Maca: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Maca: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Maca which has scientifical name as “Peruvian ginseng” is a plant.

Belonging to the radish family, maca is most popularly used under powder form.

People believe that maca is native to the mountains of Peru.

Because maca does not face attacks from predators or insects, it grows without pesticides or man-made fertilizers.

For long, people have praised mace thanks to its significantly high nutritional value.

That explains why people consume maca as a supplement and food ingredient.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and Benefits of Maca which may prompt you to add it more regularly into your diet.

Nutrition Facts

Maca: Nutrition Facts

In fact, hypocotyl and taproot are 2 substances which are mainly responsible for the unique pear-shape of maca.

There are a wide range of maca’s varieties.

People classify it according to color such as cream, re, black, blue, green, purple, etc.

Based on medicinal purposes, people will choose the suitable maca variation.

Since maca is an unassuming plant, its fleshy hypocotyl is the most beneficial part.

Moreover, the list of organic ingredients makes maca a valuable plant to grow all around the world.

Thanks to an abundant source of vitamins, maca can perfectly keep your vitamin and mineral consumption balanced.

Also, this root vegetable is high in protein which plays a role invegetarians’ diet.

The richness in fiber also explains for the connection between maca’s consumption and several beneficial health effects.

Also, mace contains a trace amount of some essential minerals.

They are iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

The main ingredient in maca is carbohydrates which accounts for 60-75%, followed by proteins, fiber and fat.

Health Benefits of Maca

Following are top 9 benefits of maca which you may not know.

1. Sexual Libido

One of the most typical benefits of mace is to improve sexual libido.

It appears that maca is well-known for its beneficial effects on a person’s sexial libido.

In fact, sexual stamina and drive in men and women will increase considerably thanks to maca root consumption (1).

That’s why maca is usually called “Nature’s Viagra”.

Generaly, the serotonin levels inside the body system mainly put sexual libido under control.

By preventing sexual dysfunction, maca may boost energy levels and promote people’ excitement for sexual activity.

Bottom line: Maca is potential food which may boost sexual libido, thus, it is widely used to promote sexual function in both men and women.

2. Sperm Count

Maca: Sperm Count

The massive health benefits of maca have made it one of the best ingredients for sperm count.

In fact, maca intake can increase the number of sperm count in men (2).

Since an increase in sperm count is an indication of elevated impregnation rates in the partner, maca consumption can lead to better reproduction.

3. Fertility

In fact, one of the mechanisms behind maca’s benefits, is its ability to promote fertility.

According to scientific evidence, maca intake may boost women’ ability to reproduce (3).

More importanly, maca is a food which may facilitate favorable condition for couples to have a baby.

4. Bone Health

Another benefits of maca is for bone health improvement.

When people become older, they are likely to deal with diseases which are related to bone system.

By far, the most effective application of maca to date is in patients with osteoporosis.

Particularly, the inclusion of maca in diet may effectively increase bone density and enhance its strength (4).

As a result, it may provide instant relief from discomforts of osteoporosis and many other bone issues.

Not unlike other cruciferous vegetables, maca provides the body with a powerhouse of calcium.

This element is an essential vitamin which may promote bone health.

Bottom line: It is highly certain that calcium in mace will improve bone health effectively.

5. Depression

Another function which maca may serve is anti-depressant agent.

According to result of a study, maca may improve mood and energy levels (5, 6).

Also, maca may effectively counteract common symptoms which result from decrease in sexual function.

6. Hemeostasis

Benefits of maca also shines in the field of hemeostasis.

Maca is among few foods which consist of unique substance called alkaloids.

Plus, this root vegetable is a bigger store house of vitamins in comparison with many foods.

The combination of vitamins and alkaloids contributes to “adaptogenic properties” in maca (7).

In reality, adaptogenic qualities can play a part in the response to stress (8).

7. Energy

Maca: Energy Production

When it comes to benefits of maca, many people mention it as an energy booster.

Back to the past, Peruvian comminities used maca to increase energy level and remain endurance during exercise lesson (9).

This ability is attributed to the high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals in maca.

Nowadays, as maca appears widely, anyone can be more energetic by adding maca to their daily regimen.

8. Immunity

Another benefit of maca which people usually refer to is its ability to enhance immunity system.

Immunity is an important part of the body system which protects ourselves from foreign invaders.

They can be potential causes of many dangerous infected diseases.

In reality, adding even a tablespoon of maca into your diet may promote immune system function (10).

As mentioned before, maca is an excellent source of protein.

In factm protein can repair tissue, increase energetic levels and foster proper function of the immunity.

Therefore, people should increase maca consumption for the sake of their immunity function (11, 12).

Bottom line: When it comes to the improvement in immunity health, people can include more maca into their diet.

9. Menopause

During the time of menopause, it is very easy for women to suffer from bad mood due to the imbalanced energy levels.

Maca intake could reduce not only anxiety but also mood swings in postmenopausal women (13, 14, 15).

Hence, in case you are not ready enough to try antidepressant drugs to reduce menopause symptoms, you may go for maca.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of maca, this food can take effects in many other areas.

In fact, there is no serious known downsides of maca.

However, people should pay attention when consuming maca in large quantity.

If you are a starter, you should take in a small amount of maca (half a teaspoon is strongly suggested).

Providing that there is no signal of side effect, a tablespoon of maca powder is a suitable daily dose for you.

Here are ingredients for maca smoothies:

  • A banana
  • A spoon of maca powder, peanut butter, chia seeds
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • A cup of almond and coconut milk

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Maca: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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