Molasses: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Molasses: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


There is another wonderful product that you can benefit from the sugar industry, known as molasses.

We get molasses when sugar cane is refined and processed into table sugar.

Its name results from a Latin word used to describe honey.

Because of the thick texture of molasses, it is common to say “slow as molasses” when people want to refer to somebody or something slow-moving.

The production of molasses was the most popular in the Caribbean because most sugar cane came from this region.

Nowadays, molasses becomes a global product and Thailand exceeds other nations in terms of producing molasses.

India, Taiwan and Brazil are other top producers in the world.

In addition to the application of sweetening foods, molasses also provides numerous advantages for human health.

But first, we need to examine molasses nutrition to understand what makes it different from refined sugar.

Nutrition Facts

Molasses: Nutrition Facts

When shedding light on molasses nutrition facts, researchers find out that 100 grams of it provides up to 290 kcal (1).

The same amount of molasses contains nearly 75 grams of carbs.

Notably, molasses does not provide any fat or dietary fiber.

Another important molasses nutrition fact is the considerable amount of minerals in it.

Potassium and calcium are outstanding elements. In addition, in terms of iron, blackstrap molasses tends to surpass regular one.

Vitamins are not a strength in molasses nutrition, but it is interesting to mention that this product has relative amount of vitamin B6.

Health Benefits of Molasses

Below are top 7 health benefits of molasses that help you understand why it is much more beneficial than refined sugar.

1. Menstruation

One of the best health benefits of molasses is to help women deal with menstruation more easily.

Molasses serves as an excellent source of iron which is necessary for women to cope with iron deficiency caused by blood loss during menstruation (2).

Even though you can get iron from other types of food, such as red meat, another advantage of molasses is no fat.

Additionally, iron has positive impacts on preventing some disorders, such as menorrhagia.

This problem might worsen blood loss caused by menstration (3).

Besides, calcium and magnesium contribute to the reduction in blood clots and menstrual cramps (45).

Bottom Line: Thanks to its richness of minerals, especially iron, molasses can help women overcome menstruation with less suffering.

2. Sexual Health

Another essential mineral present in molasses is manganese.

It is responsible for benefits of molasses on our sexual health.

Some studies suggested that manganese might enhance the release of sex hormones inside our body (678).

Meanwhile, the lack of manganese is a common cause for infertility.

Besides, this mineral is also crucial to our nervous system.

It plays a vital part in the absorption of carbs and proteins from foods and the release of energy to perform daily activities.

Bottom Line: Molasses provides a certain amount of manganese which helps to support sexual health.

3. Headaches

Thanks to its abundance of vitamins and minerals, one of top health benefits of molasses is to prevent and treat headaches.

There are numerous possible reasons to make you suffer from headaches or fatigue.

One of them is the lack of vitamins, namely, B6.

And molasses takes pride in its richness of vitamin B6.

Besides, molasses contains phantothenic acid which is helpful for the treatment of migraine and headache, according to some studies (910).

The amount of iron in molasses also makes great contributions to the prevention against fatigue (11).

4. Diabetes

Benefits of molasses on the diabetes treatment come from its positive effects on the level of blood sugar.

Regarding the glycemic index which people use to calculate the effects of foods on blood sugar, the score of molasses is quite low.

This means that it is healthy for blood sugar.

Furthermore, chromium that is present in molasses possesses some advantages to insulin resistance in diabetic patients (1213).

Particularly, compared to brown or white sugar, the amount of chromium in molasses is much higher.

Bottom Line: With the glow glycemic index and a relative amount of chromium, molasses might serve as a great support for diabetic patients in their treatment.

5. Bone Health

Undoubtedly, calcium is one of the most essential elements for our survival because it is present in most body parts.

Our bones, teeth, and even muscles cannot be healthy without the support of calcium (14).

Thus, scientists always recommend that everyone take in a certain amount of calcium regularly.

Fortunately, molasses is a rich source of this mineral.

In other words, one of top benefits of molasses is to strengthen your bone health as well as other parts.

Furthermore, elderly people can use calcium as a good protection against osteoporosis, a common bone-related problem (15).

Women experiencing menopause might find molasses helpful to handle some disorders related to bone loss.

Bottom Line: Containing such a high content of calcium, molasses is beneficial for our bone health.

6. Control Weight

Molasses: Control Obesity

Perhaps when you notice that there is no fat at all in molasses nutrition, you are very content that it will be a great candidate for weight loss diet.

Then, you are right. It is true that one of top health benefits of molasses is to enable people to control their weight better (1617).

In addition, its vitamins and minerals are supportive for weight loss as well.

You can include molasses in your cooking to get the best result from this product every day.

7. Prevent Cancer

Despite the lack of hard evidence, it is possible to hope that benefits of molasses on the prevention against cancer are real.

This property perhaps comes from its fullness of antioxidants which participates actively in the cancer prevention (18).

Besides, another star in molasses nutrition is selenium.

According to some research, selenium plays the key role in lowering the risk of many cancer types, such as prostate cancer (1920).

Side Effects

It is undeniable that molasses has many amazing applications in the medicinal world.

Though, it is reasonable if we pay closer attention to its side effects in order to prevent the worst scenario.

In general, molasses is safe. However, when you use it excessively, it might cause some unwanted effects, mainly on your digestive system.

On the other hand, people experiencing diarrhea are not recommended to use molasses when the problem is not over.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Molasses: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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