Cashews: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cashews: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Cashews  are a member of the Anacardiaceae family. It resembles the kidney or a bean.

The coastal areas in Brazil are the place from which these nuts originated.

Then, when Portuguese explorers came to this continent in the 16th century, cashews were brought to many other areas, including India and Africa, where the production of cashews is the largest in the world nowadays.

Only in the 20th century did cashews become popular on the global scale.

For long, cashews have been provided people with a lot of health benefits. However, not many of them are aware of where these qualities come from.

Let’s take a look at cashews nutrition facts to help you understand better health benefits of cashews.

Nutrition Facts

Cashews - Nutrition Facts

Cashews contain a quite low amount of water in their content as there is only over 5g of water per 100 grams of cashews (1).

However, cashews are particularly high in calories when consumers can take in 553 calories from 100 grams of these nuts.

One of the most important features in cashews nutrition facts is its abundance of essential minerals and proteins, which are the root of many cashews health benefits.

Copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus make up for the biggest proportion in cashews, followed by some other necessary minerals, such as calcium or sodium.

Besides, despite holding a moderate amount, vitamins C, B6 and E are still responsible for many health benefits of cashews.

The amount of monounsaturated fat in cashews is beneficial, while that of polyunsaturated fats is quite low. Therefore, if you consume these nuts in the right amount, your body will profit well from them.

Health Benefits of Cashews

Below are top 6 health benefits of cashews that are analysed with the evidence from a wide range of scientific studies.

1. Bone

Cashews - Bone Health

Undeniably, magnesium is one of the most outstanding elements in cashews nutrition facts.

For long, the association between the lack of magnesium and bone problems has been supported by several studies (2).

Therefore, the addition of magnesium every day is considered as good for the bone health, which is also one of the best health benefits of cashews (3).

In addition, magnesium also has great influence on the strength of your muscles and tissues.

You can feel this improvement, especially if your body has some wounds, whose healing process will be accelerated.

Besides, magnesium is also beneficial for the metabolism, assisting in your regulation of blood sugar.

Bottom Line: Thanks to the richness of magnesium, cashews have a lot of positive impacts on the bone health and even healing process.

2. Heart

The second among top health benefits of cashews is to have protective effects on your heart health.

In cashews, there is a considerable amount of healthy dietary fats that play an important role in the body’s absorption of vitamins (4).

They are also responsible for the production of fatty acids which your body needs to develop the blood and brain.

Furthermore, as cashews contain both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, the number of LDL or “bad” cholesterol will be reduced significantly. This is beneficial for the heart health in general (5).

On the other hand, according to several studies, the presence of unsaturated fats will improve the number of HLD or “good” cholesterol. This helps you stay away from high blood pressure.

Bottom Line: By limiting the activity of LDL cholesterol and supporting HLD cholesterol, cashews can foster your heart health efficiently.

3. Gallstone Prevention

Resulting from cholesterol, gallstones resemble stones and may concentrate in your gall bladder (6).

As cashews have positive effects on the number of cholesterol in our body, it is logical that one of top cashews health benefits is to prevent the formation of gallstones efficiently.

If you use cashews on a daily basis, the risk of suffering from gallstones might decline by up to 25 percent (7).

4. Immunity

Cashews - Immunity

There are many essential substances which constitute health benefits of cashews on our immune system.

The amount of zinc in cashews is super effective to foster human immunity, even for patients with some serious problems (8).

A strong immune system plays an essential part in the fight against bacterial and viral infections and the acceleration of healing wounds.

Besides, for pregnant women, cashews are even more beneficial because they contribute to the baby’s development.

Bottom Line: Cashews will enable you to strengthen your immunity at home easily, which brings a lot of health advantages in daily life.

5. Weight Control

Just by having a glance at cashews nutrition facts, many people might jump into conclusion that because of fats, cashews lead to weight gain.

However, in fact, the opposite is true. One of the most surprising health benefits of cashews is to help you control your weight better.

A study with 8,865 male and female mature participants lasted 28 months.

The result showed that people consuming nuts over twice each week experienced a 31-percent reduction in gaining weight (9) (10).

Bottom Line: Unlike the common belief, cashews are actually a promising agent to regulate your weight gain.

6. Red Blood Cells

Once we mention the impacts of cashews on the immunity and bone, it will be a flaw if we forget health benefits of cashews on the number of red blood cells in our body.

The significance of red blood cells is undeniable.

It brings oxygen to other body parts, which guarantees the normal function of different organs (11).

Cashews are loaded with copper that is important for the production of red blood cells (12).

Bottom Line: Containing many essential nutrients, such as copper and iron, cashews can improve the number of red blood cells. As a result, your body will function better.

Side Effects

Adding cashews into many dishes will improve their flavors. You can profit from amazing health benefits of cashews at the same time.

Nevertheless, be careful when you use these nuts. Without attention, the consumption might become excessive, which triggers a lot of annoying side effects.

Here come several common side effects of cashews.

Firstly, too many cashews might lead to weight gain.

It is true that these nuts are beneficial for controlling weight, as mentioned above.

Nevertheless, if you consume them as many as possible, you will gain weight abnormal. You should bear in mind that cashews are a high calorie food.

Secondly, cashews are not suitable for those who undergo migraines or headaches.

The presence of some amino acids in cashews, such as tyramine, might make some people experience allergic reactions.

Besides, when you take in too much sodium from cashews, your blood pressure will get high abnormally and many related problems are foreseen.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Cashews: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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