Iron: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Iron: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


It is clear that iron is an indispensible substance for people’s health.

A iron-rich diet can bring about many advantages for health improvement.

From addressing anemia to fostering red blood cell production, iron can do well all.

This article provides nutrition facts and benefits of iron which have been studied by scientific evidence.

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Nutrition Facts

In general, the main function of iron is to transfer life-giving oxygen to organ system.

Averagely, hemoglobin contains two-thirds of body’ iron amount (1).

On the other hand, myoglobin in the body is another store house of iron (2).

While hemoglobin is responsible for bringing oxygen from lungs to body’s tissues, myoglobin is related to many activities of oxygen in body cells.

Also, 5% of iron serve as storage of proteins and many essential elements in numerous enzymatic reactions.

The final source of iron is ferritin which can be found in cells and bloodstream.

Health Benefits of Iron

When people consume iron in suitable amount, it can bring about many beneficial effects.

Following are top 10 benefits of iron which can help people address many health problems in life.

1. Hemoglobin Formation

In fact, one of the most typical benefits of iron is its ability to support hemoglobin production (3).

Not only can iron foster hemoglobin formation, it also gives red color to blood shade.

Moreover, iron may stimulate oxygen transportation to other body cells.

In fact, hemoglobin is really essential for a good health as people usually deal with blood loss in numerous ways.

What’s more, women usually lose great amount of blood when it comes to their menstrual cycles.

Therefore, they always need to provide themselves with enough iron to avoid the condition of lacking blood (4).

Bottom line: Iron supplement may be beneficial for hemoglobin formation.

2. Muscle Health

Another benefits of iron which people notice is to improve muscle health.

By supplying the  body with enough amount of oxygen, iron can improve muscle contraction which is really good for muscle health.

More importantly, iron deficiency may cause muscle to lose their tone and elasticity.

This condition is likely to trigger muscle weakness – one of the early symptom of anemia (5).

3. Brain Function

When it comes to benefits of iron, many people refer to its ability to improve brain function.

By aiding oxygen supply in the blood, iron can lead to remarkable improvement in brain health (6).

When blood circulation in the bain is stimulated, cognitive activities will in turn become better.

Moreover, iron enables to create new neutral pathway.

By doing so, it can help with the prevention of some cognitive ailments including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.

Bottom line: Iron intake is able to support brain oxygenation, therefore, it can directly lead to brain health improvement.

4. Restless Leg Syndrome

People may not know that the lack of iron may seriously trigger restless leg syndrome (7).

More importantly, if not treated properly, this issue will cause muscle spasms which is really annoying.

According to some research, iron supplementation can provide instant relief from restless leg syndrome discomforts (8, 9).

5. Body Temperature Regulation

Another area which benefits of iron shine in regulating body temperature (10).
In reality, iron can keep body temperature in check as well as hot compress does.

To specify, iron is able to make enzymatic and metabolic process take place in the most suitable environment.

6. Anemia


In addition to restless leg syndrome, anemia is also raised by iron deficiency (11).

In fact, anemia may go together with serious headache, vomitting, tiredness, etc.

This is a common health ailment which causes troubles to many people all over the world.

Luckily, iron can help with curing anemia effectively.

By providing the body with enough amount of iron, people may gradually recover from these annoying symptoms (12).

7. Immune System

It is undeniable that immunity plays a key role in the body system.

By identifying and fighting attack from strange invaders, a healthy immune system can guarantee a good overall health.

Luckily, iron may strengthen immunity function, making it stronger in the battle against diseases and infections.

Also, red blood cells are essential for repairing damaged tissues.

This process is really necessary for an improved immune health.

Bottom line: Iron can bring about improved effects on immunity health.

8. Insomnia


In the treatment of insomnia, many people believe in good impacts of iron supplements.

Not only can iron make you get back your sleep, it may increase sleep quality remarkably (13).

Also, iron may lead to a proper red blood cell count.

Therefore, it will regulate blood pressure and reduce the time you become awake at midnight.

9. Concentration

Nowadays, it is likely that more and more people go down with cognitive problems.

At the early stage, these problems start with their inability to focus.

Interestingly, suitable iron supplement can enable people to concentrate better.

As a result, cognitive functions and mental performance will in term be in better condition (14).

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of iron, it can also help with many other health problems.

To increase iron consumption, people can go for some foods.

Generally,iron are stored in both vegetable and non-vegetable foods.

While legumes, lentils, grains, green leaf vegetables are all excellent source of iron, vitamin C can increase body’s iron consumption (15).

Moreover, it is necessary to recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency in the body to have solution to it.

In fact, people with iron deficiency may face regular fatigue, body weakness.

Also, this problem causes people unable to perform normal activities.

What’s more, when turning into more serious period, iron deficiency may lead to skin ailments, which is dangerous.

Therefore, when noticing these symptoms, people should go to doctors for consultation.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Iron: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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