Cardamom: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cardamom: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Cardamom is a popular spice which is widely used in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

In fact, cardamom ranks the third among top 3 most expensive spices in the world.

This article will provide nutrition facts and health benefits of cardamom which may explain for its costly price.

Nutrition Facts

Cardamom: Nutrition Facts

Back to the past, cardamom first appeared in the Western Ghats in India.

Nowadays, cardamom’s popularity has widened, especially in Asian countries.

The ideal environment for cardamom plant is tropical and humid climate.

Scientifically, cardamom is a member of Zingibercease family.

People can also call cardamom Elettaria cardamomum.

In fact, cardamom includes 2 primary subspecies: Elettaria and Amomum.

While Elettaria is green cardamom, Amomum indicates cardamom with black, white or red color.

For long, people have been using cardamom as a herbal medicine which can treat many health ailments.

Benefits of cardamom include gastrointestinal protection, cancer control, blood circulation improvement, etc.

In reality, all of beneficial health effects of cardamom are derived from its loading with many important substances.

Averagely, a serving of cardamom consists of energy, carbohydrates, protein, fiber.

Interestingly, cardamom has no cholesterol.

Besides, it is a valuable source of vitamins and micronutrients such as niacin, copper, vitamin C, etc (1).

Bottom line: An abundant source of several essential nutrients in cardamom will help it release many beneficial health effects.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

Following are top 8 popular and famous health benefits of cardamom which will prompt you to add it more into your diet.

1. Anti-Carcinogenic Qualities

It is undeniable that cancer is one of the biggest killers all around the world.

Among many types of cancer, colorectal cancer is popular.

In fact, the costly price of treatment for colorectal cancer and its subsequent adverse efects have fostered scientists to find for an alternative.

Luckily, a study has concluded that cardamom can lead to 48-percent reduction in the danger of colorectal cancer (2).

Bottom line: Cardamom consumption can produce anti-carcinogenic properties which are beneficial for the treatment of cancer.

2. Cholesterol Levels

One mechanism behind benefits of cardamom is its ability to regulate cholesterol levels.

As mentioned before, cardamom contains an excellent source of micronutrients.

These substances will work against the surge of lipids inside the body.

In a research taken in mice, cardamom showed good effects on cholesterol levels.

This ability is attributed to the help of antioxidants enzymes in cardamom (3).

3. Heart Health

One of the most typical benefits of cardamom is to improve heart health.

According to result from numerous studies, cardamom consumption will help reduce heartbeat.

Moreover, by consuming cardamom, people will effectively control hypertension – one of the most typical heart-related issues.

4. Depression

Cardamom: Depression

When it comes to benefits of cardamom, people usually mention its function as an anti-depressant medicine (4).

In fact, people are familiar with using cardamom essential oil to relax nervous system.

Moreover, cardamom can also help with certain stomach disorders.

5. Gastrointestinal Diseases

As mentioned before, cardamom may have good effects on the condition of many stomach disorders.

One of which can be listed as gastrointestinal disease (5).

Facts have shown that the methanolic extract from cardamom essential oil can release acidity, flatulence, stomach cramps, etc.

6. Dental Diseases

For long, cardamom is a traditional method which Chinese community uses to face a number of dental issues.

In general, people usually seek for the help from antibiotics when they go down with some dental diseases.

Unfortunately, antibiotics may produce mixed results and even adverse effects.

This fact has encouraged scientists to instantly find for an alternative to treat dental diseases.

Finally, they have concluded that the use of herbal spices including cardamom is an ideal answer (6).

Bottom line: Loading with antimicrobial qualities, cardamom will effectively relieve discomforts from dental issues.

7. Detoxification

In fact, metabolism usually produces harmful toxins and free radicals.

These substances are so dangerous that they need flushing out.

In case toxic elements become accumulated, they may easily trigger many dangerous health ailments including cancer or premature aging.

Interestingly, cardamom can effectively serve as an useful detoxifying element (7).

8. Blood Circulation

Another benefits of cardamom is improving blood circulation.

By making blood circulation to the lungs smoothly, cardamom will provide instant relief from asthma and bronchitis.

In a research, cardamom essential oil showed positive result in preventing blood circulation from damage.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of cardamom, it can also help with many other problems.

For example, cardamom may act as a stimulant which can calm nausea sensations (8).
What’s more, nausea can have good effect for hiccup – a popular problem which happens in children (9).

Generally, almost all people can well tolerate cardamom.

Therefore, you can feel totally safe with cardamom consumption.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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