Dates: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Dates: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Botanically, dates are fruits which can be get from the palm tree.

They belong to Arecaceae family and are also called as Phoenix dactylifera.

In addition to a delicious taste, dates contain impressively long list of health benefits.

This fact makes them one of the most nutritious fruits.

The benefits of dates include ability to cure constipation, cadiovascular diseases, diarrhea, cancer and many health conditions.

A look into the health benefits of this widely consumed fruit may prompt you to add more into your diet.

Nutrition Facts

Dates: Nutrition Facts

Nutritionally, date palms are a powerhouse of nutritional punch (1).

In fact, a cup of dates is estimated to contain 110 grams of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are important macronutrient which can boost energy production.

Generally, carbohydrates are recommended to be the main source of calories which people obtain.

Given that people need to consume 2000 calories daily, the suitable amount of carbohydrates translates to nearly 250 grams.

Another substance which makes great contribution to benefits of date is potassium.

According to scientific evidence, potassium can control acid-base balance in the body system, which is vital for a goo health.

Also, potassium may help with body growth as well as muscle development.

Averagely, a cup of dates has 964 miligrams of potassium which equals to 20% of recommended potassium amount for adults.

Dates are excellent source of magnesium.

In fact, magnesium is an essential mineral which can control blood glucose levels and nervous system.

Moreover, dates consist of some substances which may aid people’ health.

They are fiber, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, zinc.

Bottom line: Dates are excellent source of nutrients, which explains for their good impacts on people’s health.

Health Benefits of Dates

Here are top 8 benefits of dates:

1. Constipation

The massive benefits of dates make it good for the condition of constipation.

Being considered as a laxative food – dates can be effective herbal medicine for constipation.

In general, constipation indicates the condition in which people experience less than 3 bowel movements a week.

Also, constipation may cause patients to suffer from hard, dry and small bowel movements which are painful or difficult to pass (2).

Thanks to high content of soluble fiber, dates may promote bowel movements.

Also, it provides instant relief from annoying symptoms of constipation (3).

Genenrally, soluble fiber functions to attract water and turns into gel during digestion.

This process may enable comfortable food passage through the intestinal tract and aid in curing constipation (4).

How to prepare dates to have the most optimal outcome:

  • Have a cup of dates
  • Soak them in water
  • Leave it on overnight
  • Enjoy the soaked dates in the next morning with your empty stomach

Bottom line: Dates seem to have good impacts on treating constipation thanks to their packing with high soluble fiber levels.

2. Bone Health

One of the mechanism behind benefits of dates is its ability to help with bone health.

For people, especially the old, osteoporosis is a common dread.

According to a study’s result, a considerable amounts of minerals in dates might foster bone system, make it stronger (5).

As a result, it is logical to understand that dates could reduce painful levels and cure bone-related diseases including osteoporosis.

Plus, great amount of selenium, magnesium, copper as well as manganese  are good examples of essential nutrition for bone health (6).

This fact is attributed to the fact that they are intergral to heathy bone system, especially when people become older.

Interestingly, these substances all can be found in dates.

3. Intestinal Disorders

When it comes to benefits of dates, many people mention its ability to improve intestinal disorders.

By far, one of the most effective applications of dates is in patients with intestinal disorders.

Loading with high content of nicotine, dates are believed to have curative effects on many types of intestinal disorders (7, 8, 9).

Particularly, date consumption can play role as a protector from pathological organisms – enemy of proper intestinal order.

Also, dates may stimulate the development of friendly bacteria in the intestines which are known of good accompany of digestive system.

Regarding problems which are related to digestion, dates appear to be beneficial.

To be detailed, the amount of dietary fiber and amino acid in dates can enable digestive tract to use nutrients more effectively.

Therefore, it may limit the chance of getting digestive-related issues.

Bottom line: When it comes to the treatment for intestinal disorders and several digestive issues, it is recommended that we think about dates.

4. Anemia

One of the most typical benefits of dates is improving anemia condition.

It is highly certain that fruit and vegetable intakes can lower danger of many lifestyle-related health conditions.

Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of foods like date may decrease the risk of anemia.

Generally, anemia is a condition in which your blood does not carry enough oxygen to the body system.

This problem can lead to dizziness, exhaustion or even fatigue (10).

In reality, iron deficiency is the key driver which may result in anemia.

Luckily, dates have been one of the richest sources of iron so far.

Thus, it is easy to understand that date consumption may support the treatment of anemia.

Particularly, date consumption is associated with increased energy and strength levels and lower risk of fatigue, which was concluded by scientific evidence (11).

5. Allergies

Dates: Allergy Treatment

To help with treating allergies is among popular benefits of dates.

Facts have shown that organic sulfur is not familiar ingredient which people can find in foods.

Surprisingly, a trace amount of organic sulfur is explored to be in dates.

This fact makes a contribution to date’s postive effects on treating seasonal allergies.

In reality, organic sulfur is proved to ward off seasonal allergies effectively (12).

Results from a study have indicated that the consumption of organic sulfur substances may lead to reduction in the danger of seasonal

allergic rhinitis (13).

Therefore, it seems that dates are a great solution to stem the impacts of seasonal allergies through its contribution of sulfur in the diet.

6. Energy

Looking into the list of ingredients in dates, it is easy to witness high content of natural sugar in this food (14).

Notably, glucose, fructose as well as sucrose are good examples of natural sugars in dates and they can effectively function as enery


As a result, dates are believed to be great snack for a full amount of energy.

Also, this fact is a good explanation for people’ habit of eating dates whenever they feel tired.

7. Nervous System Health

As mentioned before, dates are rich in potassium – an indispensible nutrient for strong nervous system.

Not only can potassium enhance nervous function, this element may also activate brain and make it work properly.

Result from a study supported that dates consumption might promote nervous health and functionality (15).

Therefore, people, especially the old should consume higher amount of dates for the sake of their mind health.

8. Heart Health

Undeniably, heart diseases are one of the biggest killers all around the world.

In reality, high LDL cholesterol levels is a deciding factor which triggers cardiovascular diseases..

Loading with excellent source of potassium, dates may lower LDl cholesterol and reduce danger of heart attack or heart stroke

effectively (16).

Bottom line: Thanks to the abundance in potassium, dates are said to be useful in maintaining a healthy heart.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of dates, this food can help people in many other fields.

It is quite easy to buy dates because this food is available all around the year.

However, the best time to purchase good-quality dates should be between September and December.

Moreover, dates should be storge in fridge so that they can be well fresh for a long period.

Following are some preparing tips of dates:

  • People usually eat dry and soft dates raw.
  • Dates can be chopped and mixed with fruit salad
  • Also, the combination of dates and Jallab to make juice is also a great idea to process dates.

In general, dates are quite safe to consume.

Unfortunately, there are some rare cases in which date fruit allergy happens.

In particular, some individuals may become sensitive with date palm pollen.

Therefore, they may suffer from cross-hypersensitivity reactions when contacting with this substance.

To be safe, these individuals should avoid foods which include date palm product.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Dates: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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