How to tie your shoes for plantar fasciitis?

How to tie your shoes for plantar fasciitis?

If you are suffering from severe foot pain in your feet early morning, then there are chances that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. This foot condition is prominent in people in their mid age. In younger people the condition is mostly seen in those suffering from obesity or not using right shoes. The risks associated with the condition are flat heel, high arches, tightness in calf muscles etc.

There are a lot of treatments available to cure this condition, but a few common techniques and wearing the right footwear can also cure or prevent this condition. Many people are involved in a work profile that demands standing on their feet for long hours. This puts in a lot of pressure on the heels and feet. This often results in severe foot pain. On the other hand, a common problem is with footwear that many people opt for, which doesn’t provide the required comfort to the foot often results in plantar fasciitis. Many people are attracted to fancy footwear that doesn’t provide the right support and comfort that their feet needs. In some cases people opt to wear high heels that also results in severe foot pain. Some of these common mistakes related to footwear can be corrected to avoid this foot condition.

In case you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, make sure you choose the right shoes to cure the problem. It may take time to cure the problem as your feet needs rest and right care to get back to its normal condition, but with proper care you can recover from this condition and get back to normal life.

Many people neglect the footwear they wear or the burden they put on their feet. If possible avoid standing for long hours or wearing high heels. Your foot is carrying your body weight and it needs to be taken care of. If you are over-weight then try to reduce weight to prevent plantar fasciitis.

If you have already developed the condition due to some or the other reason, then make sure you try to follow simple techniques to cure the condition. Try to choose the plantar fasciitis shoes that help you deal with the pain. There are many brands that have launched plantar fasciitis shoes especially designed for plantar fasciitis sufferers. These shoes are designed to help those who are dealing with the condition. It will certainly help you to continue walking or running easily with these shoes.

Tying shoes properly is important for plantar fasciitis sufferers

It may sound a simple thing, but most people aren’t aware of the fact that tying is equally important when it comes to plantar fasciitis. If you are a plantar fasciitis sufferer then these small techniques for tying your shoes the right way would be helpful.

The basic idea behind tying your plantar fasciitis shoes properly is to ensure that they are tied properly that is tight enough to provide right cushioning to your foot and wrap the foot without tying very tight which makes it uneasy to wear. Also, you the shoes shouldn’t be loose as that would put in a lot of strain on your foot that is paining. If you could tie up the shoes little upwards it will offer additional arch support and reduce the pressure from fibers which also lowers the degree of pain you otherwise would have felt at the bottom of the foot.


When it comes to tying your plantar fasciitis shoes, check for the laces that have more eyelets. The more the number of eyelets on the shoe lace, the better control you get on how tight or how loose you need around different parts of your shoe fit.

If you want better heel and arch support, simply let the laces be loose near the toes and slightly tight near the heels. These simple techniques will not only give you all the comfort and support you need, but will also help you use your shoes the right way for treating plantar fasciitis.

If you are choosing running shoes for plantar fasciitis then search for extra stability (in heel), thick cushioning on soles, lightweight model etc.,

If you are engage in field activities then look for shoes that offer additional ankle support with perfect traction plus a thick and flexible sole. For walking shoes just search for a flexible sole, smooth tread that helps your foot bend smoothly and offer perfect cushioning for soles.

Also, keep a check on your soles on a regular basis to identify the wear and tear. If you are a heavy user, then the soles may get worn out faster, so make sure you keep checking them often. If you are buying a new pair of shoes, look for rubber sole instead of leather sole as it offers better shock absorption. The sole be thick cushioned to provide your feet the support on hard or uneven surfaces.

While buying the right plantar fasciitis shoes make sure you consider all the factors that help you buy the right shoes. You can easily fight the condition with right pair of shoes. They are easily available in the market. Look for the ones that fits your properly and learn the right techniques to tie your shoes so that you help your feet heal faster. Many people give up on their plantar fasciitis condition thinking that it will stay with them for life just because they don’t know about the shoes that are especially designed to help deal with plantar fasciitis condition.

You can enjoy a normal life and engage in running, walking etc using the plantar fasciitis shoes and can read more at You just need to give time to let your foot condition heal and do not rush to over stress your feet while it is recovering. Make sure you care for your feet and follow the simple techniques to fight the heel pain.  Let your foot condition not stop you from enjoying your fitness activities and take care of your feet.

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How to tie your shoes for plantar fasciitis?
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