Cloves: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cloves: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Cloves are popular spices with which people are familiar.

In culinary culture of many Asian countries including India, Indonesia, etc, cloves become an indipensible part.

In reality, cloves can offer a wide rang of beneficial health benefits.

They include cancer prevention, diabetic control, liver protection, etc.

This article will take a closer look into nutrition facts and health benefits of cloves which may prompt you add it more into diet.

Nutrition Facts

Cloves: Nutrition Facts

People believe that Indonesia is the home town of cloves.

Back to the past, cloves were purchased with a relatively high price.

Nowadays, it becomes a key commercial crop all over the world.

Belonging to Myrtaceae family, cloves have scientifical name as Syzugium aromaticum.

The ideal environment for clove plant is tropical and subtropical weather.

In fact, all part of cloves can bring about beneficial effects (1).

However, clove oil seems to gain most interest from users.

For long, Chinese have cultivated aphrodisiac qualities from clove to treat many health ailments.

On the other hand, cloves were famous among Ayuvedic community thanks to its good effects on bad breath, halitosis.

Nutritionall, a serving of clove is loaded with many essential nutrients (2).

They are protein, fiber, carbohydrates.

Minerals in cloves are iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc.

Also, cloves are valuable source of vitamin, niacin and folate.

What’s more, cloves consist of various bioactive components (3).

Chloride, ethanol, eugenol, benzene are telling examples of bioactive compounds in cloves.

According to scientists, these elements can release many good qualites.

They are antioxidant, anti-microbia or anti-inflammatory.

Bottom line: Loading with many beneficial substances, cloves can help people with many health problems.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Following are top 10 benefits of cloves which you may not know.

1. Digestive System

One of the biggest benefits of cloves is digestive improvement.

By regulating digestive enzyme secretion, cloves will effectively enhance digestive functions (4).

Furthermore, cloves can have good impacts on the state of flatulence, gastric irritability and nausea.

Regarding the usage, roasted  or powered cloves can both relieve digestive disorders.

Also, people should consume cloves with honey can also take effects.

Bottom line: The habit of consuming cloves will effectively support proper digestive functioning.

2. Antibacterial Qualities

In fact, antibacterial property an important effect which contributes to benefits of cloves (5).

Scientists have indicated that clove may produce antibacterial qualities .

This effect can work against certain human pathogens.

As a result, clove consumption may neutralize bacterial activities inside the body system.

Moreover, clove extract is effective at fighting a type of bacteria which triggers cholera.

Bottom line: Loading with antibacterial, clove is a good choice for the battle against certain bacterial infections.

3. Chemo-Preventive Qualities

Another effect which makes cloves gain interest in health community is chemo-preventive qualities.

According to scientific studies, chemo-preventive qualities may control lung cancer at the very beginning (6).

4. Liver Health

As mentioned before, benefits of cloves include liver health improvement.

This effect is attributed to the appearance of antioxidants.

It is clear that antioxidants can effectively save many body parts, especially liver from free radicals.

In facts, long-term metabolism can foster the development of free radicals and lipid amount inside the body.

At the same time, this process can lower antioxidant levels in the liver.

Luckily, clove extracts can work against those bad effects thanks to hepatoprotective qualities (7).

5. Diabetes

Cloves: Diabetes Improvement

Various benefits of cloves also include its ability to regulate diabetic condition.

For long, people use cloves as a traditional treatment for diabetes.

Generally, insufficient  insulin production is the leading factor which causes diabetes.

Studies have suggested that clove extracts are useful method to foster enough insulin production.

As a result, it is easy to understand that clove may control diabetic condition.

Bottom line: Clove is a promising herb which can help keep diabetes in check.

6. Bone Health

Another field which benefits of cloves shine is bone health improvement.

By releasing phenolic compounds, cloves can naturally enhance bone health.

Moreover, clove intake can increase bone density (8).

That’s why people say that clove is beneficial for osteoporosis – a common bone-related issue.

7. Immunity


The ability to improve immune system health is also among top outstanding benefits of cloves.

Cloves were a herbal medicine to enhance immunity health in Ayuveda community.

In particular, clove dried flower bud can increase the number of white blood cell inside the body (9).

In fact high volume of white blood cell is essential for a proper immunity function.

More than this, clove extracts could delay hypersensivitiy – a common health ailment in old people.

8. Oral Diseases

As mentioned before, cloves are popular method which people apply for oral problems.

In fact, oral pathogens are mainly responsible for numerous gum diseases.

Luckily, clove bud may eliminate these harmful factors well.

Therefore, certain gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis will disappear quickly thanks to the help of cloves (10).

Bottom line: Clove bud can be effective method which may release discomforts from some gum diseases.

9. Headaches

By using cloves, people can also reduce annoying symptoms which go together with headaches (11).
How to use:

  • Turn some cloves into a paste
  • Put some salt into clove paste
  • Use a glass of milk to add into the mixture
  • Consume the solution

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of cloves, this herb can also make a contribution to many other problems.

Generally, cloves are quite safe to use.

However, in some certain situations, cloves can pose health threats.

For example, in case people do not dilute clove oil before using, it may be unsafe to use.

According to some research, clove oil can produce cytotoxic qualities (12).

These effects can negatively influence endothlial cells, which is quite dangerous.

Moreover, Indonesian are familiar with using clove cigarettes instead of tobacco.

This habit may release higher amoung og nicotine, carbo monoxide in comparisonto tobacco.

Therefore, it may be really risk factor for your lung health.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Cloves: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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