How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Without Washing Hair?

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Without Washing Hair?


Dandruff is a common problem occurs in everyone but especially in young adults. The people who suffer from dandruff are lack of confidence when communicating with others and it truly is a big deal in some important appointments. Over time, this condition can lead to some other annoying problems such as itchiness and dryness in your scalp.

Dandruff can be removed by washing hair frequently with a suitable shampoo but many people do not have enough time to do this. If you are experiencing this condition and you are seeking the way How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair, this article is all you need especially in some urgent cases.

What is dandruff?

Before dig into “How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair?”, we should understand what dandruff is and some factors that cause it first. Let’s check it out!

Dandruff is a disorder of the scalp, causing white scab. Normally, the scalp cells die slowly, when replaced by other cells, can cause very small scales and has no discomfort or redness. In the case of dandruff, the number of damaged cells is increased and therefore form the larger scales, sometimes lead to redness, itchiness and skin irritation.

Everyone can suffer from this condition but the main objects that experience dandruff are adolescents. The causes of dandruff are not known exactly but it can be the result of overusing shampoo or hair products. In addition, the infection from bacteria and fungus are one of the catalysts that create dandruff on your scalp.

Commonly, most people ignore the severity of dandruff and leave it for a long time without any treatment. There are some main factors that can lead to dandruff, it includes:

  •        Dry skin
  •        Stress
  •        Nutritional deficiencies
  •        Affect of styling tools
  •        Bacteria, yeast, and fungus
  •        Skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair?

If you wonder How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair, here are some useful tips for you:


 Prevent dandruff and dry scalp by some types of foods

  1.     Chickpeas

One of the best ways on the list of How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair is chickpeas. Chickpeas are known as Garbanzo beans which is very popular in the Middle East and India. It has the buttery consistency and the flavor similar to nuts.

Chickpeas contain a high amount of zinc and vitamin B6. They are essential nutrients which help you in controlling the sebum gland secretion and fighting against dandruff. You can supply it for your body by using in your daily meals to stay away from dandruff and get the satisfied result quickly.

  1.     Wheat Germs

Another excellent choice for you if you want to get rid of dandruff without washing hair is wheat germs. Wheat germs can help you eliminate dandruff effectively because of vitamin B6 and zinc inside it. You can receive about three-quarters of necessary vitamin B6 amount daily even with just a little cup of wheat germs.

Combine wheat germs with milk, cereal or bread every day is a good choice for your meals. Keep in mind that store it in a container with a cool and dry environment and avoid the sun to preserve it longer.

  1.     Garlic

Garlic can work wonderfully as one of the most impressive remedies to get rid of dandruff that you might not know about. It is a great source of allicin which can help you in preventing the development of fungus that causes dandruff in your scalp.

You can use garlic in your daily meals to achieve the good result in dealing with dandruff. However, keep in mind that do not consume it excessively to avoid some bad side effects such as dizziness, heartburn, sweating or vomiting.

  1.     Ginger

Ginger is among greatest choices that help you on how to get rid of dandruff without washing hair. Ginger contains powerful antifungal and antibacterial agents that can strongly fight against the growth of fungus and yeast. Therefore, it can protect you from the fungal infection and avoid forming dandruff on your scalp effectively.

Ginger is available food in every kitchen. You can use it in your meals daily to get the improvement quickly in dealing with dandruff.

  1.     Apples

It said that eating an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Apples have a wide range of purposes in dealing with many health problems and not except dandruff. It can provide your body with many essential vitamins and minerals to get rid of dandruff without washing hair if you consume an apple daily.


…On the other hands, if you suffer from dandruff but you are in an urgent situation, you can remove or even hide it by some simple ways below:

  1.     Wear light-colored clothing

The safest way for you if you have an interview, you are on a date or have an important appointment but do not have enough time for washing hair is wearing light-colored clothing. Dandruff is very easy to be realized with black or dark-colored clothes. Therefore, light-colored clothes can help you hide dandruff effectively.

  1.     Wear a hat

Another excellent and simple way to get rid of dandruff without washing hair is wearing a hat. Like light-colored clothing, a hat can cover and hide your dandruff in urgent cases. In addition, if you can combine it reasonably with your clothes, it can make you fashionable and more confident.

  1.     Using a suitable hairbrush

If you wonder How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair, brush your hair is another great way. Brushing your hair every day can distribute the sebum and also pick up pieces of your scalp and dirt from your hair.

There are two types of hairbrush that are recommended to remove dandruff for each type of hair. If you have a long hair, a boar bristle brush may be a great choice for you. Besides, a nylon ball tipped smaller plastic brush is more suitable for a short hair.



To eliminate dandruff thoroughly, you should have a balanced diet and wash your hair frequently with suitable shampoos. Nonetheless, if you are a busy person and do not have enough time but you are seeking “How to get rid of dandruff without washing hair?”, this article is the answer for you in dealing with it in some urgent cases. Hope you found out helpful information to improve condition quickly and effectively.



Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Without Washing Hair?
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