Peanut Butter: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Peanut Butter: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Peanut butter is one of the most popular products made from peanuts whose origin is from South America.

Thousands of years ago, peanuts were a fundamental part of native people’s meals in South America.

Then, when Portuguese and Spanish explorers came to this continent, peanuts travelled to Africa and made its emergence in North America through the slave trade.

Not until the 19th century did peanuts become popular in the U.S.

Nowadays, India is the top producer of peanuts, followed by China and Nigeria. The U.S ranks 5th in this list.

Despite its name, peanuts are not necessarily a member of nut family. In fact, it is among the legumes.

Peanut butter is commonly used to make a wide range of foods, such as cakes or desserts.

In addition to its wonderful taste, peanut butter actually provides a lot of benefits to improve your health.

Discover some peanut butter nutrition facts so that you can make the best use of peanut health benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Peanut Butter - Nutrition Facts

Peanut butter is a high calorie food as 100 grams of it provides nearly 600 calories (1).

Specifically, peanut butter contains a considerable amount of proteins.

The kinds of proteins which are present much in peanut butter are arachin and conarachin.

The two proteins are beneficial for those who face dangerous symptoms of allergy (2).

Besides, fat also makes up for a significant proportion of peanut butter. The majority of fat in peanut butter is mono- and polyunsaturated.

On the other hand, carbs are not present much in peanut butter. They account for only 13-16 percent.

Therefore, the score of peanut butter in the glycemic index is very low, which constitutes some health benefits of peanut butter for diabetic patients.

When it comes to peanut butter nutrition facts, it is hard to forget its richness of vitamins and essential minerals.

Biotin, niacin, folate, vitamin E, and magnesium are among the most outstanding nutrients that are beneficial for human health.

Last but not least, the presence of plant compounds is the key to many peanut health benefits.

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Below are top 6 health benefits of peanut butter that you had better be well aware of.

1. Obesity

Peanut Butter - Obesity Prevention

There is a false assumption that eating peanut butter leads to uncontrolled weight gain.

In fact, the opposite is true when one of the best health benefits of peanut butter is to help you control weight more efficiently.

Although it provides a lot of calories and fat, there is no evidence that it might result in weight gain.

The effectiveness of peanut butter in controlling weight and preventing obesity has been proved by several observational studies (3) (4) (5).

In one study with healthy female participants, they used peanuts, instead of other types of fat.

The result revealed that these women experienced a weight loss of 3 kg after half a year (6).

In addition, peanut butter may enhance satiety, which means that it reduces your eagerness to consume foods (7).

As a result, your body will absorb less calories and fat.

Another interesting point in peanut butter nutrition facts that obese people profit from is the presence of monounsaturated fat and proteins. They are beneficial for burning more fat (8) (9).

Lastly, dietary fiber plays an important role in the prevention against weight gain (10) (11).

Bottom Line: With impressive nutrition facts, peanut butter has been widely known as a great part of weight loss process.

2. Gallstones

Up to a quarter of the U.S adults suffer from gallstones (12).

There are countless factors that trigger this problem, from obesity to the abuse of drugs.

However, you can actually prevent this health problem efficiently with some simple ingredients at home, one of which is peanut butter.

There were 2 observational studies on women and men. The results showed that the prevention against gallstones could be effective if they consumed peanuts frequently (13) (14).

With cholesterol-reducing quality, peanut butter makes great contributions to dealing with gallstones, most of which come from cholesterol (15).

In fact, scientists are hoping to confirm the real efficiency of peanut butter by carrying out more research.

Bottom Line: Reducing the cholesterol levels effectively, peanut butter is a beneficial agent to prevent and treat gallstones.

3. Digestion

Peanut Butter - Digestion

There is a remarkable amount of dietary fiber found in peanut butter, which is responsible for many health benefits of peanut butter.

One of the most famous peanut butter health benefits because of fiber is to support the function of human digestive system.

For long, the deficiency of fiber in the body results in many problems, such as constipation (16).

Bottom Line: Peanut butter provides you with much dietary fiber so that you can avoid experiencing annoying digestive problems.

4. Heart Health

Problems with the heart, especially heart disease, often surpass other causes of death in the world.

This fact can be reversed if everyone is well aware of health benefits of peanut butter on the heart health.

According to several observational studies, peanut butter is great for the protection against heart disease (17) (18).

This quality might result from peanut butter’s richness of nutrients, from magnesium, copper to a variety of antioxidants, namely, resveratrol (19).

Bottom Line: Containing many compounds that are good for the heart, peanut butter promisingly protects your from heart disease.

5. Against Cancer

One of the most important health benefits of peanut butter is to increase the chance of getting rid of cancer.

It is stated that the presence of a phytosterol in peanut butter, B-sitosterol, has protective impacts on many types of cancer, such as prostate, breast or colon cancer (20).

Besides, many cancer-fighting nutrients exist in peanut butter, for example, phytic acid, resveratrol or folic acid…

11,917 women and 12,026 men participated in a research in Taiwan to test the effectiveness of peanuts in fighting against colon cancer.

They consumed peanuts more than twice per week. The result indicated that women experienced a 58-percent reduction of colon cancer risk and the number for men was 27 percent.

Bottom Line: Thanks to many essential nutrients, peanut butter might be a great choice to enhance the prevention against cancer.

6. Bone

Peanut Butter - Bone Health

One of top health benefits of peanut butter that might surprise you is its influence on your bone health.

For long, magnesium has been well-known to have great effects on the strength of muscles and bone density in our body (21).

Notably, peanut butter can be an abundant source of this element when 100 grams provides about 168mg of magnesium.

As a result, you can stay away from a series of problems related to bones.

Bottom Line: With the richness of magnesium, peanut butter can foster your bone density and protect you from many health problems.

Side Effects

After reading all 6 peanut butter health benefits, you might feel amazed and overwhelmed.

However, do not increase your consumption of peanut butter to the fullest extent every day.

There are some side effects of peanut butter that you need to know in order to prevent some bad scenarios.

First of all, as many people grow allergic to peanuts, peanut butter might not be suitable for them to consume.

About 1 percent of the U.S population has allergy to peanuts (22).

If these people consume peanut butter, the reactions might be very dangerous. In some severe cases, death is even possible. Therefore, stay careful if you never use peanut butter before.

Secondly, peanut butter might serve as a hinderance in the process of absorbing nutrients into the body.

For instance, the presence of phytic acid may be harmful when it prevents the digestive tract from absorbing zinc and iron (23).

As a consequence, your body might undergo a deficiency of nutrients that lead to many other problems.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Peanut Butter: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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