Coconut Water: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Coconut Water: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Recently, coconut water has become one of the trendiest drinks thanks to its natural sweet flavor and health benefits.

It became a sensation in the U.S market about one decade ago when people got to know its advantages in the fight against viruses and some diseases.

Nowadays, coconut water generates the profit worth of about $400 million on a yearly basis (1).

However, benefits of coconut water are not something new.

Coconut water is the juice inside a coconut, which is more commonly seen in the tropical region.

There is clear difference between coconut water and coconut milk.

While coconut water exists naturally in a coconut, the production of coconut milk comes from the combination of grated coconut meat and water.

Because humans do not intervene in the production of coconut milk, it can preserve the best and healthiest nutrients.

To understand better how it works, let’s have a closer examination on coconut water nutrition.

Nutrition Facts

It is easy to understand that more than 94 percent of this ingredient is water.

Therefore, many benefits of coconut water are similar to those of water.

In addition, it can be considered as a rich source of antioxidants and essential minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and sodium.

For instance, 100 gram of coconut water provides 250mg of potassium, 105mg of sodium and 25mg of magnesium.

The abundance of vitamins is also an outstanding characteristic of coconut water nutrition, with the typical example of vitamin C.

All of these important nutrients contribute to unique coconut water health benefits.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Below are top 10 health benefits of coconut water that help you understand why it is popular in the market.

1. Prevent Dehydration

Coconut Water - Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration refers to the condition in which your body lacks the necessary amount of fluid (2).

This can trigger a series of problems in your body, from physical endurance to cognitive performance (3) (4).

Obviously, you had better prevent this condition from happening by ensuring a stable intake of water on a daily basis.

However, just in case you find drinking water a little bit boring for your appetite, you can switch to coconut water.

This is also one of the most popular benefits of coconut water.

Its flavor is subtle and there is not much calories and carbs in it, which makes it perfect for hydrating your body.

Besides, you should bear in mind that some products of coconut water in the current market are loaded with sugar, which is far from beneficial.

Bottom Line: The consumption of 100% coconut water will help you stay away from dehydration in a more delicious way.

2. Weight Loss

Because of its high content of water and low calories (just like cabbage nutrition), it is reasonable to claim that one of the best health benefits of coconut water is to support weight loss.

Some studies carried out on rats showed that coconut water could have positive impacts on the fat metabolism (5).

On the other hand, with 250mg of potassium per 100gram, coconut water can stabilize the amount of sodium in the body.

When the level of sodium becomes excessive, it is likely that water retention will happen and trigger (6).

Note: To get quicker results in weight loss, you should consume 8 ounces of coconut water 3-4 times on a weekly basis.

3. Support Exercises

There will be a loss of a large number of electrolytes when you take part in exercises or sport activities.

Electrolytes can serve as essential minerals to guarantee the balance of fluid in the body (7).

As water does not contain electrolytes, it is not suitable to help you make up for the loss caused by exercises.

Some people choose sport drinks that are quite popular in the market nowadays.

However, some studies proved that coconut water can work as efficiently as other sport drinks, regarding the supplement of electrolytes for the body (8) (9).

This is also one of the most outstanding coconut water health benefits, especially when it is completely natural.

Magnesium in coconut water nutrition definitely gives a boost for your energy level.

4. Prevent Kidney Stones

Coconut Water - Prevent Kidney Stone

A sufficient intake of fluid is necessary to lower the risk of forming kidney stones (10).

Plain water is widely used, but there is scientific evidence to prove that coconut water might outweigh it.

The formation of kindey stones comes from the concentration of some compounds, such as calcium and oxalate, in your urine (11).

And when scientists studied rats, they found out that coconut water was able to prevent the crystals of these compounds from forming in the kidneys (12).

However, it is necessary that some further investigation need to be done to varify the real efficiency of coconut water.

Bottom Line: According to some animal researches, one of the best benefits of coconut water is to prevent kidney stone formation.

5. Heart Health

One of the best-known health benefits of coconut water is to lower the risk of heart disease.

A study on rats indicated that the consumption of coconut water led to the decreased level of triglycerides and blood cholesterol.

To be clear, triglycerides refer to a kind of fat that might result in heart disease (13).

In addition, these rats were observed to have their liver fat decreased as well (14).

However, this result does not seem to be persuasive to everyone. That’s why there is still a need for further analysis.

6. Deal with Headaches

For long, headaches and migraines have been feasible consequences of dehydration (15) (16).

And there might be no better way to cope with dehydration than using fresh and natural fluids like coconut water.

In addition to providing electrolytes, coconut water can give a boost to hydrate the body quickly.

Besides, the richness of magnesium in coconut water is super effective for dealing with migraines (17).

7. Handle Hangovers

Hangovers are a common problem you will face if you consume a lot of alcohol previously.

Hangovers might have a lot of negative impacts on our health in the short and long term (18).

One of the least-known coconut water health benefits is to help alcohol-addicts deal with hangovers efficiently.

With its watery content, coconut water will keep dehydration away and boost the level of electrolytes immediately.

To get the best result in this treatment, you had better:

  • Prepare 2 cups of 100% coconut water.
  • Then, mix 2-3 spoons of fresh lemon juice.
  • Drink it with some ices.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

Beyond a normal drink, coconut water can serve as a great ingredient to control the blood pressure.

In a study, those suffering from high blood pressure used coconut water.

Remarkable improvements in the systolic blood pressure were recorded by 71 percent (19).

Besides, another study on animals concluded that coconut water is anti-thrombotic and it is effective enough to lessen the blood clots (20).

Bottom Line: Coconut water might reduce the blood pressure and bloot clots at the same time.

9.  Fight Against Diabetes

The next health benefit of coconut water is to fight against diabetes.

Coconut oil is able to reduce the level of blood sugar, which is often a problem for diabetic patients.

One study on diabetic rats involved the use of coconut water.

It showed that this ingredient could help these rats have a more stable level of blood sugar (21).

Other studies on rats pointed out that coconut water is responsible for reducing oxidative stress (22).

Nevertheless, as all experiments were on rats only, the real effects on human bodies are still uncertain.

Therefore, scientists need more examinations.

Bottom Line: Despite lack of hard evidence, coconut water is still a promising ingredient to treat diabetes.

You can try bringing coconut water into daily meals if you want to speed up the diabete treatment.

10. Reduce Aging

Coconut Water - Reduce Aging

Last but not least, the list of top health benefits of coconut water will end with its advantages on people’s skin.

Dehydration is among the leading causes for many skin problems, including skin turgor (23).

Thanks to its abundance of water content, coconut water can hydrate your skin to make it smooth and clean.

In addition, other vitamins and minerals in coconut oil play an important part in remaining a healthy skin by using natural foods.

These coconut water health benefits come from experiments on rats (24).

Side Effects

While coconut water nutrition and benefits are great concerns, its side effects should attract the same attention.

When your consumption of coconut water becomes too much, adverse effects are clearly foreseen.

First, not everyone is capable of consuming coconut water because some are allergic to it.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have your condition checked by doctors before you decide to use coconut water.

Second, while coconut water can satisfy your lack of electrolytes after exercises, too much of it might trigger the imbalance.

As a consequence, you might experience lightheadedness or even unconsciousness (25).

Another unwanted impact of coconut oil is its laxative influence on the digestion.

It means that people struggling with bowel movements ought not to use this fluid.

In general, it is clear that health benefits of coconut water outweigh its unwanted effects.

The recommendation is to use coconut water 3-4 times per week.


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Coconut Nutrition Facts

Coconut Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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