapple nutrition facts, this fruit contains a great amount of manganese that is vital for bone growth as well (23).

Thus, it is undeniable that one of the very first health benefits of pineapples is to strengthen your bones.

Pineapples can meet up to 70 percent of an ordinary person’s daily need of manganese.

Besides, this benefit also brings a monumental opportunity for those suffering from arthritis to improve their condition.

Arthritis is a problem of millions of people coming from inflammed muscles and joints.

Bromelain in pineapples is powerfully anti-inflammatory; therefore, it can reduce serious arthritis symptoms (45).

Bottom Line: For arthritis sufferers, pineapples are a great support for their treatment. For most of us, pineapples can promote our bone health.

2. Oral Health

There exist many antioxidant compounds in pineapples to reduce the risk of oral cancer 6).

Furthermore, with the astringent qualities, pineapples can make your gums and teeth stronger.

Specifically, astringent compounds from pineapples prevent the occurrence of tooth loss or muscle weakness.

In other words, one of the best health benefits of pineapples is to improve people’s oral health.

3. Digestion

Pineapple - Digestion

Just like other fruits which contain much fiber, such as Apples or Bananas, pineapples possess a power in aiding the digestion (7).

Health benefits of pineapples on our digestive systme can be shown in many ways, from preventing constipation or diarrhea to encouraging our body to release digestive juices.

All of them aim to make foods travel more easily in the body and not cause any serious problem.

Fiber adds more bulk to make stools loose.

Moreover, thanks to the supplement of fiber, excess cholesterol will be eradicated from our blood vessels.

This can be extremely important because the concentration of cholesterol might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Bottom Line: Being abundant in fiber, pineapples are very supportive for our digestive health, reducing significant the possibilities of constipation or diarrhea.

4. Energy Producction

Manganese which is responsible for pineapple health benefits on the bone plays a vital role in the production of energy as well.

As a result, it constitutes these health benefits of pineapples on the energy release (8).

In addition, manganese also takes part in strengthening antioxidant defenses.

Pineapples also provide a number of minerals and vitamins, such as thiamin.

They participate in different enzymatic reactions inside our body and urge the body to release more energy.

5. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin C is a strong fighter against one of the most fatal diseases around the world – cancer.

Luckily, pineapples possess a great enough amount of vitamin C to make them go into the list of cancer-fighting foods.

However, health benefits of pineapples on the cancer prevention are not limited to vitamin C.

Other antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, flavonoids, manganese and bromelain, are beneficial for restricting the activities of free radicals (910111213).

There is some evidence that pineapples might reduce the risk of numerous cancer types, for example, breast, throat or mouth cancer.

Bottom Line: With a significant content of antioxidants, pineapple is a new hope to fight against our head-aching disease – cancer.

6. Skin

Skin health benefits of pineapple are diverse.

In fact, there are numerous ways you can use pineapple to improve your skin conditions.

First of all, thanks to its richness of vitamin C, pineapples can be used to deal with acnes and a plenty of inflammatory skin diseases (14).

Meanwhile, bromelain, the special compound of pineapples, will maximize the healing quality of vitamin C (15).

Second, pineapples have positive impacts on aging skin. In other words, they can make you look younger.

It is because pineapples stimulate the synthesis of collagen inside the body and therefore, improve the flexibility of our skin.

Vitamin C and amino acids present in pineapples are beneficial for the tissue growth and repair (16).

Third, for those who experience too much heat and pollution, pineapples will be an amazing cure for their dehydrated skin.

Their water content will moisturize our skin better than many skin care products on the current market.

  • Crush pineapples and take about 3 tablespoons of it.
  • Then, mix it and one egg yolk. Pour a bit milk into the mixture.
  • Rub the paste over the skin.
  • After several minutes, use clean water to rinse your skin.

Last but not least, pineapples have exfoliating qualities to eliminate dead skin cells. They also promote the blood circulation under the skin to make it bright.

Bottom Line: Pineapples are great for our skin in many ways.

7. Hair

Hair Benefits of Pineapples

Hair loss is a big concern of millions of people in the globe.

The market is loaded with chemical products that promise to give back your hair. Nevertheless, they hardly work without side effects.

Instead, you had better pay more attention to natural ingredients, such as pineapples which provides a lot of nutrients to nourish your hair (17).

But this is just one of many amazing hair benefits of pineapples.

With soothing property, you might also make use of pineapples to escape from itchy scalp due to inflammation.

Remember that inflammed scalp is a very common cause for hair fall.

Besides, many people reveal that pineapples are their secret to have a long and thick hair.

This fruit supplies a great deal of enzymes to promote hair follicles and then, its thickness and elasticity (18).

Bottom Line: Not only your skin but also your hair can benefit much from pineapple and its abundance of nutrients.

8. Vision

The eyes are a very essential organ and they hardly have enough time to rest.

Thus, we have to take care of them very well or you will lose a great way to comprehend this world.

As time passes by, the eyes will become weaker and one of the best ways to reverse this process is nutrition.

Pineapples containing beta-carotene will reduce the risk of macular degeneration that is a common problem for the elderly (1920).

Side Effects

Pineapple - Side Effects

The list of top 8 health benefits of pineapple is interesting enough to impress you?

Some of the above-mentioned knowledge has been well-known for ages and now, modern science confirmed it again.

Nevertheless, amazing as pineapple health benefits seem, you still need to be attentive when using pineapples.

The excessive consumption of pineapples might lead to an overload of bromelain and trigger some problems, such as nausea or vomitting.

Besides, bromelain is associated with menstruation. As a result, pineapple is not a wise choice for pregnant women.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Pineapple: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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