5 Home Remedies For Treating Earaches

5 Home Remedies For Treating Earaches

Earaches can cause debilitating pain, loss of equilibrium, nausea and overall ruin your day. Ear pain can be caused by a number of conditions, such as an infection, water in the ear, pressure changes, earwax buildup, a tooth or jaw problem and more. Most ear infections actually get better without professional medical treatment or antibiotics. For this reason, you should consider home remedies for earaches first to see if they solve the problem. This can save you or your child the stress of going to the doctor and the money that may cost. These are five home remedies you can try to relieve an earache.

1. Apply Heat Or Cold To The Ear

Applying either heat or cold to the ear can relieve pain. This is an entirely safe method that does not involve putting anything into a painful or delicate interior of the ear. You can try both to see which one works better. Cold reduces swelling while heat increases blood flow to the affected area and can soothe discomfort. It can help to massage the ear while you do this so the heat or cold is distributed evenly throughout the ear. Leave the compress on the ear for a few minutes and reapply as needed. Cold should generally be applied more sparingly than heat, and the effects of heat usually take longer to be noticeable.

2. Vinegar

It is widely known that treating earaches with vinegar can be highly effective. Apple cider vinegar in particular has a number of health benefits, and relieving earache pain is one of them, but regular vinegar will do as well. The reason it works is because microorganisms cannot survive in it. It is toxic to them, and when they die your symptoms will be relieved and the infection will go away. All you need to do is pour in a few drops and leave them in for a few minutes. It can be easier to do this while lying on your side with the affected ear up. Drain the ear and rinse it out.

3. Neck Exercises

Neck exercises can do away with an earache caused by pressure and other causes, such as joint-related ailments. There are actually different exercises you can do depending on the source of the earache. For the most basic one, stand up straight and roll your head around your shoulders gently. Raise your shoulders as far up as they can go occasionally. Make all movements slow and deliberate while relaxing, and you will loosen up your neck and jaw muscles. This exercise can help relieve ear pain caused by stiff joints and pressure inside the ear. Neck exercises are among the most versatile home remedies for earaches.

4. Earwax Treatments

Many people are prone to producing excess earwax. When enough earwax builds up, it can cause blockage and pain in the ear. Often this does not require professional removal, although that is an option. The most common over-the-counter product that can help remove excess earwax buildup are drops containing carbamide peroxide. Simply pour some into your ear, let the wax dissolve and flush it out with water.

Another option is to use a physical earwax removal tool. Never, ever use Q-tips when trying to clean out your ear, and it’s not a good idea to use an earwax removal tool that has no safety guard. Be sure to use a product that has a plastic guard so you cannot get the hook too far into your ear. Doing so can cause serious damage to the eardrum. You can use both the drops and the hook in tandem to soften the wax and remove it for relief.

5. Painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers reduce or eliminate the pain from an earache. You can take whatever kind usually works best for you. Be sure not to take more or for longer than directed, especially if you have any of the conditions printed on the label of the bottle. In any case, if ear pain is lasting longer than you should be taking painkillers you need to see a medical professional about it. Taking a painkiller before bedtime can be important or even necessary for getting a good night’s sleep. When you sleep with a painful ear, avoid putting pressure on it, so sleep with the affected ear up.

These home remedies for earaches may very well do away with your or your child’s earache and relieve the pain in the process. It is important to note that ear issues that persist need to be looked at by a doctor or you risk hearing loss or other ear damage. You should also ensure that there is no other cause to the earache, such as a tooth problem, or else the earache will not go away until the root problem is addressed. Until you can get to the doctor, try these remedies to hold you over.

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5 Home Remedies For Treating Earaches
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