Lettuce: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Lettuce: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Clearly, lettuce is a popular addition to people’s daily diet.

Also known as Lactuca sativa, lettuce first appeared in Egyp long time ago (1).

Not only does lettuce gain interest in culinary culture, it also has valuable supporting health qualities.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and health benefits of lettuce which have been proved by scientific evidence.

Nutrition Facts

Lettuce: Nutrition Facts

For long, people have been familiar with using lettuce for many medical purposes.

In particular, lettuce can help with improving sleep quality, regulating blood pressure, etc.

According to scientific studies, lettuce also contributes to the treament of insomnia, gas.

These effects are attributed to the appearance of many beneficial components in lettuce (2).

To specify, lettuce is an excellent source of energy and protein.

Also, it consists of fiber, sugars and carbohydrates.

What’s more, lettuce is a powerful house of essential minerals and vitamins.

They are calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Bottom line: Loading with a huge amount of nutrients, lettuce can bring about many good effects on people’s health.

Health Benefits of Lettuce

For long, lettuce is well-known for the role as a vegetable.

More than this, people can make use of lettuce as a herbal medicine.

Following are top 8 benefits of lettuce which you may not know.

1. Anti-inflammatory Effects

In fact, anti-inflammatory quality is an important factor which contributes to benefits of lettuce.

In fact, inflammation may be an indication of certain health problems such as heart diseases.

Generally, lipoxygenase and carrageenan are 2 deciding factors for the appearance of inflammation.

According to scientific research, lettuce extract may keep inflammation condition in check (3).

To specify, it can control the activities of lipoxygenase and carrageenan inside the body system.

Bottom line: Lettuce consumption is a good solution to the state of inflammation.

2. Neuronal Cells

Another benefits of lettuce is its good impacts of neuronal cells.

Neurons are  brain cell connectors which are responsible for maintaining memory.

Therefore, any damage to neurons can seriously cause memory loss.

In some situation, neuronal death may trigger Alzheimer’s – a popular neurodegenerative issue.

Luckily, lettuce extract may effectively control neural activities and protect them from dangerous factors (4, 5).

That’s why lettuce becomes traditional solution for some neural-cell-related issues.

Bottom line: Lettuce can release antineurodegenerative effects which can address many neuronal problems.

3. Cholesterol Levels

One of the most typical benefits of lettuce is its ability to regulate cholesterol levels.

Obviously, high cholesterol levels is risky factor which can result in heart diseases and many health ailments (6)

In reality, some research have suggested that lettuce intake may regulate cholesterol levels well (7).

This effect comes from the appearance of lipid peroxidation.

4. Sleep Quality

Lettuce: Sleep Quality

When it comes to benefits of lettuce, many people refer to its function as a sleep inducer (8).

In a study, lettuce extract showed great ability to isolate depressant chemical.

According to scientists, this chemical can release sedative effects which can bring about a better sleep.

Moreover, this research concluded that lettuce could lower heart rate by blocking signals of neural tissues (9, 10).

5. Antioxidant Properties

Another beneficial effect which brings about benefits of lettuce is antioxidant quality.

In fact, antioxidants are reallly necessary for human.

To specify, they can create a barrier against free radicals.

It is undeniable that free radicals are dangerous factors which may trigger cancer.

Therefore, by consuming lettuce, people may suffer less from harmful attacks of free radicals (11).

Bottom line: Loading with antioxidants, lettuce is a reliable food which may save people from cancer.

6. Antimicrobial Properties

In fact, lettuce latex contains a wonderful souce of antimicrobial qualities (12).

Terpens and cardenolids are 2 telling examples of antiomicrobial-releasing substances.

Interestingly, antimicrobial effects can play a part in the treatment of some infections (13).

They include Candida albicans and various yeast infection.

7. Anxiety

To control is another benefits of lettuce which people usually mention.

In a research, anxiolytic qualities in lettuce may relax nervous system (14).

As a result, it can keep yourself away from worry and tiredness – 2 common problems which come from anxiety.

8. Cancer

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest killers in the world.

This health issue can quickly take away the life of thousands of people.

Unluckily, cancer remains uncured as no medicine can concretely eliminate cancerous cells.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the development of cancer right from its early stage.

Among many natural foods for cancer prevention, lettuce is popular.

In fact, luttuce leaf can effectively neutralize the activities of breast cancer in women.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of lettuce, this vegetable can also lead to many other beneficial health effects.

Generally, almost all people can well tolerate lettuce.

However, in some case, lettuce consumption many go together with a number of discomforts.

For example, lettuce can put some people in danger of food allergies (15).

To reduce this problem, people should apply skin prick testing before consuming lettuce (16).

Following are some simple recipes to prepare lettuce:

Vegetable salad:

  • Cut tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and lettuce leaves
  • Add all of which into a bowl
  • Put some a spoon of salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice into the mixture
  • Mix them together before enjoying

Corn Lettuce Salad

  • After boiling a cup of corn, have it cool down
  • Cut lettuce, onion and tomatoes into small pieces
  • Season the salad with a spoon of salt, pepper and olive oil
  • Mix prepared corn with the leftover
  • You can also add some potatoes or mushrooms into your salad

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Lettuce: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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