I have messed my life in drugs, can I start life over again?

I have messed my life in drugs, can I start life over again?

Life after quitting drugs can be challenging and difficult for recovering drug addicts. You probably promised yourself and loved ones that you are not going back to drugs again. You know that a fulfilling life awaits you but are not sure where to start.

The consequences of long-term drug abuse could be destroyed finances, jail terms,and probation, divorce, custody cases for children and lack of a job. The first thing you need to realize is that you are not alone in this journey to recovery. Many have walked the path you are in and succeeded,and you can do the same.

This article will help you get your life back and finish strong.

Creating new habits

Drug addiction creates habits that can be hard to break. There are places and friends you are used to and these trigger drug abuse. Once you are free of drugs, then the next thing you need is to create healthy habits that keep your mind occupied and replace the habits you had when an addict. Create a routine that you can follow consistently. It could be starting with a prayer or meditation, then followed by a short walk.

 Change your friends

If you remain with the same friends that you had before recovery, then the probability of relapse is higher. You should cut contact with those friends who do not support your recovery journey. Friends who remind you of your addiction years should be avoided at all costs. You can join new social circles in an effort to find supportive friends.

Getting your career back

This can be a challenge, especially when you got fired for drug addiction. Whether you get your job back will depend on how understanding your boss is. There are certain organizations you can find online that hire people who have struggled with any form of drug abuse like an opiate addiction. Alternatively, you can look at acquiring new skills that will help you become employable. Take each step one day at a time and do not be discouraged. In the US, you can check out the US Department of Labor for any job opportunities.

Look for a place to volunteer

One way to keep off from relapse is to mentor other addicts who are going through what you experienced. You can relate your story and show them the side effects of drug abuse. As you do this, you will find yourself regaining your self-confidence back. You can speak to young parents and teach them the telltale signs of drug addiction. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the society.

Have Patience with yourself

Recovery is an ongoing progress, do not expect to perfection. There are moments you will not feel like doing anything because you are moody, there times you will be tempted to go back to your previous life. Be patient with your recovery and take each day as it comes. Buy yourself a gift whenever you pass a milestone. It is essential that you find a support group or a person you can turn to whenever you feel down. Support groups can give you that necessary push to keep on going in the journey.

Set new goals

Your life is not over,and you can start again. Have a new purpose for your life and break it down to achievable goals. Begin by setting small attainable goals then progressing to other goals as you accomplish the small ones. There are people you have hurt due to your drug addiction, and it would be time to ask for forgiveness. Try as much as possible to mend these relationships. Trust takes time to build so do not give up if people do not mellow to you at first. With time people will start appreciating the new you. Do not force yourself on people.

Pursue a healthy lifestyle

Drug addiction could have cost your health,and this is the right time to start taking care of your body better. Find healthy foods and take plenty of water. Water helps flush out any toxins left in your body. It is also vital that you get adequate sleep to prevent irritability and moodiness. As you build your immune system, you should start feeling better. A healthier you will result in an increase in confidence levels.


Living environment

It would be wise that you change your living environment and find a place where access to your dealers is impossible. Look for a sober living environment where people encourage you to keep off drugs.

Change your idea of fun

Most addicts consider taking drugs as the only way to have fun. Life becomes all about getting high. After recovery, it is time you explore new hobbies and redefine your idea of fun. You can try visiting a new town, going out for a dance, learn how to play the guitar or find solace in reading inspirational books. As you indulge yourself in new hobbies, you start to find new things that you enjoy that are not related to drugs. With time, these hobbies will fill the void left by drugs.

 Taking responsibilities for actions

When you were a drug addict, most of the time you did not care what people thought about you. You could make mistakes and get away with it because you were high. Part of recovery is to take responsibility for your mistakes. If you offended someone, try to make amends by seeking forgiveness. If you stole money and you have the means try returning it back. Taking responsibility for your actions, will help you make better decisions in life.


Recovery is a journey that requires input from loved ones and self. You should take each day at a time and avoid losing hope when you encounter challenges. You are as good as your support system; avoid going back to friends who do not support your decision to stay clean. While getting a job can be hard, it is not impossible if you continue searching. Look and explore new hobbies that will help keep your mind occupied.

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I have messed my life in drugs, can I start life over again?
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