Chlorophyll: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Chlorophyll: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


There is no denying that vegetables have a wide range of positive impacts on human health.

Among them, leafy green vegetables are often highly valued.

Although these vegetables contain a lot of beneficial nutrients, one of the most important elements that is responsible for their green color is chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a unique substance in plants. It plays an essential role in the plants’ ability to absorb and convert the sun light.

Thanks to chlorophyll, many processes inside the plants can occur, for example, photosynthesis which guarantees the preparation of foods for the plants.

Nutrition Facts

When it comes to chlorophyll nutrition facts, it is necessary to remember that it has several different forms, namely, chlorophyll a and b.

The former is more popular and present in the majority of plants.

Besides, known as a cholorophyll derivative, chlorophyllin is the product when people combine copper salts and sodium.

Chlorophyllin has been common in the medicinal world with many health benefits and it is soluble in water. Meanwhile, chlorophyll is soluble in fat.

With some similarities between chlorophyll and hemoglobin in terms of the molecular structure, chlorophyll might have the same impacts as hemoglobin which exists in our blood.

Besides, chlorophyll has been a rich source of nutrients that humans can profit from.

There is a variety of vitamins and antioxidants which exist in great amounts, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium or vitamins A, C or E…

Despite little attention to chlorophyll health benefits from the public, it is undeniable that this element has a vital position in the nature.

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Below are top 5 health benefits of chlorophyll that may make you realize how beneficial this simple element is to our health.

1. Anti-Cancer

Chlorophyll - Anti Cancer

One of the best and also most important health benefits of chlorophyll is to enable you to get rid of different types of cancer more efficiently.

Some of the most common types of cancer which chlorophyll prevents are colon or colorectal cancer (12).

According to the results of several studies, chlorophyll is beneficial to refrain the gastrointestinal tract from absorbing harmful toxins like aflatoxin (34).

Besides, with the participation of both chlorophyll and chlorophyllin, these procarcinogens’ metabolism can be hindered effectively. This prevents the impairment of the DNA and liver cancer (5).

Furthermore, some research suggested that dietary chlorophyll is also effective to reduce tumorigenesis (6).

Therefore, it is a great idea to include as many green vegetables as possible in your daily meals. You can keep yourself away from a wide range of dangerous cancer.

Bottom Line: With the proof from many scientific studies, chlorophyll has protective effects against cancer.  

2. Reduce Hunger

Some people suggest that chlorophyll might be beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

This suggestion may come from the fact that one of top chlorophyll health benefits is to lower the cravings (7).

In one study in 2013 with 20 obese female participants, they were to have 3 types of meals. Two of them contained chlorophyll.

After the test, these women stated that after two meals containing chlorophyll, there was a significant reduction in the feeling of hunger.

In addition, their levels of blood sugar after these two meals were more stable.

Bottom Line: Chlorophyll has positive effects on weight loss because it reduces efficiently the hunger and cravings.

3. Blood

As chlorophyll resembles hemoglobin regarding its molecular structure, one of the most important health benefits of chlorophyll is to restore red blood cells (8).

Therefore, chlorophyll serves as a great blood builder, which helps you stay away from anemia (9).

Moreover, there are many live enzymes present in chlorophyll. They are effective to cleanse your blood and improve the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Bottom Line: By improving the number of red blood cells, chlorophyll is beneficial for the blood circulation.

4. Detoxification

With purifying property, detoxification is among the best health benefits of chlorophyll.

As one of top chlorophyll health benefits is to improve the oxygen carried in blood, the elimination of toxins and impurities from your body will become better (10).

In addition, chlorophyll and the mutagens will work together to remove heavy metals, for example, mercury which might put your health at risk.

As a result, your liver can function better.

5. Digestion

Chlorophyll - Digestion

Among top health benefits of chlorophyll, it is essential to put a stress on its effects on our digestive system.

Chlorophyll enhances bowel movements and speed up the healing process when there are problems with your bowel tissues.

Plus, this element might maintain intestinal flora (1112).

It is the presence of chlorophyll that explains why a diet consisting of many green vegetables is suitable to prevent and get rid of digestive problems, such as constipation.

On the other hand, thanks to chlorophyll, the colon will be stimulated to cleanse. This reduces the severity of constipation and gas.

Side Effects

There exist many amazing health benefits of chlorophyll that only a few people are well aware of.

Nevertheless, it seems more dangerous when people do not understand how to use it and its possible side effects.

Despite chlorophyll health benefits on the treatment for constipation, adding chlorophyll might trigger diarrhea and other problems, for instance, bloating and stomach cramps.

Besides, you might notice the change in the color of your stools or urine. It might become usually green.

The same effect may be also visible in the tongue, which is another unwanted consequence of using chlorophyll.

Therefore, you had better consult a professional or doctor before deciding to use chlorophyll supplements. This is important especially when you experience some medications.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Chlorophyll: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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