Cottage Cheese: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cottage Cheese: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Known as one of the most popular products from milk, cheese has played an essential role in human diet for long.

There are numerous types of cheese, depending on the ingredients mixed with it.

You can name some, for example, hoop cheese, queso blance or paneer…

Among them, cottage cheese is quite common as its production is quite similar to that of commercial cheese.

However, the amount of milk used to make these two types of cheese is different.

The production of cottage cheese also witnesses the participation of acidic substances, like vinegar or lime.

The popularity of cottage cheese comes from not only its flavor, but also its wide range of health benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Cottage Cheese - Nutrition Facts

The first thing that needs mentioning in cottage cheese nutrition facts is its high level of calories.

For example, 100 grams of cottage cheese can provide 98kcal (1).

Like any other type of cheese, cottage cheese is rich in protein (2).

And most proteins which are present in cottage cheese are casein.

Casein is a familiar substance among athletes and gym-lovers because it takes quite a long time to digest this protein.

Besides, casein has some great effects on the blood pressure and the body’s ability to absorb minerals (34).

The amount of fat and carbs in cheese is not uniform. Each type of cheese contains different amounts.

Only about or less than one percent of cottage cheese is fat, but it is very complex and there is a wide range of fatty acids (5).

Likewise, it is difficult to define one standard amount of carbs in every type of cheese.

Another striking point in cottage cheese nutrition facts is its richness of essential minerals and vitamins.

As a product from milk, cottag cheese undeniably contains a high level of calcium. In fact, it is one of the most abundant sources of this substance.

Other important minerals include sodium, zinc, selenium or phosphorus… All of them contribute to the optimal function of different body parts.

Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Even before the analysis of cottage cheese nutrition, its health benefits have been well-known among societies.

Here are top 6 health benefits of cottage cheese that get support from evidence-based studies.

1. Bone

Cottage Cheese - Bone Health

Undoubtedly, as calcium appears in cottage cheese nutrition, it should come as no surprise that one of top cottage cheese health benefits is to improve the bone health.

The association between high intake of calcium and improved bone density is no longer unfamiliar (6).

And cottage cheese can meet 8 percent of an ordinary person’s daily need of calcium.

In addition, dairy products, like cottage cheese, can have protective effects against osteoporosis (7).

This is a common bone-related problem in elderly people.

Bottom Line: As an abundant source of calcium, cottage cheese can strengthen your bone and prevent osteoporosis effectively.

2. Heart

Despite medical advances, many people still die of cardiovascular disease.

However, people can take simple actions to start preventing heart disease immediately.

Many studies stated that dairy products have positive influence on the heart health (89).

Furthermore, they will raise the possibility of escaping from hypertension – one of the main catalysts for cardiovascular disease (10).

In other words, one of the best health benefits of cottage cheese is to lower the risk of heart diseases, like stroke (11).

This quality might result from cottage cheese nutrition with high levels of minerals, like potassium, magnesium and calcium (1213).

Bottom Line: Minerals in cottage cheese might lessen your worry about heart disease.

3. Cancer Prevention

There is a close association between the consumption of dairy products and lower risk of breast cancer.

Undeniably, one of top health benefits of cottage cheese is to prevent breast cancer effectively.

Dairy products contain remarkable amounts of vitamin D and calcium which are great for reducing breast cancer risk (141516).

The Harvard School of Public Health also agreed with this statement by a research on premenopausal women during 16 years.

Bottom Line: Cottage cheese, like other dairy products, has positive impacts on the prevention against breast cancer.

4. Anxiety

Cottage Cheese - Anxiety

In addition to other essential nutrients, potassium is an outstanding candidate in cottage cheese nutrition.

It constitutes health benefits of cottage cheese on the prevention against anxiety and strokes.

Potassium plays an important role in the neural activities of your brain and muscles (17).

Furthermore, this element also contributes to handling muscle cramps.

When you receive a regular supplement of potassium, the risk of brain stroke will be much lower.

Potassium can have positive impacts on the blood pressure (18).

5. Biological Functions

Cottage cheese can provide 4 percent of ordinary people’s recommended amount of zinc on a daily basis.

Therefore, benefits of cottage cheese on our biological functions are various.

Zinc is vital for many processes in human body. In addition, this element is present in a variety of body parts, including liver, muscles, bones, eyes and kidneys… (192021222324).

Therefore, you can make use of cottage cheese to supply your body with a sufficient amount of zinc.

As a result, you can gain many benefits, such as a stronger immune and digestive system or lower risk of appetite loss.

Bottom Line: Cottage cheese contains a considerable amount of zinc, which has many applications to improve your well-beings.

6. Antioxidants

Even though people do not need a large intake of selenium every day, it is a necessary substance to prevent DNA or cell damage.

Fortunately, cottage cheese contains selenium, which is sufficient for adults.

Therefore, antioxidant quality is definitely among top health benefits of cottage cheese.

Moreover, foods which are full of selenium might have protective effects against prostate cancer (2526).

Some recent researches even reveal that dairy products might help those with colon cancer live longer.

Side Effects

With a list of amazing cottage cheese health benefits, it is possible that people will increase their consumption of it.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that to get the best results, the proper use of cottage cheese is necessary. Or you will experience some side effects.

First, there is a certain amount of salt in cottage cheese. The excessive consumption of cottage cheese is not suitable for diabetic patients as it might trigger high blood pressure.

Secondly, without the milk pasteurization, dairy products, including cottage cheese, may contain contaminations. As a consequence, you will face risks.

Besides, based on the kind of milk people use, each type of cottage cheese will have a different cholesterol level.

The suggestion is to use cottage cheese from low-fat or no-fat milk to maintain your health.

You can read more about Milk Health Benefits to understand more about these dairy products.


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Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts

Cottage Cheese Health Benefits

Cottage Cheese Health Benefits

Cottage Cheese Side Effects

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Cottage Cheese: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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