Gelatin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Gelatin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Gelatin is a popular addition to people’s daily diets.

Thanks to unique taste, gelatin receives love from many people.

More than this, this food is loaded with extensive diversity of health benefits.

This article focuses on nutrition facts and benefits of gelatin which you should know.

Nutrition Facts

Gelatin: Nutrition Facts

In reality, collagen from numerous animal by-products is main ingredient of gelatin production.

Therefore, it is a colorless, flavorless, translucent element.

It may sound boring, however, gelatin is an important part of various gel-like substances.

They are ice cream, marshmallow, yogurt, gummmy sweets, so on.

Additionally, gelatin also appears in non-food applications.

For example, people use gelatin in photography, cosmetics, etc.

When looking into list of substances which form gelatin, it is easy to notice proteins and peptides.

These 2 substances are excellent source amino acids.

In fact, amino acids are beneficial for many body processes (1).

Although gelatin doesn’t contain all necessary amino acids, it is still a vital amino acid source for our body.

Moreover, gelatin consists of vitamins, minerals and many organic components.

Some useful minerals in gelatin are copper, selenium and phosphorous (Read more about Health Benefits of Selenium and Health Benefits of Copper now).

Health Benefits of Gelatin

Following are top 10 benefits of gelatin which make it useful addition to people’s daily diet.

1. Weight Management

One of the most typical benefits of gelatin is its ability to manage your weight effectively.

According to many research, gelatin consumption may foster HGH production (2).

In fact, HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone.

This substance is responsible for stimulating metabolism which is beneficial for weight loss.

Additionally, high content of fiber and protein in gelatin can suppress apetite and make people fuller.

All of which contributes to the fact that gelatin may lower cravings for foodand overeating.

Therefore, if you are looking for food to manage your weight, you can go for gelatin.

Bottom line: Thanks to amino acids, fiber and many nutrients, gelatin can support weight management well.

2. Wound Healing

Another field which benefits of gelatin shine is healing wounds.

According to scientific evidence, proteins play an important part of wound healing process (3).

Luckily, gelatin is a power house of proteins.

Hence, it is easy to understand that gelatin may foster healing process.

Also, glycine in gelatin can remarkably lower inflammatory levels (4).

What’s more, proteins and aminal acids are beneficial for new skin development and scar repairing.

Therefore, the use of gelatin may shorten wound healing time.

Bottom line: Loading with proteins, acino acids and glycine, gelatin may foster would healing.

3. Nails, Hair and Teeth

For long, people, especially women always pay much attention to taking care of their nails, hair and teeth.

From time to time, beauty becomes a big industry.

Nowadays, producers are continuously releasing new beauty products.

However, without pouring much money on costly cosmetics, people can choose many natural foods to improve your appearance.

One of recommended foods for you is gelatin.

In fact, keratin in gelatin are beneficial for the health of nails, hair and teeth.

Thus, by eating gelatin, people may keep these parts of the body healthy.

4. Bone Health

Gelatin: Bone Health Improvement

Benefits of gelatin also include bone health improvement.

Facts have shown that gelatin is a store house of many nutrients which can increase bone density (5).

These factors are copper, selenium and phosphorus.

For older people, osteoporosis is a common dread.

In general, this bone-related condition causes many discomforts, one of which is inflammation.

Interestingly, amino acids in gelatin are effective at reducing inflammatory levels (6).

Therefore, gelatin intake may lead to improvement in osteoroposis condition.

Furthermore, gelatin is beneficial for cartilage development.

In fact, this factor may enhance connection between joints and extends their longevity.

Bottom line: Gelatin consumption may increase bone density and improve bone health.

5. Immunity

Undeniably, immune system is important for a good overall health as its duty is to protect the body from invaders’ fight.

To boost immunity health, people can increase gelatin intake.

In fact, proline – a type of amino acids in gelatin can serve as an immune booster (7).

As a result, by consuming gelatin, people may be safe from infections.

6. Sleep Quality

One mechanism behind benefits of gelatin is its capacity to aid sleep.

Several studies have suggested that glycine is good at improving sleep cycles (8).

Also, this substance can stimulate neurotransmitters and enzymes.

Therefore, it may also help you sleep longer and better.

Luckily, there is an abundant source of glycine in gelatin.

Bottom line: Glycine in gelatin is an important factor which makes a good contribution to a high-quality sleep.

7. Aging

Once again, glycine is leading factor which creates benefits of gelatin.

It is clear that no one wants to go through aging process as it accompanies with many annoying symptoms.

One of the biggest matters of concern is the degradation of skin health.

In fact, gelatin consumption may help with improving health condition.

Acting as a dried out collagen, glycine is essential substance for skin elasticity and tightness (9).

Thus, glycine may slow down aging process by making skin grow tighter and younger.

8. Metabolic Regulation

As mentioned before, the great source of amino acids in gelatin can produce a large amount of protein (10).

In fact, metabolic process is always in need of protein for proper activities.

Thus, it is easy to understand that gelatin intake may foster metabolism a lot.

To specify, gelatin may be beneficial for new cell production, harmful cell elimination, muscle improvement, etc.

9. Digestive System

When it comes to benefits of gelatin, many people mention its good effects on digestive functions.

In general, gelatin naturally binds to water, hence, it can thick up stool.

By adding bulk to stool, gelatin can do good at lowering discomforts of constipation (11).

Also, it may smooth digestive juices, enhance peristaltic motion of intestinal muscles.

As a result, constipation and some other digestive-related issues will be addressed well thanks to gelatin.

10. Allergy

Research has explored the positive effects of gelatin intake on allergic reactions.

Specifically, gelatin can provide instant relief from digestive tract discomforts (12).

By healing damages in the digestive tract, gelatin will heal allergic problems.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of gelatin, this food may also bring about many other benefits.

Commonly, people can freely consume gelatin without fearing.

However, in some cases, they need to pay attention.

In particular, gelatin may leave adverse effects on digestion function.

It may lead to burping, bloating, etc.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Gelatin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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