Orange Juice: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Orange Juice: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Without a doubt, orange is among the most popular fruits on earth. This fruit exists in every corner of the world nowadays.

Scientifically speaking, orange is classified as a member of the family Citrus Fruits.

It is not clear about its origin yet; however, orange is claimed to originate from eastern Asia over four thousand year ago.

People often consume fresh fruits which provide a huge amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

However, another product from orange that has the same popularity is orange juice.

Its sweet flavor, along with its health benefits, contributes to its popularity.

For the sake of your health, you should use only the juice made directly from fresh fruits, instead of canned juice.

These commercial products might not contain essential nutrients that support your well-beings any more.

Nutrition Facts

Orange Juice - Nutrition Facts

When it comes to orange juice nutrition facts, it means that we examine the nutrition of one of the greatest fruits in the world.

Orange juice is a type of fluid, but regarding fresh orange, it already contains a lot of water with over 88 percent (1).

The amount of fat and protein in orange juice is extremely low and so is the energy.

100 grams of orange juice provides only 45 kcal.

On the other hand, carbs hold a great amount. Most of them are simple sugars, which constitute the sweetness of orange.

Fiber is an outstanding element in orange juice nutrition. You can get 18 percent of recommended intake on a daily basis with a large orange.

Orange is a perfect addition if you want to supply yourself with vitamin C.

A large orange is all what you need to get the daily intake recommended by scientists.

Besides, some other important vitamins and minerals in orange juice include thiamin, potassium or folate…

Last but not least, orange juice is a wonderful source of bioactive plant compounds which result in many amazing health benefits, namely, phenolics and carotenoids. You can find the latter in every citrus fruit.

All of these compounds are antioxidant (23).

Additionally, the sour taste of orange mainly comes from the high content of citric acid that contributes to the prevention against kidney stones.

Health benefits of Oranges

Impressing us with its stunning nutrients, orange juice undeniably has many medicinal applications. It can be useful in the treatment of many diseases, from mild to complex ones.

Here are top 8 health benefits of orange juice which have been well-known in both scientific and real world.

1. Immunity

Orange Juice - Immunity

One of the best and most popular health benefits of orange juice is to boost your immunity.

A common application of this is to provide ill people with a cup of orange juice to deal with common cold.

As a marvelous source of vitamin C, orange juice can give your body more vitamin C than it needs.

Many studies have confirmed the close association between this type of vitamin and an improved immune system (4).

Vitamin C serves as antioxidants which stop the injurious activities of free radicals (5).

Moreover, vitamin C plays a vital part in collagen. Therefore, the body needs it for repairing old cells and developing new tissues.

Bottom Line: You can use orange juice, one of the best providers of vitamin C ever, to strengthen your own immunity.

2. Heart Health

The number of death due to heart disease has been increasing in recent years.

Cardiovascular disease has become one of top fatal causes around the world.

In fact, you can protect yourself from heart disease simply by following some nutritional plans.

Here is also one of the best health benefits of orange juice.

Some studies focused on the effects of its flavonoids, especially hesperidin, on the prevention against heart disease.

If people consume orange juice every day for a month, their blood pressure might experience a significant reduction (6).

This proves that orange juice has the blood-thinning quality (7).

In addition, fiber is also important because of its cholesterol-lowering effects (8).

Bottom Line: Providing much fiber and many antioxidants, orange juice is a great choice to maintain good heart health.

3. Kidney Stone Prevention

Orange juice is full of citric acid, like other citrus fruits. Therefore, among top health benefits of orange juice is its ability to fight against kidney stones.

There are many studies in favor of the effectiveness of citrates in preventing the formation of kidney stones (910).

4. Weight Loss

Orange Juice - Weight Loss

There is a widespread belief that benefits of orange juice on weight loss are real.

This quality might come from its fullness of antioxidants which actively participates in helping you lose weight (11).

5. Anemia Prevention

Anemia refers to the dropping number of red blood cells.

One of the most common causes for this problem is the lack of iron.

Regarding orange juice nutrition, it is not rich in iron.

Nevertheless, organic acids present in orange juice, namely, citric and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), are great contributors to these orange juice health benefits.

Citric and ascorbic acid might improve your body’s capacity to absorb iron (1213).

Therefore, it is a good idea to include orange juice, along with iron-rich foods, regularly in your diet to add more iron to your body.

Bottom Line: Despite not being abundant in iron, orange juice can support the prevention against anemia by facilitating the iron absorption.

6. Against Cancer

Antioxidants in orange juice exist much in the form of vitamin C. And antioxidants are beneficial for cancer prevention (14).

This is also one of the best health benefits of orange juice.

Furthermore, what makes orange juice an even better cancer fighter is the presence of hesperidin.

This flavonoid is associated with a reduction in the development of tumor and cancerous cells (15).

However, this quality requires more studies in the future.

Bottom Line: Despite the need for further research, orange juice can lower the risk of cancer thanks to its antioxidants.

7. Skin Health

Orange Juice - Skin Health

With antioxidant qualities, benefits of orange juice on the skin have been popular for ages.

This fluid is effective to slow down aging signs on the skin and help you regain a beautiful, smooth and fresh skin (16).

Vitamin C and antioxidants from orange juice have protective effects against harmful impacts of free radicals.

You can consume the juice on a daily basis or apply it directly on the skin. They both bring the same anti-aging effects.

8. Inflammation

Citrus fruits often work as great agents to prevent inflammation and there is no doubt that orange is the same.

Thus, top health benefits of orange juice also include inflammation prevention (17).

When you consume meals that are full of fat and sugar, many of your body parts might encounter the risk of inflammation.

This may trigger a rise in the insulin resistance which leads to diabetes or atherosclerosis.

Luckily, this danger can be stopped by orange juice which is strongly anti-inflammatory (18).

As a result, you are less likely to face such health problems.

Bottom Line: By preventing inflammatory, orange juice can protect you from some problems, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Side Effects

In general, orange does not pose threats to your health.

There are those who are allergic to oranges, but the face is that there are only a few.

Besides, the excessive consumption of orange juice is not good at all, just like any other food.

Its acidic property might worsen the function of your stomach.

Orange juice is not suitable for those who undergo heartburn either.

The best recommendation from scientists is to eat fresh oranges. It is the best way to absorb all essential nutrients from this fruits.


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Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Orange Juice Health Benefits

Orange Juice Health Benefits

Orange Juice Side Effects

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Orange Juice: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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