Home Remedies for Light Periods: Causes, Symptoms

Home Remedies for Light Periods: Causes, Symptoms


Periods seem to be a too sensitive topic to bring into public discussion.

However, as there is a significant association between periods and women’s health, more and more people have been engaged in this topic lately.

One of the biggest concerns over time is light period.

In this article, you will have a chance to learn more its definition, causes, symptoms and most importantly, ways to stay away from it soon.

What are Light Periods

Light periods refer to the unusual light flow and a reduction in the loss of blood.

It is true that each woman maintains a different menstrual cycle, but normally, most of them experience periods every 28 days. The period will last from 2 to 7 days.

If you do not follow the above-mentioned rountine, then there is a likelihood that you have light periods.

Causes of Light Periods

It is important to identify the specific cause if you experience light periods. This enables doctors to come up with the most appropriate treatment for you.

However, this mission is far from easy.

Normally, light periods are associated with hormonal changes. And there are plenty of feasible factors that might result in a switch in your hormone level.

Some women have light periods during their pregnancy while the case of others might come from the overdose of medicinal products.

According to research from Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, autoimmune disorders are a common catalyst for light periods, along with fatigue or even vision damage.

Besides, what you eat has signficant influence on your risk of light periods. In other words, the lack of some essential nutrients in your meals is a contributor to this problem as well.

What Increases Your Risks

Some causes of light periods are invisible, such as immunity disorders, which means that you seldom have the control over them.

Nevertheless, you are more likely to experience light periods if you use some hormone-related methods to control birth, such as birth control pills.

These methods are responsible for the reduced loss of blood. As a result, they make periods lighter.

The risk is also higher for women who undergo a lot of depression and stress in daily life.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s physicians, there is a reduction in the release of hormones in women whose weight is low. Consequently, they will be the victims of light periods.

Symptoms of Light Periods

A light period can be actually detected if you fall into one of these categories.

  • The bleeding lasts only less than 2 days.
  • The bleeding is extremely light, quite similar to spotting.
  • The cycle of 21 to 35 days is not applied for you.
  • You might miss periods once or more.

Home Remedies for Light Periods

It is very difficult to avoid light periods for the whole life. Instead of trying to avoid too many things, you should be more familiar with its treatment.

In fact, the intervention of doctors is not required in every case of light periods. You can apply some natural home remedies for light periods to address this issue.

Here are top 15 natural home remedies for light periods.

1. Water

Water - Home Remedies for Light Periods

Nutritional imbalance is signficant to the suffering of light periods, and so is dehydration.

Improper intake of water during menstruation is a big problem that needs to be certain about.

When your body does not get enough water, you are less capable of endurance and you struggle with more severe pain.

Thus, one of the most simple and surprising tips on how to lessen our period suffering is to provide enough water.

Ordinary people need to get about 2 liters of water on a daily basis, but you can increase the volume as an irregular periods treatment.

Go to Health Benefits of Water to know more how much you need to be concerned about drinking water.

2. Cinnamon

Some women who are too afraid of pain caused by light periods tend to seek for pain-killing drugs. Nevertheless, they only worsen the problem.

Instead, it is a good idea to seek for natural ways to cope with pain and light periods, namely, cinnamon.

Scientists are not the first one to realize this health benefits of cinnamon. The history has shown that it has been used for ages to relieve pain coming from light periods.

The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research conducted an experiment to test the pain-killing effect of cinnamon on 114 female students.

The results proved that the group using cinnamon had lighter pain severity.

To make it work for irregular periods treatment, you should mix powdered cinnamon and warm water and then, drink this tea several times per day.

3. Ginger

If you are a big fan of natural home remedies, ginger must be a very familiar name. In fact, it has remained one of the most popular pain relieves women use to handle menstruations.

For some who experience light periods, the level of pain might accelerate and ginger is required to help them overcome it. It is one of the most effective home remedies for light periods anyone can easily find at home.

  • Boil some thin slices of ginger in water.
  • After about 5 minutes, turn off the heat and drink it when it is warm.

You had better do so 2-3 times every day for irregular periods treatment. It also poses many other health benefits.

4. Parsley

Parsley - Home Remedies for Light Periods

This is one of the most common and important home remedies for light periods because it has great influence on women’s menstrual flows.

In addition, parsley helps to maintain a stable period every month. You can easily escape from painful feeling and menstrual cramps caused by irregular periods.

You are recommended to use the mixture of different types of juices, such as parsley with beet, carrot or cucumber to maximize the benefits.

Even a small consumption of parsley juice on a monthly basis is a plus to irregular or heavy periods treatment. You should check Parsley Health Benefits for further information.

5. Papaya

Not only being a favorite fruit for many, papaya can serve as one of many wonderful home remedies for light periods.

It is a potent emmanagogue which effecively helps to control the flow of menstruation.

Papaya is particularly suitable for those who undergo light periods due to stress or menopause.

To prevent or speed up irregular periods treatment, you had better eat unripe papaya or consume its juice regularly every month.

6. Coriander

Another type of emmenagogue that you can search for is coriander. It has the same quality as papaya to deal with any causes of light periods.

The juice or tea made from this home remedy for light periods can help you relieve painful feeling quickly and prevent the next irregular periods.

