15 Natural Home Remedies for Scalp Acne Treatment

15 Natural Home Remedies for Scalp Acne Treatment


Acne has been one of the top worries for ages.

Nowadays, along with the development of technology and beauty industry, the appearance of acne is a nightmare for everyone, regardless of gender or age.

There are many kinds of acne, according to scientists. Nevertheless, their common thing is to make us embarrassed and worried in many situations.

In this article, we will examine one of the most common types of acne – scalp acne. Let’s figure out what is scalp acne, its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

What is Scalp Acne?

Scalp acne refers to acne that appears on your scalp.

Even though it lies on a barely visible place, it might cause annoyance and disturb your daily life a lot.

Like other body parts, there are pores and oil (sebum) on the surface of our scalp.

When the oil is concentrated or there is bacterial infection, blocked pores will lead to the appearance of scalp acne (1).


There is no exact cause for the question ‘what causes scalp acne’, but the most common cause is the abnormal change in hormones (2).

That is why adolescents and women during menstruation are likely to get acne.

In addition, diet plays an important role in deciding whether scalp acne appears or not. If you maintain an unhealthy diet with a lot of processed and fast foods, the likelihood of scalp acne is higher.

Some causes of scalp acne are external, from the environment as well. It might be due to pollution or humid weather.

What Increases Your Risks?

There are several habits that actually raise the risk of scalp acne.

First of all, it needs to mention the overuse of some oils and chemicals.

If you use shampoo or hair products that are not natural, some chemicals in them might be a catalyst for scalp pimples back of head.

Scratching the scalp too strongly is responsible for causing scalp acne as well.

Like any other type of acne, depression and stress are claimed to trigger hormonal changes, which means hair pimples.


Due to the fact that the hair covers whiteheads on scalp, scalp acne is not visible.

However, it usually comes with pain and discomfort. You will feel it most when you brush or comb the hair.

Inflammation will cause the itchiness, which drives you to scratch the hair.

Home Remedies for Scalp Acne

Normally, after one week, scalp acne disappears itself.

However, if you want to accelerate the process or simply treat scalp acne as soon as possible, you can use some natural products.

Below are top 15 natural home remedies for scalp acne that bring nothing but efficiency in the acne on scalp treatment.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Scalp Acne

Aloe vera can be described as one of the traditional and effective home remedies for scalp acne.

In fact, it is used to cope with all types of acne and other skin problems (3).

It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to help you overcome annoying symptoms of scalp acne within a short period time.

In addition, the healing compounds in aloe vera partly guarantee that acne does not leave scar.

Another benefit of aloe vera is to strengthen the hair and scalp, which means you get doubled benefits at the same time.

The gel can be applied directly over the scalp and hair.

On the other hand, if you have time, you can mix it with lemon juice before rubbing on scalp.

Remember to take water to rinse your hair and scalp properly after that.

The fresh aloe vera gel has the best quality, so arrange to get it in your place and you will be amazed at Aloe Vera Health Benefits.

2. Tomato

In addition to aloe vera, you can use tomato – a simple vegetable in the kitchen – as one of the most effective natural home remedies for scalp acne.

Tomato contains a huge amount of salicylic acid and this plays an important role in the treatment for all types of acne.

To make tomato helpful for treating hair pimples, you should use fresh tomato juice to apply over the scalp on a daily basis. After about 10 minutes, take warm water to wash the hair.

Besides, lemon juice and honey are great added ingredients to maximize the benefits of tomato on scalp bumps treatment.

3. Indian Lilac

Indian lilac might be known with another name – neem. With its antibiotic and antiseptic qualities, indian lilac is another wonder home remedy for scalp acne.

In some severe cases, you might use this herb to cope with pain, inflammation and itchiness caused by red spots on scalp.

According to a research in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, indian lilac has great impacts on the treatment of various skin problems. They vary from ringworm, eczema, to acne or warts.

How to apply:

  • Get some indian lilac leaves into water and boil them in 10 minutes.
  • Then, take the leaves out and get them grinded.
  • The paste you get should be applied over areas affected by scalp acne.
  • 30 minutes later, take the water used to boil the leaves to rinse the hair.
  • Lastly, use plain water to rinse it again.

You should follow this method every morning.

4. Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to skin infections, tea tree oil is a popular name for treatment. Without exception, it is a very common scalp pimples cure.

It is super antiseptic, which enables it to eradicate swelling and redness on the skin easily.

To get the best results from it, you can combine some drops of this oil with the shampoo you use daily to rinse your scalp.

Besides, if you have more time, try to mix it with coconut oil (about 2-3 teaspoons). Apply the mixture over the scalp and massage it for a while.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric - Home Remedies for Scalp Acne

It is undoubted that turmeric will appear in the list of top home remedies for scalp acne. For years, it is one of the most famous natural ingredients to improve skin conditions.

It is because of its richness of curcumin which has been scientifically proved to have great impacts on skin.

In the treatment for scalp breaks out, its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant qualities accelerate the recovery of skin and prevent infections again.

How to apply:

  • Powdered turmeric should be mixed with coconut oil in the same amount.
  • The paste is applied over scalp for 60 minutes.
  • Then, get clean water to clean the scalp.

You can follow this every day or simply include turmeric in cooking more often.

6. Honey

Like turmeric or aloe vera, honey is also one of the most common natural cures for skin problems.

