Cumin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cumin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Cumin is popular herb which Mexican and Spanish usually add to their daily diets.

In fact, cumin owns a special flavor which enables it a favorite for many of us.

Additionally, its impressive list of ingredient enables it to gain favor in health industry.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and health benefits of cumin which have been proved instantly by scientific evidence.

Nutrition Facts

Cumin: Nutrition Facts

In fact, cumin has its scientific name as Cuminum Cyminum (1).

Belonging to Apiaceae family, cumin can serve as an effective health booster.

In particular, it may adverse the condition of some dangerous health ailments.

Also, cumin consumption can effectively improve overall health condition.

Nutritionally, cumin contains some essential nutrients which have health supporting qualities.

To specify, cumin is an excellent source of iron, manganese and other vitamins.

What’s more, cumin has high content of powerful antioxidants.

Bottom line: A huge amount of essential nutrients is a good explaination for benefits of cumin.

Health Benefits of Cumin

The benefits of cumin will be listed below.

1. Digestive System

One of the most typical benefits of cumin is its ability to improve digestion.

According to some studies, cumin can help with some digestion-related issues (2).

In fact, aroma effect in cumin which comes from Cuminaldehyde can stimulate food absorbtion.

As a result, cumin intake can reduce the risk of digestiton problems.

More than this, thymol is cumin can foster functions of digestive glands.

These glands are responsible for proper function of digestive and intestinal system.

Bottom line: Cumin can support the function of digestion thanks to its packing with thymol and aroma.

2. Piles

Another benefits of cumin is to improve pile condition.

In fact, plies indicate the combination of constipation and infectins in anal tract (3).

Loading with fiber, cumin can serve as natural laxative agent for piles.

Additionally, carminative, antifungal and antimicrobial qualities in cumin can also support the treatment of piles.

These effects are all attributed to Cuminaldehyde and pyrazines in cumin.

Therefore, if you are finding natural solution for pile, you should go for cumin.

3. Diabetes

By far, one of the most successful application of cumin is in diabetic patients.

Recent studies have reported that cumin may keep diabetes in check.

By neutralizing hypoglycemia – a risk factor for diabetes, cumin may prevent diabetes from going worse (4).

In addition, cumin intake can link to lower glucose levels in blood, which is beneficial for diabetic patients.

Bottom line: Cumin consumption is good for diabetic patients.

4. Insomnia

Cumin: Insomnia

It is undeniable that insomnia is a big nightmare which can cause an extensive diversity of discomforts.

Interestingly, benefits of cumin also include the ability to work against insomnia.

Facts hava shown that peculiar qualities in this food may stimulate and relax neural system (5).

As a result, it is easier for people to sleep better and longer.

More than this, some cumin essential oils show good ability to reduce stress and anxiety effectively.

5. Respiratory Disorders

When it comes to benefits of cumin, people usually refer to its ability to treat respiratory disorders.

In fact, caffeine in cumin can turn it into an expectorant (6).

As a result, it may loosen up phlegm accumulation and clear mucus in respiratory tracts.

Additionally, sneezing and coughing will disappear quickly thanks to cumin intake.

Also, people are familiar with using cumin to prevent the formation of additional material in nose.

Bottom line: By adding cumin more fluently into diet, people may effectively reduce the chance of respiratory disorders.

6. Common Cold

In fact, common cold indicates the infection which happens due to virus.

These elements will have strong attack into immunity and cause it to become weaker.

Once again, cumin essential oil can have good effects on the condition of common cold.

Acting as a disinfectant, cumin may have fight off viral infection.

More than this, cumin will put an end to coughing and relax respiratory system.

It does not mention to the fact that iron and vitamin C in cumn will foster immunity function effectively (7).

Bottom line: The richness in many antioxidants, especially vitamin C makes cumin an ideal solution to common cold.

7. Lactation

Obviously, iron is an essential mineral which brings about many beneficial benefits of cumin.

By providing the body with enough iron, the health of lactacting mothers and pregnant women will improve remarkably (8).

That explains why cumin appears in the list of foods which pregant women should consume.

Moreover, thymol and calcium in cumin is really beneficial for milk glands and the health of unborn baby.

As a result, lactacing mothers should include cumin in their dier regularly.

8. Anemia

Once again, the richness in iron helps cumin receive love from users.

In red blood cells, iron serve as the primary part of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is responsible for transfering oxygen into body cells.

Without iron, hemoglobin is unable to bring enough oxygen for the body system, leading to anemia.

That’s why people say that iron deficiency can seriously lead to anemia.

Interestingly, cumin can provide a huge amount of iron (9).

Therefore, it will help anemic patients avoid certain discomforts such as anxiety, fatigue or cognitive malfunction.

You can also supply yourself with much iron from a variety of foods. Read more about Health Benefits of Fennel or Benefits of Spirulina.

Bottom line: The abundant source of iron in cumin enables it a good choice to prevent anemia.

9. Cancer

One mechanism behind numerous benefits of cumin is its good effects on cancer.

Nowadays, cancer is one of the biggest killers all around the world.

This problem emerges when cells inside the body develop out of control.

In general, free radicals are deciding factors which may trigger cancer.

Loading with chemopreventive qualities, cumin can neutralize free radicals’ activities (10).

What’s more, powerful antioxidantsin cumin may help with preventing colon cancer.

Take Home Message

In addiition to above benefits of cumin, it can also improve the condition of many other health ailments.

Particularly, cumin may improve memory, treat insect bites, etc.

More importantly, almost all people can well tolerate cumin.

Therefore, we can feel free with cumin consumption.


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Cumin Nutrition Facts

Cumin Health Benefits

Cumin Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Cumin: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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