Ginkgo Biloba: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Ginkgo Biloba: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Among numerous ancient plants, ginkgo biloba tree seems to be the oldest.

In fact, ginkgo biloba belongs to Ginkophyta family which includes many branches.

More importantly, ginkgo biloba is the only vatiety which can survive until now.

This article is a collection of nutrition facts and health benefits of ginkgo biloba which may prompt you to use it more frequently.

Nutrition Facts

Ginkgo Biloba: Nutrition Facts

People believe that ginkgo biloba first appeared in China.

For long, Chinese have been using ginko biloba for medical purposes.

Although all parts of ginkgo biloba can serve as herbal medicines, its seeds and leaves are used more regularly (1).

In fact, ginkgo seeds may act as an aphrodisiac which can help with many health ailments.

The benefits of ginkgo biloba are derived from an extensive diversity of essential nutrients.

Phenolic compounds, flavonoids and terpenoids are telling examples of beneficial elements in ginkgo biloba.

Bottom line: An abundant source of many essential nutrients is a good explaination for benefits of ginkgo biloba.

Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Following are top 9 outstanding benefits of ginkgo biloba which have been proved instantly by scientific evidence.

1. Depression

To address depression is one of the most typical benefits of ginkgo biloba.

Nowadays, with an increasing pressure of work and study, people tend to be more probe to depression.

By keeping hormonal levles in check, ginkgo biloba can efftively serve as an energy booster (2).

As a result, it can provide instant relief from depression’s discomforts.

Besides, if you want to treat depression quickly, find out more about foods rich in potassium.

Bottom line: Ginkgo biloba can contribute remarkably to the treatment of depression thanks to its ability to relax nervous system.

2. Cognitive Ability

The massive benefits of ginkgo biloba include its good effects on cognitive ability.

According to some studies, ginkgo biloba can effectively make improve people’s memory better (3).

Also, ginkgo bibola consumption serve as a focus booster.

What’s more, ginkgo biloba is beneficial for creative thinking stimulation.

Although evidence for ginkgo bilaba’s great impact on brain’s function is still limited, many people apply it as a herbal medicine for brain.

3. Dementia

One of mechanisms behind benefits of ginkgo biloba is treating dementia.

Research have found improvement in the condition of patients with dementia after they consume ginkgo biloba (4).

This positive influence is derived from ginkgo biloba’s loading with powerful antioxidants.

In reality, terpenoids and flavonoids are 2 telling examples of antioxidants in ginkgo biloba which may foster neural activities.

Also, these substances may clean amyloid plaque and refresh cognitive pathways.

Bottom line: Ginkgo biloba is an excellent source of antioxidants, which explains why it can effectively back up the condition of dementia.

4. Vision

By far, the most popular application of ginkgo biloba is one patients with visual problems (5).

Once again, antioxidants play a key role in helping ginkgo biloba shine among health community.

To specify, powerful antioxidants will prevent oxidative stress from doing damage to ocular system.

As a result, ginkgo biloba may lower the chance of macular degeneration and cataracts.

More importantly, ginkgo biloba can significantly improve visual ability.

5. Pain

Ginkgo Biloba: Pain Relief

Another commonly praised effects of ginkgo biloba is its effects on painful feeling.

Containing mild analgesic properties, ginkgo biloba may produce anti-inflammatory effects (6).

By reducing inflammatory levels, ginkgo biloba is likely to lower painful feeling effectively.

This effect significantly enables ginkgo biloba an ideal choice for the recover from wounds or injuries.

Bottom line: Consisting of analgesic qualities, ginkgo biloba is effective at reducing painful feeling.

6. Blood Circulation

It is highly certain that proper blood circutation plays an important role in the body system.

According to recent studies, ginkgo biloba is able to improve blood vessel dilation.

Also, this product may support to transfer blood to many parts of the body system.

As a result, regular inclusion of ginkgo biloba in daily diet may support oxygenating process and boost energy  production.

For people who experience claudication or poor blood flow, ginkgo biloba can provide instant relief from their discomforts (7).

Also, ginkgo biloba usually appears in recipe for the treatment of gout.

7. Cardiovascular Diseases

According to many studies, ginkgo biloba possibly links to lower chance of high blood pressure.

Also, it makes a contribution to the elimination of blood clots heart system (8).

As people all know, the combination of blood clots and high blood pressure can seriously cause many complicated heart ailments.

To specify, while blood clots may trigger heart stroke or heart attack easily, high pressure on blood will foster heart strain.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that heart health improvement is also included in benefits of ginkgo biloba.

8. Aging Process

Another field which benefits of ginkgo biloba shines is in aging process.

You may not know but ginkgo biloba is a secret for anti-aging beauty of many women (9).

Facts have shown that antioxidants in ginkgo biloba may improve skin health effectively.

Also, they can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

More than this, ginkgo biloba consumption will foster healing process and prevent scar formation.

9. Cancer

Nowadays, cancer is one of the leading factors which cause death for people.

Unfortunately, this problem remains uncured until now.

Thus, it is important to prevent cancer right from its beginning.

In fact, free radicals are leading cause for cancer.

Luckily, antioxidants in ginkgo biloba may neutralize damage by free radicals effectively (5).

Thus, by consuming ginkgo bilaba regularly, people may reduce the chance of cancer.

You can read more about Health Benefits of Alfalfa for the same benefit.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of ginkgo biloba, it can also lead to many good effects on people’s health.

Generally, almost all people can well tolerate ginkgo biloba.

However, there are some words of warning which we should remember when consuming ginkgo biloba.

Packing with anticoagulant effect, ginkgo biloba may put pregnant women’s health in danger.

Also, ones with menstruating or blood disorders should not consume ginkgo biloba.

Additionally, ginkgolic acids in this herb may cause allergy allergy  (10).

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Ginkgo Biloba: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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