If you are obsessed with fear of danger, this is what you should do

If you are obsessed with fear of danger, this is what you should do

How long should you experience anxiety after an accident? It is normal to develop feelings of fear after some weeks or a month of an accident. This feelings, however, should not persist for years. Those who still relief painful experiences after years since it happened are diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress (PTSD). People assume that victims of this condition are sexual violence victims. Even though some of them may have gone through this act of inhumanity, it is not the only cause of PTSD.

This discussion is aimed at enlightening anyone in a similar condition find better ways to cope with it and get treatment. We will look at the causes of PTSD, the symptoms as well as treatment for this mental illness.

 What causes PTSD and who is most likely to experience it?

PTSD is a severe illness that needs proper treatment. Even if we all experience fear after traumatic events, it gets better with time. People who have PTSD get worse by the day. It causes a psychological shock to your brain. Some of the scenarios that can cause this illness include:

War survivors

You may have witnessed people being killed during acts of terrorism. Such memories remain in people’s minds for a while, but others live with the fear of experiencing it all over again five years later.

Car and plane accidents

This is the most common cause that many people go through. Getting into a plane or driving may be impossible to victims of a crash. Trusting a driver to get you to your destination may be difficult for some people.


Being held against your will can instill fear for a long time after the incidence. Such survivors have triggers that remind them of the kidnap. It might be the smell of something or a similar surrounding that can bring feelings of anxiety and stress.


Emergency workers

People who handle emergencies such as nurses and doctors are also at risk of experiencing PTSD. It is not easy to deal with accident survivors while others die as you watch. This causes most workers use drugs to forget what they sometimes see.

Natural disasters victims

People who have survived disasters such as Tsunamis develop the fear of living by the ocean and lakes. The sound of ocean waves may terrify them for long.

What are the signs that one is suffering from PTSD?

Re-living the event

People with this condition see it happening over again. They experience flashbacks, nightmares, and, memories which affect their body. One may find it hard to breathe, some become nauseated while others experience tension in the muscles.

Isolation and avoidance

Most people with this condition avoid places and activities that remind them of what they suffered. They become disinterested with normal life activities while others become emotionally detached. Nothing may seem the same after years of a crash, and this makes them isolate themselves from their friends and family members.


A PTSD patient may have trouble sleeping and become too jumpy when startled. Controlling your emotions at such as a state is hard. This makes them irritable without any reason while others may get aggressive.


It is likely that such a person may blame themselves for long wishing they did things differently. They have trouble concentrating at work or in school. It may be hard for such a person to trust anyone since they feel betrayed.


Change of lifestyle

Most people turn to alcohol and other drugs as a way of self-medicating when they are experiencing traumatizing memories. If you know a person is doing this recommend them here:

Go this article to get help for their drug problem.  Using drugs may calm you down for a while but only worsens your PTSD symptoms.


Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you go back to the event so that you can face those fears and substitute them with good memories. Therapist says that the only way to get past your trauma is facing it. Get involved in eye movements during therapy so that you reverse your psychological shock that affects your brain. You can also take family therapy to help the others understand why you behave as you do to find better ways of coping with your situation.


Anti-depressants can also be recommended by a doctor to help you deal with anxiety and depression that comes with feelings of fear.

Reclaim power

Traumatic feelings come with a sense of helplessness where most people feel trapped and in danger even when they are safe. Reclaim your sense of control by helping someone that needs you. This makes you feel useful and good about yourself. You can do volunteer work for a charity organization or donate blood to the sick in a hospital. These actions will leave you feeling positive and in control of your life.

Get involved in outdoor activities

Instead of isolating yourself, spend time exploring new things. You can do arm and leg exercises to relax your nervous system. Vocal toning also provides room for engagement with others. Join swimming lessons or dance classes to change your focus far from your thoughts. Concentrate on how your body feels when you get into activities such as boxing or hiking. Enjoy the beauty of nature so that you improve your peace of mind as you feel safe from danger.


Learn to connect with others even if you don’t like sharing. Find friends that you feel comfortable with to talk about issues of life. You can also join PTSD support groups to learn more about the condition and strategies of coping. It will also make you know that there are others like you and you are not alone. Most support groups share more about trauma and teach you techniques to ease your body and mind from tension.


Reverse the nightmares at night with soothing music that makes you calmly fall asleep. Lots of hours also help you get better moods and improves your mental health. Cultivate a habit of reading something inspiring before you tuck or watch a funny clip.

Final thoughts

From the above, we learn that there is more than one cause of PTSD. If you know someone who has lived with fear after years of a traumatic incidence, encourage them to get help today. Even if we all experience trauma, it is supposed to pass after some time not worsen. Victims should know that there is life beyond what they might have undergone.

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If you are obsessed with fear of danger, this is what you should do
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