Protect Your House with Home Remedies for Termites

Protect Your House with Home Remedies for Termites


House is not only the place you live for most of the time but also the foundation to build a cozy home. It protects you from the outside world and always covers you.

Therefore, a good house seems to be a starting point for a bright future.

While people are always concerned about the house’s external enermies, such as the sun, wind or rain, more and more attention is spent on tiny invaders, like termites.

Despite its small size, termites can have terrible effects on the appearance of our house.

In this article, you will have a more detailed understanding of what are termites, their destructions and how to deal with termites.

What are Termites?

Termites refer to a type of pests which live in colonies. Their main source of food is cellulose which is present in wood and plants (1) (2).

With a huge number of termites living together, they often share the same source of food and as a result, everything can be destroyed by them, literally.

For example, 15 pounds of wood can be consumed completely by several termites just within 7 days.


While dead plant materials are considered as one of the favorite food sources of termites, we usually use these materials as furniture to decorate our house.

Therefore, it is logical that some houses are more likely to be attacked by this type of pest.

What Increases Your Risks?

Besides, the higher the moisture content in your house is, the more likely it is to see termites.

It is also noted that this pest is not seasonal, which means that you can suffer from their invasion anytime.


It is quite difficult to locate termites in your house because they are small and move very quickly.

Nevertheless, there are some common symptoms of termites which enable you to find them more easily.

  • Cracks on the surface of wood
  • Discarded wings
  • Mud trails witnessed on walls
  • Hollow sounding wood

Home Remedies for Termites

If one of these above-mentioned symptoms is noticed in your house, you’d better start wondering what to do about termites.

Fortunately, for years, people have come up with some simple natural home remedies for termites that really work.

The best thing about these tips on how to treat termites is that they do not affect our health.

Here are top 14 natural home remedies for termites that will help support your termite removal quickly and effectively.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper - Home Remedies for Termites

In case termites only concentrate on small areas of wooden items, you can use cayenne pepper as one of the most popular home remedies for termites.

Powdered cayenne pepper can be sprinkled directly over these areas and you should re-apply this method in coming days to guarantee all termites are killed.

Besides, to maximize the benefits, cayenne pepper can be mixed with some vegetable oil to have a paste applied over vertical spots. In this way, you just need to apply once on a daily basis.

2. Hot Treatment

Termites need moist and wet conditions for breeding and growth. They are unable to survive if the temperature is extremely hot (higher than 120 degree Fahrenheit).

Therefore, hot treatment is considered as one of the simplest tips on how to kill termites.

All you need to do is to leave your wooden objects attacked by termites under the sun for several hours.

The heat will kill termites very quickly. In addition, the sun also accelerates the evaporation, which reduces the moisture inside your objects significantly.

3. Cold Treatment

Likewise, termites are claimed not to be able to grow in extremely cold conditions.

In order to have required cold temperature, you can make use of liquid nitrogen which is a very useful termite removal.

You will also need some special equipment which enables you to inject the liquid into pre-drilled holes.

Experts recommend that the temperature should be kept stable at -29 degrees C in more or less than 5 minutes.

4. Neem Oil

The next tip on how to stop termites does not bring intermedia results. However, it is one of the safest home remedies for termites thanks to its nontoxic nature.

Neem oil can control the development of termites and stop them from eating or breeding. This gradually reduces the number of termites to zero.

How to apply:

  • Dip a cotton ball into neem oil to rub it over affected objects.
  • Repeat this method a few times per day to ensure that termites ingest neem oil.

You should focus on the areas with most termites because neem oil only takes effects if termites contact directly with it.

5. Borax

For those who are unfamiliar with borax, it has another name – sodium borate.

It is absolutely useful to kill termites, especially subterranean ones, by destroying their nervous system.

How to apply:

  • Spread borax powder in areas affected by termites. This method should be repeated a few times per week.
  • Alternatively, dissolve borax powder (about one teaspoon) in hot water. Use the mixture as the best termite spray in your house.

Both of these methods can be applied regularly to prevent the coming attack of termites.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Termites

Aloe vera has been absolultely famous for its various healing applications (in case you still have little idea, check Aloe Vera Health Benefits).

And it also contributes to the effort to keep termites away in your house.

