Passion Fruit: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Passion Fruit: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Passion fruit is such a charming name.

But the fact shows that this fruit deserves its name because of its diversity of health benefits.

Originating from South America, specifically Brazil and Argentina, passion fruit has made its own way to become a global phenomenon within a short period of time.

It now appears in many cuisines. People use it for breakfast or for adding flavor and taste to their desserts.

Over 500 different types of passion fruits exist and they all look different in appearance.

The colors are various too. Among them dark purple and yellow are the most common.

Perhaps the most popular way people enjoy passion fruit is juicing.

And it is common to see it serve as an additional part in other juices so as as have a better flavor and taste.

One of the main reasons why passion fruit has many positive impacts on people’s health is its highly nutritional value.

Let’s dig deeper into passion fruit nutrition facts so as to understand passion fruit health benefits in a scientific and logical way.

Nutrition Facts

Passion Fruit Nutrition Facts

Over 70 percent of passion fruit’s content is water and it provides a quite high number of calories with 97 kcal per 100 grams of serving.

Passion fruit is also particularly rich in fiber.

But vitamins and minerals are really what we need to care when it comes to passion fruit nutrition facts.

In 100 grams, we will get over 1200 IU of vitamin A, which is equal to approximately 43 percent of an ordinary person’s daily requirement.

Passion fruit supplies a lot of vitamin C, K and niacin.

In terms of minerals, potassium in passion fruit accounts for the highest amount and satisfies 18 percent of human need per day.

Calcium, phosphorus, iron or magnesium are other outstanding nutrients that may contribute to some important health benefits of passion fruit.

In passion fruit, scientists also found the presence of phytonutrients, such as lycopene or Cryptoxanthin.

Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

Below are top 8 health benefits of passion fruit that are backed by studies.

1. Blood Pressure

The richness of potassium in passion fruit is responsible for health benefits of passion fruit on our blood pressure. (You can read more at Potassium Health Benefits)

To be exact, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure which might be a life-threatening factor for many people (12).

Potassium has significant effects on the balance of electrolytes in our body and even our muscles’ function.

This mineral also protect arteries from blockages by limiting calcium from running into our blood stream (34).

Moreover, passion fruit does NOT contain much sodium which is believed to raise blood pressure (5).

In many cases, sodium is the indirect cause of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attacks.

Bottom Line: Thanks to its high content of potassium and low one of sodium, passion fruit can contribute to a healthy level of blood pressure.

2. Immune System

Passion Fruit - Boost Immune System

The immune system protects the body from foreign invasions, such as bacteria or virus.

Therefore, unless you want to get down with flu or diseases, it is necessary to keep this shield strong.

This is also one of the best health benefits of passion fruit which provides a number of beneficial nutrients.

Vitamin C might be the best-known nutrient to promote the immunity (678).

Because vitamin C is water-soluble, our body can lose a great amount of it.

In this case, passion fruit is an ideal choice because of its abundance of this vitamin.

But we cannot skip vitamin A and phytonutrients in passion fruit (9).

Beta-carotene or xanthin is super effective to strengthen the body’s protection against flu or cold (1011).

Bottom Line: Loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients, passion fruit is such a great booster for human immune system.

3. Eye Health

Recently, many people have blamed technology for causing a dramatic increase in the number of people with eye problems.

In fact, our vision declines as time passes by. And if you do not know how to protect your eyes, they will deteriorate more quickly.

One of the best ways to stop the worse condition of the eyes is to include healthy foods in daily meals.

These foods contain many antioxidants, such as vitamin A or flavonoids (12).

When examining passion fruit nutrition facts, can you realize that it is full of these above-mentioned nutrients?

Undeniably, one of the greatest passion fruit health benefits is to improve eye health.

Vitamins and flavonoids prohibit free radicals from destroying our eyes (1314).

They also has protective effects on mucous membranes.

Bottom Line: A lot of benefits on our vision and eyes can come from little passion fruit which is full of antioxidants.

4. Digestion

Soluble fiber is an important part of passion fruit nutrition, because of not only its amount, but also its role in many passion fruit health benefits.

Soluble fiber promotes digestion by absorbing water and softening our stools (15).

Therefore, the bowel movements become smoother.

The water content of passion fruit is another advantage for the digestive system.

5. Colon Cancer

As a result of health benefits of passion fruit on our digestion, it is also beneficial for lowering the risk of colon cancer (1617).

Antioxidants from passion fruit are supportive for cleaning our colon by making stools softer and easier to pass.

They are also good for preventing inflammation in our anal areas.

6. Mood

Passion Fruit - Improve Mood

In passion fruit and even its flower, scientists have discovered alkaloids and phytonutrients with mild sedative qualities (18).

Thus, passion fruit can relax our nervous system and make it easier for sleeping.

In other words, one of top health benefits of passion fruit is to enhance mood.

You can be relieved to use it to deal with depression or anxiety naturally and efficiently.

7. Anemia Prevention

Iron plays an essential role in the release of red blood cells in our body as it is the main content of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin promotes the transportation of blood to different body parts.

If you are told about low blood levels, the possible problem is hemoglobin deficiency known as Anemia (19).

This problem does not cause immediate death, but in the long term, it has devastating consequences.

With its great amount of iron, it is undoubted that one of the health benefits of passion fruit is to prevent and even handle anemia.

The amount of iron in passion fruit can go up to one-fifth of our daily need.

In addition, vitamin C from passion fruit can promote the iron absorption as well (20).

Bottom Line: By supplying iron and nutrients that support iron absorption, passion fruit is particularly good for asthma prevention and treatment.

8. Asthma

According to a study, passion fruit is claimed to have positive influence on the asthma treatment.

This advantage perhaps results from its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiallergic qualities.

Although it is still too early to conclude health benefits of passion fruit on asthma patients, there is a big hope for its popularity in the future.

Flavonoids that are present in passion fruit (especially purple one) are helpful to control asthma symptoms (21).

Bottom Line: It is likely that passion fruit will become a natural treatment for asthma in the near future because of its antioxidants.

Side Effects

The overwhelming health benefits of passion fruit will become greater when you consume a lot every day.

There is no great danger behind the consumption of passion fruit.

Nevertheless, there are a few notes you had better remember to avoid the worst scenario.

Passion fruit contains much sugar.

Therefore, those suffering from diabetes should not use passion fruit excessively or else their blood sugar level will rise dangerously.

DIY Recipes

People love the juice of passion fruit and it is also the most common way to consume it.

With cooling quality, this juice is an excellent selection for hot days, especially in summer months.

wikihomeNutrition als provides you some tips to make the best passion fruit juice.

Passion Fruit - DIY Recipes

First of all, remember to wash passion fruit carefully.

In its skin, you may notice edible wax which reduces the loss of moisture.

Secondly, spend about 15-20 minutes on following these stages.

  • Get about 5-6 passion fruits and cut them lengthwise.
  • Put everything in a blender.
  • Pour some water and start blending the mixture in about one minute. When it is done, you should notice black seeds and the jelly seperated.
  • Then, use a sieve to filter to remove seeds.
  • Pour water and sugar to get the flavor that you want.
  • Make it cool and you can enjoy the passion fruit juice along with cocktail or simply, ice.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Passion Fruit: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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