Mushrooms: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Mushrooms: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


It seems that almost all people are familiar with mushrooms in culinary culture.

Being available year-round, mushrooms can be ingredient for soups, salads and many other dishes, etc.

In addition to delicious taste, a long list of nutritional value helps mushrooms shine among other vegetables.

For long, people considered mushrooms one of the most powerful natural sources of nutrients.

Therefore, mushrooms can bring about many beneficial health effects.

This article will provide a closer look at nutrition facts and top 8 benefits of mushroom.

Nutrition Facts

Mushroom - Nutrition Facts

Though commonly defined as vegetable category in the food world, mushrooms are not plants.

In fact, mushrooms are edible fungi and they have many scientific names.

However, the family name of mushrooms is “Agaricus”.

Technically, mushrooms develop by consuming nutrients from dead and decaying plants and animals.

They range variously in color, shape, and qualities.

Scientific evidence have supported that mushrooms contain great amount of B vitamins.

Riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid are good examples of B vitamins in mushrooms.

By breaking down protein, fats and carbohydrates to convert food into fuel, these substances may promote energy source inside the body system (1).

Also, B vitamins can make a contribution to better-functioned nervous system.

Pantothenic acids, riboflavin and niacin are 3 main ingredients in mushrooms.

They are all essential for people’s overall health (2, 34, 5, 67)

Additionally, mushrooms consist of many essential minerals.

They are selenium, ergothioneine, copper and potassium.

Working as an antioxidant to prevent cells from damage, selenium may reduce the risk of many diseases (8, 9).

On the other hand, ergothioneine is mainly responsible for protecting the body’s cells (10).

Moreover, by transporting oxygen throughout the body system, copper may help make red blood cells and bone system (11).

Additionally, potassium plays a key role in keeping normal state of fluid and mineral, balance blood pressure levels.

Plus, potassium can support proper heart function (12)

Another important factor for health in mushroom is beta-glucans.

Thanks to the abundant source of immunity-stimulating effect, beta-glucans can fight allergies and promote metabolism in the body (13, 14).

Bottom line: Mushrooms’ nutrient and culinary characteristics have suggested that it can bring many valuable health benefits to people.

Health Benefits of Mushroom

Here are top 8 benefits of mushroom which you may not know.

1. Cholesterol Levels

One mechanism behind benefits of mushroom is their ability to lower cholesterol levels.

Having no cholesterol or fat and a moderate amount of carbohydrates, mushrooms can regulate cholesterol levels.

Moreover, the source of fiber and some certain enzymes in mushrooms also lower cholesterol levels effectively.

The balance between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Interestingly, people can keep it balanced simply by regular mushroom consumption.

2. Anemia

Mushroom - Anemia

For people, especially the elderly, anemia is a common dread.

In general, anemia patients usually suffer from headaches, poor neural function and digestive problems.

These symptoms are triggered by the lack of iron in the blood.

Containing a good source of iron, mushrooms can help with the treatment of anemia.

By supporting red blood cell buildup, iron in mushroom will recover nervous system.

Also, it may provide relief from pain from anemia effectively.

Bottom line: Thanks to great source of iron, mushroom may be good solution to anemia.

3. Cancer

The massive benefits of mushroom make it good for working against cancer.

Undeniably, cancer is one of the biggest killers in the world.

Cancer emerges due to the uncontrolled development of cells inside the body.

In reality, oxidative damage is mainly attributed to this problem.

Scientific studies have proved that antioxidants can cope with oxidative damage.

Thus, it is easy to understand that cancer prevention is one of the best benefits of mushroom.

Nowadays, breast cancer and prostate cancer are common.

Both beta-glucans and linoleic acids in mushroom are effective in inhibiting these problems.

On one hand, linoleic acid may suppress the bad effects of excess estrogen – the main driver of breast cancer.

On the other hand, beta-glucans  helps prevent the overgrowth of prostate cancerous cells.

Bottom line: In case you are searching for a food to prevent cancer, you should go for mushroom.

4. Diabetes

When it comes to benefits of mushroom, people usually mention to anti-diabetic effects.

Loading with a low amount of carbohydrates and no fats, cholesterol, mushrooms enable their lovers experience less chance diabetes.

Also, mushrooms consist of natural insulin and enzymes to break down sugar or starch in food.

This process is really beneficial for the treatment of diabetes.

Moreover, the insulin formation and its proper regulartion will be promoted effectively thanks to mushroom consumption.

Clearly, the activity of insulin plays a part in preventing diabetes.

Therefore, it is logical to claim that mushroom is beneficial for the condition of diabetes.

5. Bone Health

If mushroom diabetes is among the most common keywords people search for, its ability to strengthen bone health should be another.

Undeniably, calcium is absolutely important for the formation and the health of bone system.

In reality, a stable calcium supply is essential for the reduction in the risk of many bone-related conditions.

They can be osteoporosis, painful joints or limited mobility.

Interestingly, nothing but mushroom is an abundant source of calcium.

Bottom line: To improve bone health is one of the most outstanding benefits of mushroom.

6. Immunity

Mushroom - Immunity

Another benefits of mushroom is enhancing immunity health.

Immunity is absolutely an important body part as its function is to protect the body system from harmful invaders.

By protecting the body from free radicals, ergothioneine in mushrooms can function as an immunity booster.

In fact, ergothioneine is an amino acid that has sulfur – an important factor which people usually lack.

Given that this powerful antioxidant may eliminate free radicals – dangerous substances for the overall health, it will effectively give immunity better function.

Plus, according to scientific evidence, a number of natural antibiotics in mushrooms may prevent microbial growth.

Also, they can work against other types of fungal infections – main results of weak immune system.

Bottom line: Mushroom consumption can be helpful in improving immunity function.

7. Blood Pressure

To regulare blood pressure levels is among another benefits of mushroom.

High blood pressure can increase danger of many health problems including heart stroke or heart attack.

Being high in potassium, mushrooms is also a good friend of high blood pressure.

In fact, potassium can serve as a vasodilator to reduce blood vessels tension, lower risk of high blood pressure.

Plus, potassium can stimulate blood and oxygen circulation, leading to increased cognitive function.

8. Weight Loss

For long, weight number is always a matter of concern, especially for women.

In fact, people needn’t follow a strict diet or practice exercise with high intensity to have an ideal body shape.

Instead, they can increase the consumption of some types of food.

One of which is mushroom.

With a list of suitable ingredients for obese people, mushroom will offer you a natural and effective way to lose weight.

Result from a study has suggested that mushroom intake helped lose a considerable amount of body weight.

Also, people who participated in this study could maintain their weight better.

Take Home Message

Among 140000 species of mushrooms all around the world, only 100 species can serve as safe food.

As a result, people should be really careful when buying mushrooms.

Poisonous mushrooms may lead to comas, severe poison symptoms, nausea, vomitting or insanity.

In fatc, people should not pick mushroom from the woods in case they are not tested for safety.

Mushrooms own the unique capacity of absorbing the material on which they grow no matter it is good or bad.

Thus, their power primarily depends on the quality of their origin.

Similarly, customers should not trust any unknown vendors when purchasing mushrooms.

Instead, products from highly reputable companies are wise choice to help you safe.


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Mushroom Nutrition Facts

Mushroom Health Benefits

Mushroom Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Mushrooms: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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