Find a safe way to live with the chemicals that hide in mattresses

Find a safe way to live with the chemicals that hide in mattresses

The bed is the safest sanctuary that provides cozy comfort while providing the most appropriate support that your body needs. The comfort originates from the mattress’s ability to distribute the load of the body across the entire surface so that it releases the pressure points of the body. Besides being the perfect resting place, mattresses have to be safe too, by taking care of the possible health hazards arising from it. The aspect of health hazard comes into prominence because according to US laws, mattresses have to be highly flame retardant. To make mattresses flame retardant, it requires adding some chemicals most which are either toxic or release some toxic gases.
The risks remain
Although the health is damaging chemical polybrominateddiphenyl ethers (PBDE), the main constituent of fire retardant compounds is banned by the government, the problem of toxic chemicals remain. If you use a mattress manufactured before the banning of PBDE in 2004, you are still living with the threat. Tests have revealed the presence of boric acid in mattresses that cause respiratory problems. Even antimony, which is more harmful than formaldehyde and mercury, could be present in mattresses that too of high-end brands.
Are the substitute flame-retardants less harmful?
Although it might sound good that PBDE is no more used, the threat of chemical toxicity does not go away altogether. The new compounds of organophosphate flame-retardants (OPFR) that you would find in any conventional mattress today, is a suspected neurotoxin and even it could be carcinogenic. Infertility and congenital disabilities are the effects of the harmful chemicals in fire-retardants, and it could even delay neurodevelopment in children. Besides hormone disruptions, it can also cause cancer of various kinds. Ninety percent of American residents live with some flame-retardant chemicals mixed in their bloodstreams.
Avoiding the hazard
To avoid the hazard of chemicals emitted by mattresses and to buy a mattress without chemical retardant, you have to obtain a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. Some retailers could help to get it specially manufactured for you. Another alternative is to buy wool mattresses because wool is a natural fire retardant and does not require any chemicals for it. Some safe organic mattresses are available that you could locate by referring to comparison reviews on mattress review websites.
Trusted labels of organic mattresses
The mention of the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ on the labels of mattresses can often be quite misleading. Instead, looking at the undermentioned labels could provide much reliable assurance of buying mattresses that can cause the least harm to your health.
• GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified products do not contain flame-retardants and polyurethane, and 95% of materials used are of organic origin.
• GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) signifies the use of only organic latex.
• The label Okeo Tex standard 100 specifies the emission limits of VOC and toxic chemicals.
Despite buying the safest mattress, do not forget to air out the mattress before use, which is a sure way of reducing exposure to toxic emissions.
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Find a safe way to live with the chemicals that hide in mattresses
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