Horsedish: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Horsedish: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Belonging to Brassicaceae, horsedish is related to wasabi, cabbage and broccoli (1).

For long, people have used horsedish as a herbal medicine and cultivated its health supporting effects.

This article is a collection of nutrition facts and health benefits of horsedish which may prompt you to add it more into diet.

Nutrition Facts

Horsedish: Nutrition Facts

Horsedish first appeared in Southern Europe and Western Asia.

Nowadays, it has spread its popularity all over the world.

Although all parts of horsedish can serve as effective natural medicine, its root is most well-known.

It is the medicinal application of horsedish that encourages people to increase horsedish consumption.

Benefits of horsedish include bone health improvement, digestive stimulation and cancer prevention.

Also, horsedish can help with many other health problems.

In reality, extensive diversity of benefits of horsedish are derived from its loading with many essential nutrients.

In particular, horsedish is a powerhouse of magnesium, zinc, calcium, fiber.

Also, it is packed with a wide ray of manganese, potassium.

These components will work together and create positive influences on people’s health.

Bottom line: Horsedish is a wonderful source of nutrients, which is a good explaination for its good effects on people’s health.

Health Benefits of Horsedish

Following are top outstanding benefits of horsedish which you may not know.

1. Cancer Prevention

One of the most typical benefits of horsedish is preventing cancer.

In fact, horsedish contains an excellent source of nutrients and phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are also leading factor which give horsedish a distinctive smell.

It also explains why horsedish has gained interest in both culinary culture and health industry.

Regarding horsedish’s ability to prevent cancer, isothiocyanate and sinigrin are main reasons for this effect.

Specifically, these elements can serve as powerful antioxidants to boost immunity health.

Also, they can support activities and the formation of white blood cells inside the body.

As a result, they will effectively neutralize free radicals – the primary cause for cancer (2, 3).

Bottom line: By adding horsedish into daily diet, people may prevent the development of cancerous cells inside the body system.

2. Weight Loss

Another commonly praised benefits of horsedish is supporting weight loss.

Averagely, a serving of horsedish can provide a small amount of calories – enemy of obese people.

Hence, it is easy to understand that horsedish consumption may effectively reduce weight number.

What’s more, an abundant source of fiber and protein in horsedish can suppress apetite and make people feel fuller (4).

Bottom line: Horsedish is a good friend of obese people thanks to its containing with fiber and protein.

3. Blood Pressure

Another field in which benefits of horsedish can shine it blood pressure regulation.

It is undeniable that potassium is beneficial for regulating cellular flow inside the body (5).

Also, this substance is necessary for stable state of blood vessels.

Therefore, potassium can effectively lower blood pressure, making it nutritious factor for the state of atherosclerosis, heart strokes, etc.

Luckily, horsedish is an abundant source of potassium.

Bottom line: By eating horsedish regularly, people may reduce their blood pressure and regulate fluid levels in cellular membrances.

4. Digestive System

Horsedish: Digestive System Improvement

Scientists have found some components in horsedish which can serve as gastric stimulants.

More importantly, the whole plant of horsedish can effectively foster the function of digestive system and nutritional absorption.

In fact, when various glands in the body system combine with its high fiber content, they will smooth bowel movement.

Hence, by eating horsedish regularly, people can stay away from certain digestive problems, especially constipation and diarrhea (6, 7).

5. Bone Health

The moderate amount of calcium is another factor which contributes to benefits of horsedish (8).

In reality, horsedish can provide enough amount of calcium to the body system to prevent the degeneration of bone system.

More than this, horsedish consumption is likely to help people have a stronger bone system.

Bottom line: The richness in calcium enables horsedish an ideal food to improve functions of bone system.

6. Metabolism

As mentioned before, horsedish is high in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, horsedish has no content of fat and calories.

These facts mean that metabolism process can benefit from horsedish a lot.

Specifically, protein in horsedish will turn into energy to support new tissues, muscle health and cellular material (9).
These activities may naturally work against toxins and illness.

7. Antibacterial Qualities

Antibacterial qualities are leading factor which may result in many benefits of horsedish.

According to scientific research, horsedish may release antibacterial effect which is really beneficial for the battle against bacterial infections (10).

These issues may result from Listeria, E.coli and Staphylococcus.

Thus, you are advised to spread some horsedish into your sandwich or steak to save yourself from discomforts of infection-bearing bacteria.

8. Respiratory System

Owning an distinctive smell, horsedish can attract many people.

However, this full of passion smell can even produce some health supporting effects.

In fact, this odor may force your noses to curl up and help clean the mucus secretions in respiratory system.

Hence, whenever you get trouble with your nose, take a strong sniff or inhale smell from pure horsedish to remove congestion and prevent the likelihood of allergy, illness and cold (11).

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of horsedish, this herb can also produce many beneficial health effects.

Generally, people usually use horsedish paste to spread into their burger, steak, sandwich, etc.

Although almost all people can well tolerate horsedish, there are still some words of caution which we should remember.

For example, diuretic properties in horsedish may worsen the state of kidney health.

Also, patients with inflammatory bowel diseases should not consume horsedish.

Finally, in case you are experiencing hypothyroidism, you should also avoid consuming horsedish.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Horsedish: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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