  • First, get coriander seeds (about one teaspoon) into water (2 cups).
  • Boil them until you see the water volume remain only half.
  • Then, get coriander seeds strained.
  • Consume the water 2-3 times per day before your period comes.

A good idea is to use this method monthly to prevent bad scenario.

7. Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice - Home Remedies for Light Periods

If you have a chance to look at Carrot Nutrition, you will find out that this vegetable is famous for not only vitamin A, but also iron.

It is its abundance of iron that makes carrot one of the best home remedies for light periods.

If you eat raw carrots, they will have positive effects on your hormone functioning.

On the other hand, try consuming carrot juice on a regular basis in several months and you will notice significant positive changes.

8. Flaxseed

In case you are looking for home remedies for light periods that do not require much money, flaxseed is a suitable choice.

This tiny seed limits the number of prostaglandin that mainly causes pain during menstruation.

You can eat them raw or combine it with plain yogurt. Try to make it work by consuming them 2-3 times on a daily basis.

9. Fennel

Not only is fennel a popular herb used as a medicine, but it is also one of the most effective natural home remedies for light periods.

Working as effectively as other types of emmenagogue, fennel helps to treat cramps – a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome.

Fennel also plays an essential role in the balance of female hormones, which might improve women’s libido.

  • Before you go to bed, get some fennel seeds (two tablespoons) into water.
  • In the next morning, get it strained.
  • You had better consume the water every day until the problem is over.

10. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds have positive impacts on the level of hormones. Specifically, they contain lignans – an important compound to limit the release of hormones.

Sesame Seeds - Home Remedies for Light Periods

Therefore, you can use this home remedy to address one of the most common causes for light periods.

In terms of nutrition, sesame seeds also provides many fatty acids which are beneficial for our hormones.

The recommendation is to combine sesame seeds with jaggery whose warming quality is good for irregular periods treatment.

  • Sesame seeds and jaggery should be grinded first.
  • Then, consume the powder you get (about one teaspoon) before you eat anything about 2 weeks before the next periods.

This remedy should not be applied when you experience periods.

11. Chamomile

Regardless of causes of light periods, you can use chamomile as one of the best home remedies for light periods.

However, it is particularly helpful for those who experience depression, stress and anxiety.

Chamomile has been made into tea to relieve pain for years, thanks to its calming qualities.

You can use tea bag which is available at grocery, or spend time on preparing the tea.

  • Get dried chamomile flowers mixed with hot water.
  • Steep them for about 5 minutes.
  • Sugar or honey is recommended to make it taste better.
  • Finally, drink the tea whenever you are annoyed by light periods.

12. Aloe Vera

Every woman should be aware of aloe vera and its various health benefits, especially on skin care.

In the case of irregular periods treatment, aloe vera stands out as well. In fact, it is one of the most available home remedies for light periods.

All you need is to consume cups of aloe vera juice regularly.

It is claimed that aloe vera is helpful to cope with problems in women’s reproductive organ.

13. Sugarcane Juice

It is not just a normal drink! Sugarcane has a plenty of nutrients and health benefits which most of us do not know.

One of them is to lessen light periods. You will need a cup of sugarcane juice every day about half a month before your period starts.

14. Asafetida

Asafetida - Home Remedies for Light Periods

Do you find this name familiar? In fact, it is a very popular item in most kitchens. Many people have the habit of using asafedia in cooking because of its warming quality.

But now you should know that asafetida is a great home remedy for light periods as well.

Asafetida has stimulating effects on women’s body to increase the amount of hormone progesterone.

This hormone is beneficial for female reproductive organs and irregular periods treatment.

15. Ashoka Tree

Do you know which part of ashoka tree can be used to support irregular periods treatment?

It is its bark which is misled to be useless normally.

In addition to serving as one of many wonderful home remedies for light periods, ashoka tree can be useful for treating excessive flow or heavy periods treatment.

  • Mix Ashoka tree (approximately 90 gm) into water (30 ml).
  • Boil them in more or less than 10 minutes.
  • Then, drink the mixture a few times per day so as to get everything normal again.

What to Avoid

Drugs should be kept far away if you suffer from light periods, especially while pregnancy. They bring nothing but side effects which are sometimes dangerous for your health.

When to See A Doctor

These home remedies for light periods are claimed to bring about positive changes quickly.

If you have applied some of them but periods still do not happen, you ought to ask doctors or professional experts for advice immediately.

Normally, it is necessary for medical intervention if you do not notice periods for more than seven days, according to your monthly cycle.

The appearance of doctors is essential as well when you experience nausea, vomitting or diarrhea as symptoms of light periods.

Bottom Line: As light periods might be a sign for many other serious problems, it is worth paying close attention to its stage.

How to Prevent in the Future

It is nearly impossible to stop periods from happening unless you become old women. However, there are several tips on how to lessen your light period.

First, you should understand the normal flow of your period to determine when there is something wrong. Make a mental note that light periods and pregnancy have a close association.

In addition, light periods partly result from depression and imbalanced diet. Thus, provide your body with enough nutrients from a variety of foods. On this site, you can find a wide range of information on health benefits of different foods, which is absolutely useful if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do you find these home remedies for light periods useful? Share your experience with us now! If you know any other home remedies for light periods, you are welcomed to share it to our community by commenting on the box below. We look forward to hearing you soon!

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Home Remedies for Light Periods: Causes, Symptoms
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