Lavender: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Lavender: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Lavender is one of the most highly-appreciated plants in the world because of its unique color and fragrance.

People have used lavender in the production of soaps or shampoos in order to improve their body smell.

The origin of its name is “lavare” which is “to wash” in Latin.

People gave it this name because one of the most common applications of lavender was to purify their body and spirit.

The areas which this plant is native to are mountainous regions in the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, its cultivation is very popular in southern Europe and the United States.

In general, people extract the oil from lavender flowers or the whole plant.

This type of essential oil has various applications in the medicinal world.

Nutrition Facts

Lavender: Nutrition Facts

There are many outstanding points in lavender nutrition facts.

The amount of calories you get from lavender is low as there are about 49 calories per 100 grams of lavender.

And so is the amount of fat.

Besides, when it comes to lavender nutrition, it is hard to skip abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

For example, its content of vitamin A is beneficial for the eyes.

Additionally, there is about 215 mg of calcium in 100 gram of lavender which is advantageous for many body parts.

Lavender also contains caffeic acid which has great effects on the cancer prevention.

Health Benefits of Lavender

The medicinal applications of lavender have been popular for ages.

In the last century, a number of researchers have devoted their time to verify these benefits and they confirmed some of them.

Here are top 7 health benefits of lavender that you ought to remember.

1. Sleep

The first among top common health benefits of lavender is to support those who have difficulty sleeping.

There are countless catalysts for sleep disorders, especially when the cases of stress are increasing dramatically in this day and age.

However, some simple ingredients might work as effective agents to deal with them.

There has been a series of research on the advantage of lavender on different subjects and the results are very positive (123).

The fragrance of lavender oil brings people a sensative of calmness and improves their quality of sleep (4).

To profit from this plant, you can use its essential oil and apply some drops on the chest or neck before going to bed every night.

The combination of lavender essential oil with another type of oil, such as chamomile, is also a great idea.

Additionally, the improvement in sleep quality is also one of many health benefits of milk or pumpkin seeds.

Bottom Line: It is common to use lavender oil as a kind of treatment for insomnia and other problems related to sleep.

2. Against Anxiety

One of the most popular health benefits of lavender is to help you get rid of anxiety and depression quickly.

In the past, the effectiveness of lavender in the treatment for neurological issues was widely known.

And this benefit has received support from many scientific studies lately (5678).

According to the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, 80 mg of lavender oil might provide a quick relief for depression and anxiety.

The study also claimed that patients would experience no unwanted effects.

This makes lavender outweigh pharmaceutical drugs which have the same impacts but often result in some problems later.

An experiment included 140 women who were experiencing the postpartum period.

The result showed that the inhalation of lavender in a month was effective enough for the prevention against anxiety (9).

Bottom Line: In recent years, scientists have succeeded in proving a traditional belief that lavender is great to prevent and cope with depression.

3. Nervous System

With calming scent, it is undeniable that one of the best lavender health benefits is to get rid of problems in the nervous system.

Its aroma can help you overcome nervous exhaustion quickly and enhance your mental activities at the same time (10).

Besides, studies claimed that lavender oil might improve the performance of those who were about to take exams.

According to the journal Phytomedicine, the 60-minute inhalation of lavender oil on a daily basis could limit the growth of brain oxidative stress in rats (11).

This is the main cause for dementia (12).

Besides, some positive effects on the prevention against Alzheimer’s disease have also been recorded in the analysis of lavender nutrition (13).

Bottom Line: Not only does lavender improve the concentration and mental performance, but it also has protective effects against brain disorders.

4. Headaches

When suffering from headaches or migraine, people tend to want natural cures to avoid side effects on the nervous system in the long term.

Fortunately, lavender is a right choice as one of the greatest benefits of lavender is to cope with headaches (14).

The European Journal of Neurology published a study showing that a 15-minute inhalation of lavender oil reduced significantly pain caused by headaches.

If you are one of people who struggle with headaches regularly, simply follow these steps to put an end to this problem.

  • Mix some drops of lavender and peppermint oil.
  • Rub the mixture over the back of your neck.
  • Inhale the mixture at the same time.

You can apply this method a few times until you feel better.

5. Pain Relief

Those who often undergo intensive training might feel relieved with benefits of lavender on the pain in various body parts (1516).

Massage has remained one of the most popular and effective methods to relieve painful feeling.

Nevertheless, when lavender oil is added, the result will be more amazing.

It fosters the flow of blood inside the body to get rid of pain quickly.

6. Respiratory System

Lavender: Respiratory System

The unique scent of lavender is responsible for many lavender health benefits, including ones on the respiratory system.

You can put some drops of lavender oil into inhalers or vaporizers to get rid of coughing or colds.

With stimulating effects, this oil can accelerate the body’s eradication of phlegm from your throat and deal with congestion effectively.

In addition, its antibacterial property serves as a shield to protect your respiratory tract from bacterial or viral infections (17).

7. Skin

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that occur to not only teenagers but also adults.

It is often associated with bacterial infections which form clogged pores on the skin.

While the market introduces more and more products to get rid of acne, people are prone to resort to natural remedies because of no side effects.

And lavender oil is one of the best.

In other words, benefits of lavender on the skin health are real.

Thanks to its antibacterial property, lavender oil hinders the growth of bacteria and accelerates the recovery of your skin (18).

You can combine it in your skin creams and use them on the skin every day.

Bottom Line: Lavender essential oil might work as effectively as other drugs in the treatment for acne and other skin problems.

Side Effects

In general, lavender is safe for almost everyone to use.

Nevertheless, if you do not notice, lavender might pose some threats.

First, as lavender is beneficial for sleep, it sometimes causes you to be drowsy if you combine it with other supplements.

Second, the recommendation is not to consume lavender oil, or else you might experience a series of complications, from vomitting to diarrhea.

Besides, some studies suggested that lavender oil might not be suitable for pregnant women.

Even though this is still a controversial issue, pregnant women should consult their doctors before the decision to use this plant.


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Lavender Nutrition Facts

Lavender Health Benefits

Lavender Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Lavender: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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