Drinking Water: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Drinking Water: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Water is a deciding factor that constitutes almost all forms of life on this planet.

It makes up for over 70 percent of our planet’s surface and exists in every body of different species.

For humans in particular, water plays a vital role in remaining alive and ensuring that every part of the body functions well.

Compared to other species, humans are aware of the existence of some bacteria in water, which drives them to use clean water instead.

However, the sad fact is that nowadays, approximately 800 million people still do not get clean water and modern sanitation is not available for around 2.5 billion people (1).

Undeniably, we have taken the habit of drinking water every day for granted for ages.

It is true that drinking water keeps us alive, but there are many more amazing benefits behind this behavior.

If you are well aware of them, you will realize that some problems can be managed simply and effectively just with the help of water.

Nutrition Facts

When it comes to detailed nutrition facts of water, there is not much to say (2).

Interestingly, there is no calories found in water, which is claimed to be the root of many great benefits of drinking water.

Fat and carbs are not recorded in water either.

Yet, a wide range of health benefits can be seen from drinking water frequently.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Below are top 10 benefits of drinking water that you should know in order to make use of this ingredient to grow healthy.

1. Endured Physical Performance

Drinking Water - Endured Physical Performance

One of the most important benefits of drinking water is to enhance our physical performance which people often think only fruits, such as bananas or beets, can do.

It is the reason why many bottles of water are indispensable at the gym.

It is worth bearing in mind that the negative impacts of dehydration on our health are unpredictable.

Even when the body loses only 2 percent of its water content, the effects might be as severe as we can imagine.

Nevertheless, in fact, for those who experience eccentric exercises, sweating might trigger water loss up to 10 percent.

Therefore, the immediate supplement of water is vital to keep the water weight in their body stable (3).

Bottom Line: Water should be a close companion to your physical performance so that you can become fit to the fullest extent. 

2. Control Your Body Temperature

The body has its own mechanism to balance its temperature, one of which is to sweat (4).

It might happen because of exercises or the hot weather.

However, if you do not supply yourself with a certain amount of water, sweating will deprive your body of fluid and dehydration is about to affect your health (5) (6).

Thus, another among the best benefits of drinking water is to help you control the body temperature more efficiently.

Bottom Line: Water is necessary to make up for the loss of water weight through sweating, which guarantees the stability of your body temperature.

3. Lose Weight Faster

Drinking Water - Lose Weight Faster

One of the best-known benefits of drinking water is to support the weight loss, which is a great concern in this day and age.

The number of obese adults in the United States exceeds 78 million, according to the statistics from Journal of American Medicine (7).

As a result, weight loss has become one of the most popular keywords.

Recently, people pay more attention to healthier plans to lose weight, instead of using drugs.

Normally, it requires us to use a variety of low-calorie foods. For example, weight loss always appears in the list of cabbage health benefits.

But drinking water can make great contributions to this process by enhancing the metabolism and your energy loss (8) (9).

Some studies conclude that 0.5 liter of water could result in up-to-30-percent increase in the metabolic rate during a period of one and a half hours (10).

Bottom Line: Drinking water is one of the healthiest ways to improve the efficiency of weight loss.

4. Healthier Skin

There are some obvious benefits of drinking water to our skin.

Dehydration is known as the main reason for dry skin, along with other contributors, such as smoking or stress (11).

In fact, its benefits can go beyond the treatment for dryness.

One of the best drinking water benefits is to improve the detoxification of toxins from your body.

Thus, there will be lower risk of concentration of toxins in your body, which is believed to lead to acne and clogged pores (12).

In addition, water is good for those who want to get rid of aging signs, such as wrinkles.

For better skin, it is also necessary to consume fruits and vegetables. For example, skin improvement is an outstanding avocado health benefit.

Bottom Line: Drinking water benefits include the improvement of your skin.

5. Headache

Dehydration has been listed as one of the common catalysts for headaches and migraines (13) (14).

Therefore, one of the best drinking water benefits is to reduce the times in which you have to suffer from headaches.

Besides, there are studies that support the effectiveness of water in alliviating headaches (15).

6. Constipation

Drinking Water - Constipation

Those suffering from constipation will face difficulties with their stool, shown in the decreasing times of bowel movements and the emergence of painful feeling (16).

Constipation is likely to disturb everybody at least once and it might lead to more serious problems, such as hemorrhoids (17).

And one of the common drinking water benefits is to treat constipation easily.

The evidence supporting for this statement can be clearly seen from the common causes of constipation.

When the intake of water is insufficient, the risk of constipation is much higher (18).

Thus, you can actually prevent constipation in advance by drinking more water every day.

On the other hand, carbonated water is beneficial for treating constipation despite the fact that studies have not found out the exact explanation (19).

7. Energetic Brain

Not many people notice that there is a close link between hydration and the brain.

Dehydation can have negative influences on the brain function, even when people do not have any mental or physical problem (20).

Some scientific researches have even pointed out that drinking water benefits the function of our brain by improving the cognitive performance (21) (22).

Bottom Line: Drinking water can strengthen your brain by increasing memory and cognitive performance.

8. Better Mood

Another among the most surprising benefits of drinking water is to make you feel better.

In other words, drinking water can lessen the severity of anxiety and boost your moods quickly.

Drinking Water - Better Mood

For long, dehydration has been responsible for worsening the mood and triggering fatigue.

This is true for both men and women, which a series of hard evidence support (23) (24) (25).

The on-time supplement of water will push dehydration away and enable you to regain your calmness and happiness.

9. Hangovers

If you are used to drinking alcohol, you had better pay attention to this drinking water benefit.

Alcohol might trigger some annoying symptoms, such as headache, thirst or dry mouth, which are considered as hangovers (26).

Because hangovers may have some powerful impacts on your health, from the brain to the heart (27), it is important to know how to get rid of it, or at best, prevent it.

The recommendation is to consume one cup of water before you sleep so that when you wake up, you will not experience hangovers.

Coconut water also has the same benefits.

10. Oral Health

The last one in the list of top benefits of drinking water is to prevent many oral problems.

Water will eradicate the remains of food consumed during the meals, which can create favorable conditions for cavities and tooth decay to develop (28) (29).

Besides, drinking water is also a good way to get rid of bad breath.

Side Effects

It is widely claimed that drinking water does no harm to our health.

In fact, anything has its own pros and cons and if you appear ignorant, the stake might be high.

Drinking too much water can make you urinate frequently. While this might be good to eliminate toxins from the body, your kidney may have to work harder and become less effective.

In addition, drinking too much water makes it easier for swelling to happen.

Take Home Message

After understanding these benefits of drinking water, you might wonder how much water is sufficient.

In fact, there is no uniform standard for the consumption of water.

It is necessary to take other factors into consideration, such as age, weight or even external ones, like the weather.

Normally, the recommendation from professionals is to drink at least 8 cups of water on a daily basis.

Furthermore, it is a good idea if you use other sources of fluid, such as fruits or vegetables, instead of drinking too much water.

They are abundant in not only water, but also other essential nutrients to nurture your health.


Water Nutrition Facts (Infographic)

Water Health Benefits 1 (Infographic)

Water Health Benefits 2 (Infographic)

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Drinking Water: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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