How to apply:

  • Prepare fresh aloe vera juice and mix it with a glass of water.
  • Use the mixture to rub over areas affected by termites.

As soon as termites have direct direct with the mixture, they will be killed instantly.

7. Sodium Chloride

Working as an insecticide, sodium chloride is the next home remedy for termites that you can apply.

In order to spray it at your house, you will need the help of cotton balls.

Cellulose is present in table salt, which drives termites to come to cotton balls and be killed by sodium chloride.

This remedy can be used many times as a preventative strategy too.

8. White Vinegar

White vinegar which is commonly used in cooking now can turn into one of the most effective home remedies for termites.

It is more useful when applied over small areas attacked by termities in your house.

How to apply:

  • Combine white vinegar (half a cup) and fresh lemon juice (from two lemons)
  • Use a spray bottle to hold the mixture inside and use it when you find the location of termites.

This method should be applied twice per day for the best result.

9. Petroleum Jelly

The presence of phenol is the main reason why petroleum jelly appears among top home remedies for termites.

Therefore, you just need to rub it over areas affected by termites and gradually witness the massive death of these annoying pests.

After one or two days, you should repeat rubbing it againt to prevent the return of termites.

10. Orange Oil

Orange Oil - Home Remedies for Termites

With 92 percent of its content being d-limonene, orange oil is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for termites which are completely natural.

The reason is that D-limonene is fatal to termintes.

According to the result of a laboratory experiment, about 96 percent of termites contacting with orange oil is dead.

How to apply:

  • Get some drilled small holes on the surface of wooden objects
  • Pour orange oil into these holes.

The effects can last up to 3 weeks and then, you should repeat the method regularly.

Note: Orange oil cannot be consumed or else your health will suffer a lot.

11. Soapy Water

Even simple soapy water can work as effectively as any other tip for killing termites.

This solution will create an impermeable seal on the outer shells of termites once they contact it.

This seal will contribute to the destruction of termites’ respiratory system, which finally leads to their death.

How to apply:

  • Combine liquid dish soap (about 2 teaspoons) into water (4 cups)
  • Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture

A few times per day is the needed frequency at which you repeat the method.

12. Salt

It is certain that you can find salt in every kitchen in the world. However, few people actually know its application as a termite removal.

It is not only one of the best home remedies for termites, but also a strategic method to prevent their re-growth in the future.

How to apply:

  • Dissolve salt (several teaspoons) into a glass of warm water
  • Apply the mixture over areas affected by termites a few times every day

13. Diatomaceous Earth

There are many applications of diatomaceous earth, one of which is treating termites.

It is a perfect answer to the question what kills termites, especially drywood and subterranean ones.

By abrading their outer shells, diatomaceous earch will make termites dry out.

You only need to sprinkle it once per day; nonetheless, remember to wear a mask to do so in order to prevent its potential risks on your health.

14. Clove Oil

Clove Oil - Home Remedies for Termites

Some essential oils can serve as natural home remedies for termites with the typical example – clove oil.

They come from the nature, so you do not have to worry about its side effects.

Just prepare a combination of it and water and then, apply the mixture over areas affected by termites.

In case clove oil is not available, vetiver oil is a good alternative choice.

What to Avoid

There are some rules you should obey in order to get the best result in the process of termite removal.

First, you should ensure that there are not unnecessary openings in the house. They will be the perfect locations for termites to survive.

Second, wooden debris or logs should not be stored close to your house as they increase the risks of termites.

Thirdly, on the market, there are some unauthorised products which do not take effects. In some cases, they even have negative impacts on your objects. Therefore, you should take every product into consideration before applying.

How to Prevent Termites

Termites are annoying and to be frank, it is challenging to wipe them out completely. Therefore, you should try your best to prevent termintes in advance.

By keeping the stable and appropriate moisture level of your house, you reduce the risk of termites significantly.

Besides, if you store firewood, keep them in some dry places.

The drainage system should be taken care of regularly so that you can detect termites soon.

We hope these home remedies for termites can help you enjoy your life within a cozy and safe house! If you still have any question or inquiry, please comment on the box below and we will get in touch soon.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Protect Your House with Home Remedies for Termites
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