Undeniably, with its antioxidants, honey serves as one of the best boils on scalp home remedies by eliminting bacteria quickly.

Furthermore, honey can wipe out painful feeling and redness on skin.

Honey is one of few ingredients that can be applied directly over scalp acne without any side effects. Remember to take warm water to cleanse your scalp after that.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Even though there are those who are afraid of its acidity, apple cider vinegar is still considered as one of the best home remedies for scalp acne.

It is strongly antibacterial and antiseptic, which enables it to fight against bacterial development.

Moreover, apple cider vinegar is essential to reduce the oil release which is a common cause for acne appearance.

Another benefit of apple cider vinegar is to maintain the balance of pH level.

How to apply:

  • First, the vinegar has to be diluted in water by mixing the same amount of each.
  • Then, take it to cleanse the scalp.
  • 5-7 minutes, use clean water to rinse it one more time.

Alternatively, you should consume a cup of water and raw apple cider vinegar (about one teaspoon only).

8. Garlic

Being an important part of many lists of skin treatments, garlic is undeniably among top natural remedies for scalp acne as well.

This golden spice contains many antibacterial nutrients and antioxidants to help you overcome scalp breaks out resulting from bacteria.

On the other hand, a well-known benefit of garlic is to save you from painful feeling and inflammation caused by scalp acne.

Garlic - Home Remedies for Scalp Acne

In addition to garlic included in your meals, you can follow some simple steps to treat hair pimples quicky:

  • Get some garlic cloves into water and boil them in about 5 minutes.
  • Then, wait until it is cool.
  • Take garlic out of it and the remaining water should be used to cleanse your scalp.
  • 10 minutes later, take clean water to rinse it again.

This method should be applied once per day.

9. Betel Leaves

For a very long time, this herb has attracted the attention of many people all around the world about its benefits on their skin.

It is a mistake if we do not include it among top home remedies for scalp acne.

Like any other scalp acne treatment, betel leaves contain antimicrobial and antiseptic compounds which fight against bacteria effectively.

How to apply:

  • Prepare the paste from grinding betel leaves.
  • It can be applied directly over areas affected by scalp acne.
  • Half an hour later, take clean water to wash your scalp and hair.

This remedy is useful when you use it about 2-3 times on a daily basis.

10. Rose Water

Rose water which is usually used to cleanse and moisturize skin every day is a good scalp acne home remedy as well.

With soothing quality, rose water can reduce the time it needs to recover from scalp acne breaks out.

Additionally, you will benefit from its antiseptic property which aims to eradicate bacterial infections on skin.

11. Lemon

Although lemon is quite acidic, it is still a favorite choice for treating some skin problems.

As long as you know how to use lemon for skin, it will work as efficiently as other home remedies for scalp acne.

You should mix lemon with rose water mentioned above to get the best combination for scalp acne. The proportion is equal.

Try to use the mixture to cleanse the scalp on a daily basis until you feel better with your scalp.

12. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a strong antibiotic in your kitchen, perhaps without your recognition. As a result, you should use it as a great scalp acne treatment.

It attacks the root of this problem by eliminating bacteria penetrating in your blocked pores.

For the best results, cinnamon should be mixed with raw honey in the ratio 1:2 (teaspoon). Apply the paste over your hair and scalp affected by acnes.

Do not forget to use water to cleanse them then.

13. Fenugreek

When using fenugreek, you will not only treat scalp acne but also provide the hair with an opportunity to grow stronger and longer.

Fenugreek seeds are antibacterial, which relieves your inflammtion and pain.

How to apply:

  • Get fenugreek seeds into water and leave them for one night.
  • Take the water only to rinse the scalp regularly.

With more patience, you can grind them into powder and then, mix with another beneficial ingredient, such as honey.

14. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil - Home Remedies for Scalp Acne

What is better than the aromatic smell of lavender oil from your hair and scalp?

Try lavender oil as one of the best home remedies for scalp acne and you will never regret.

It is antibacterial and antifungal, which is enough for scalp acne treatment. You should apply it a few times per day on the scalp.

15. Nutmeg Milk

Last but not least, an unfamiliar home remedy for scalp acne will bring you positive outcomes in the reduction of oil on the skin.

We all know that oily skin is sensitive to skin problems, including scalp acne.

Therefore, let’s make use of nutmeg milk to stop this. In addition, this type of milk is good for relieving painful feeling.

What to Avoid

When acnes appear on your scalp, tit is important to avoid using hair products because they only worsen the situation.

Gel, hairspray or wax can make pores on the scalp more blocked, which results in the break-out of scalp acne.

Besides, conditioner should be kept far way during scalp acne treatment so that you can achieve the best results.

In terms of diet, nutrition also plays an important role in the health of your scalp. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of spicy or oily foods.

When to See Doctor

In general, scalp acne is not a too serious and complicated problem. You can completely deal with it on your own at home.

Nevertheless, if they appear more and more overtime, you can consult doctors for nutritional advice.

How to Prevent Scalp Acne

After reading the section what causes scalp acne, perhaps you can make a good decision and start changing some negative habits to have a healthier scalp.

Overall, you should avoid being stressed because it is also a common catalyst for scalp acne.

Keep good scalp hygiene with appropriate products, instead of abusing them.

Do these home remedies for scalp acne satisfy you? They have come from a variety of sources and helped millions of people. However, it is not true that they work for everyone. You might have experienced something better, so do not hesitate to share your experience with us! We look forward to hearing you soon!

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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