How Long Does Ovulation Pain Last?

How Long Does Ovulation Pain Last?

Ovulation pain is a common condition in women that occurs every month when the period comes. It can lead to the pain in the lower abdomen with many different levels depending on each individual. The ovulation pain impacts a lot on the daily living activities of the people who suffer from.

The ovulation pain may be normal but if it prolongs, it can be the sign of some health problems such as bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, STD, endometriosis, etc. So, find out: “How long does ovulation pain last?” is an important thing that you should concern. Let’s read this article to have the correct answer to this problem.

What is ovulation pain?

You have the ovulation pain every month but have you ever find out what it exactly is? The ovulation pain (is as known as mittelschmerz) discomfort feeling that no woman want to suffer from. It appears in the lower abdomen and may go along with increase cervical mucus, tender breasts, and white discharge. If you can pay attention to the changes in your body, you can easier to find out the sign of ovulation.

The ovulation pain is very different for each individual about pain levels and characteristics. In addition, not every woman have to suffer from this annoying problem. Some research indicated that every five women will have one person have to experience this condition and they will come to painkiller to ease this pain. Many of them want to know: “How long does ovulation pain last?” and this article is the answer.


What are the causes of ovulation pain?

Ovulation pain occurs regularly each month and it seems to be a normal condition with the woman. Nonetheless, you should find out more because it may be the result of some medical problem below:

  •        Endometriosis: It is a condition which results from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain.
  •        Ovarian cyst: it is an abnormal fluid pocket which grows on the ovary and can cause cramping or bloat.
  •        Sexually transmitted diseases (STD): The diseases transmitted from person to others through sexual intercourse.
  •        Egg release: It separates of your follicle to moves to your uterus via the fallopian tube.
  •        Ectopic pregnancy: The fertilized egg implant outside of the uterus.
  •        Polycystic ovary syndrome: This is a hormonal disorder of women which lead to the cysts develop more on the ovary.
  •        Pelvic inflammatory disease: A condition occurs when the bacteria go into the vagina and cause inflammation for the reproductive organs.
  •        Salpingitis: The inflammation of fallopian tubes caused by bacteria.


What are the symptoms of ovulation pain?

Before digging into “How long does ovulation pain last?“, you should check the symptoms of ovulation pain that you are suffering from. The symptoms may include:

  •        Pain appears in the lower abdomen and just inside your hip bone.
  •        Pain can occur 2 weeks before your menstrual period
  •        Depend on which side of ovulation, you can experience pain at the left or right side.
  •        Pain can be remained in one side or switch to opposite side
  •        The level of pain and the characteristics may be different from each person: It can be severe pain, sharp cramps, or maybe just uncomfortable pressure.
  •        The time of ovulation pain can be just a few minutes or prolong to 48 hours.


So, How long does ovulation pain last?

Now, let’s find out: “How long does ovulation pain last?“. The ovulation pain can appear at right time or after ovulation happens. Some research indicates that this pain can take about few minutes to few hours. However, in fact, some woman have to suffer from the ovulation pain last for up to 24 to 48 hours in a row.

When the ovulation process happens, your egg will burst and release from an ovary and then go to the uterus via the fallopian tube. Once the egg bursts through the follicle, the tube will contract so that it may cause this annoying pain every time you are on your period.

Sometimes, the prolonged pain may not be the sign comes from ovulation process. It can be the result of bleeding or even some disease such as endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, salpingitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.

The blood leakage or the enlargement and stretching of the ovary surface in the place of the follicle can lead to your painful sensation. When the ovary swelling and cause pain, it may be related to the ovarian expansion after the ovulation process happened.

Some woman can feel the irritation in their lower abdomen whenever their ovulation occurs. The pain caused by ovulation normally happens two weeks before the period. So, How long does ovulation pain last?- the answer is about one to two days counting from the time you got it.


How to deal with the ovulation pain?

Medication always is the first choice of many women in dealing with the pain every period. It can be painkillers such as paracetamol or contraceptive pills. However, you have to make sure that that pain does not come from the other problems.

On the other hands, if it is a normal ovulation pain and you do not want to use medication, you should relax to ease the pain by taking a hot bath or using a hot pack to apply on your abdomen. It is a simple way but quite effective for you.


It is truly not easy for you to suffer from the ovulation pain each month. After reading this article, you definitely found out the answer to: “How long does ovulation pain last?”. Keep in mind that if it prolongs more than normal, you should go to see the doctor to have the promptly consultation and treatment.

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How Long Does Ovulation Pain Last?
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