Celery: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Celery: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Belonging to the Apiaceae family, celery spreads its appearance almost all around the world.

It is common to see “wild celery”, whether you stand in Australia, the United States, India or Vietnam.

However, its first cultivation appeared in the Mediterranean areas about 1,000 BC.

In addition, some evidence indicates that celery was a medicine in ancient Eyptian culture.

The appreciation of celery in ancient times was also revealed in the fact that its leaves were given to Greek athletes as an award for their triumph.

In this day and age, the United States generate more than 1 billion pounds of this ingredient every year.

The consumption of celery is very high in this country, because of not only celery’s unique aromas and flavors, but also celery health benefits.

In order to understand health benefits of celery, it is important to have a quick look at celery nutrition.

Nutrition Facts

Celery - Nutrition Facts

Celery provides a low amount of calories, but many people still wonder how many calories in celery.

100 grams of celery provide only 16 calories, which confirms that celery is truly a great low calorie ingredient (1).

Remarkably, celery is full of essential minerals which hold substantial amounts.

For example, per 100 grams of celery, there is about 260 mg of potassium and 24 mg of phosphorus.

Other outstanding examples are magnesium, copper, zinc or fluoride…

Vitamins and fatty acids also play an indispensable part in celery nutrition and celery health benefits.

Vitamins that make up for the greatest amount are C, B12, K, A and D.

You might also need to remember its content of fiber, folic acid and thiamin to explain for some important health benefits of celery.

In general, celery has positive effects on the prevention against many diseases related to the heart and digestive system.

Health Benefits of Celery

Here are top 10 health benefits of celery, most of which many scientific studies have supported.

1. Blood Pressure

The first in the list of top health benefits of celery should be devoted to its effects on your blood pressure.

The daily consumption of celery is claimed to be gainful for those who have high likelihood of high blood pressure (2).

The presence of pthalides, which are responsible for lessening stress hormones, in celery is the main reason why this ingredient can improve the blood flow in the body.

Potassium is also said to give a hand in this aspect and celery is full of this mineral (3).

As a result, they are less exposed to cardiovascular diseases, for example, heart disease.

The antihypertensive quality of celery has also been examined through various studies on rats and results showed that celery was a positive part of treatment for chronic high blood pressure (4).

Bottom Line: One of the first celery health benefits is to lower your blood pressure and the possibility that you suffer from cardiovascular diseases as well.

2. Weight Loss

Celery - Weight Loss

One of the most important health benefits of celery is to assist you in losing weight.

If you dig deeper into how many calories in celery, you will be amazed at its low amount, which is beneficial for weight loss.

Celery can make you feel full for a longer period of time, which reduces the times of consuming foods.

Therefore, fat will be less likely to accumulate in your body.

In addition, the rich content of fiber found in celery is effective in managing weight loss.

Besides, a number of studies on rats illustrate that celery is a necessary part of weight loss diet and it actually enhances the metabolism (5) (6).

Bottom Line: Celery is a great recommendation for those who want to speed up weight loss, thanks to its low calories and richness of fiber.

3. Anti-Cancer

There are many cancer-fighting compounds found in celery, which make great contributions to its anti-cancer quality.

Coumarins reduce and deal with blood clots as well as improve white blood cells in your body, which lowers the risk of cancer (7).

Besides, a number of antioxidants in celery will contribute to the eradication of free radicals which exist in your body.

These free radicals are negative chemicals to result in the development of abnormal cells.

Without the intervention of antioxidants, they will trigger cancer and other diseases (8).

Bottom Line: Health benefits of celery can reach far to the prevention against cancer because of its antioxidants and cancer-fighting substances.

4. Asthma Treatment

Normally, asthma is not a fatal disease; however, its chronicity might be a hinderance for you to perform daily activities.

This disease affects about 24 million people in the United States with many annoying symptoms, from coughing to wheezing (9).

Fortunately, one of the best health benefits of celery is to help you cope with asthma more efficiently.

In terms of celery nutrition, its richness of vitamin C is one of the most remarkable and beneficial points.

A lot of researches have concentrated on the effects of vitamin C on the asthma treatment and the results somehow revealed its importance (10) (11) (12).

Bottom Line: Thanks to a high amount of vitamin C, you can witness amazing celery health benefits in the asthma treatment.

5. Diabetes

Celery - Diabetes

Diabetes is blamed for over 200,000 deaths every year in America and it was even among top 7 fatal causes in 2013 (13).

Thus, it is necessary to think about its prevention before it really happens to you.

For long, fiber-rich foods have played an essential role in the prevention and treatment against diabetes (14) (15).

Therefore, it is undeniable that celery can serve as a great addition to helping you stay away from this health problem effectively.

Bottom Line: One of potential health benefits of celery is to liberate you from diabetes.

6. Joints

The application of celery in the alleviation of pain in the joints is not something new.

In fact, this is one of the most popular and traditional health benefits of celery.

The efficiency of celery in the treatment for arthritis was tested many times and results were positive (16).

On the other hand, celery is a diuretic which has great effects on dealing with joint stiffness (17).

Bottom Line: With its anti-inflammatory and diuretic qualities, celery can be seen as one of the best cures for joint pain.

7. Immune System

When it comes to the content of vitamin C in celery, its advantages on the immune system should be the first thing to come in our mind.

In fact, it is truly one of the best celery health benefits.

The regular use of celery will supply your body with a considerable amount of vitamin C, which strengthens your immunity significantly (18) (19).

When your immune system is not weak, you will face fewer possibilities of getting common cold or flue.

Bottom Line: Increasing your use of celery will protect your immune system from common diseases.

8. Diuretic Activity

Health benefits of celery on the diuretic activity mainly come from its content of sodium and potassium.

These minerals have positive impacts on the regulation of fluid balance inside your body (20).

In addition, potassium is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure (21).

9. Digestion

Celery - Digestion

Some celery health benefits perhaps are related to the stomach and our digestive system.

There are many anti-inflammatory pectic-based polysaccharides which support the function of your stomach significantly (22) (23).

Some animal studies indicated the effectiveness of celery in reducing the risk of ulcers or other stomach problems.

Nevertheless, this health benefit still requires more analysis to verify its real effects.

10. Eye Health

What constitutes benefits of celery on your eyes is its richness of vitamin A (24).

The recommendation is that you should use some drops of celery tea to supply your eyes with essential nutrients.

They will protect your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration (25).

Note: In order to make celery tea, you had better:

  • Prepare crushed celery seeds.
  • Then, mix them with hot water.
  • Steep the mixture in about 20 minutes before getting it strained.

Side Effects

Most people can make use of these health benefits of celery to support their well-being.

Celery is known as safe for every subject, including pregnant women, infants or old people.

However, it does not mean that it should be used excessively every day.

There are some adverse effects that also result directly from celery nutrition.

In the first place, celery might result in some allergic reactions in a group of people. If you are not aware of this, you might experience some annoying symptoms, such as itchiness or rashes, without understanding what is going on.

Secondly, as one of benefits of celery is to reduce blood pressure, it is not appropriate for those whose blood pressure is originally low.

Besides, people who suffer from kidney problems had better control their consumption of celery.

This ingredient is full of water and it is diuretic, which might put the kidneys in danger.

Last but not least, though labelled as safe for expectant mothers, celery should be examined carefully before pregnant women use it.

In some cases, it may cause uterine contractions.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Celery: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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