Cantaloupe: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cantaloupe: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Cantaloupe is a member of ucurbitaceae family,

They include watermelon, honeydew, casaba melons, etc.

It is common to see cantaloupe in summer picnics or barbeques as this fruit can act as a quintessential snack.

In addition to wonderful taste and unique flavor, cantaloupe contain a ray of nutrients.

Therefore, it gains much interest in health industry.

The curative effects of cantaloupe come from its loading with high levels of vitamins and minerals.

They are potassium, niacin, fiber and folic acid.

A look into nutrition facts and heath benefits of cantalouge may prompt you to add more to your diet.

Nutrition Facts

Cantaloupe - Nutrition Facts

Generally, cantaloupe is in round shape, its flesh’s color is orange-yellow.

Cantaloupe has soft consistency and juicy texture with sweet aroma that taste best in the ripe fruits.

Back to the past, cantaloupe was originated from either India or Africa.

The best environment for cantaloupe’s development is well-draining sandy soil which is well irrigated.

Also, honeybees are also necessary for an effective pollination.

Although there is a wide range of cantaloupes in the world, European and North American ones are the most common varieties.

The habit of eating fruits and vegetables can lower danger of many lifestyle-related health conditions.

And cantaloupe consumption is not the exception.

It is easy to see that water is the main component of this fruit as it accounts for nearly 90% of its content (2).

Additionally, cantaloupe serves as a great source of folate.

In reality, folate is an essential water-soluble B-vitamin micronutrient (3).

Folate is necessary for overall growth and healthy state of cells inside the body system.

Cantaloupe also consists of a significant amount of vitamin C (4).

It is a part of the development and repairing process of tissue within the body.

Serving as an antioxidant substance, vitamin C can block free radicals from doing damage to cells.

Thus, it is known as an anti-aging agent (5).

Potassium is an a vital mineral in cantaloupe.

Facts have shown that potassium is indispensible for almost all processes within the body system (6).

In addition to positive impacts on muscle contraction, potassium is good for normal function of gastrointestinal tract (7).

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Here are top 7 benefits of cantaloupe that you had better be well aware of. They aim to improve your well-beings.

1. Cancer

One mechanism behind benefits of cantaloupe is its ability to fight cancer.

It is clear that cancer is one of the leading causes of death nowadays.

It emerges when cells inside the body system grow uncontrolled.

Oxidative damage is one of the leading factors for the appearance of cancer.

Interestingly, antioxidant substances in cantaloupe can contain oxidative damage process.

Therefore, it is logical to understand that anti-cancer is one of the best health benefits of cantaloupe.

Facts have shown that beta-carotene is signigicant example of antioxidant in cantaloupe.

It can serve as a protector from many canceruous risks (8).

Scientific evidence have proved that beta-carotene can reduce danger of lung cancer (9, 10, 11).

Bottom line: The nutritional value of cantaloupes is likely to be a powerful tool in preventing cancer and eradicating free radicals.

2. Immunity

Cantaloupe - Immunity

To protect immune system health is another benefits of cantaloupe.

Undeniably, immune system plays a role as its function is to defense the body system from foreign invaders.

According to scientific evidence, higher intake of cantaloupes is beneficial for enhancing immunity system.

In fact, cantaloupe is a powerhouse of vitamin C which is famous for immune-enhancing role (12, 13).

Also, it is essential for stimulating white blood cells formation.

These cells are responsible for finding and eliminating bacteria, viruses and many other toxins (14).

They may penetrate into the body system through bloodstream and cause a number of infectious diseases, which is really dangerous.

As a result, cantaloupe is powerful booster for the immunity.

3. Skin Care

The massive benefits of cantaloupe make it good for skin health.

By far, the most effective application of cantaloupe to date is in skin.

Cantaloupe is one of the excellent storehouse of beta-carotene which can be converted into vitamin A.

Luckily, when the body system converts enough amount of beta-carotene into vitamin A to take care of skin health, the remaining will be used as antioxidants to ward off diseases.

When vitamin A enters membrances of skin cells, it will repair skin damage, regrow vulnerable skin cells and foster new skin layer (15).

Also, vitamin A can be medicine for skin irritation and redness thanks to its soothing qualities (16).

4. Eye Health

Benefits of cantaloupe also contain its eye health improvement.

Loading with caratenoids, cantaloupe may be beneficial for eye health improvement.

A study was done to examine the association between carotenoid intake and cataract extraction in women.

According to the result, carotenoid could result in a 22-percent reduction in the chance of catching cataract (17).

However, further studies should be done to extract firmer belief.

Bottom line: Thanks to abundant source of caratenoids, cantaloupe seems to help with eye health improvement effectively.

5. Stress

When it comes to benefits of cantaloupe, people usually mention its ability to reduce stress.

Nowadays, with an increasing amount of work in office and at home, people may be more prone to stress.

Elevated blood pressure can be one of the main drivers of stress as it may increase stress hormone level.

Interestingly, potassium in cantaloupe can address high blood pressure, release stress hormone (18, 19).

What’s more, potasium can stimulate blood flow and oxygen into the brain, bringing calming effects and better attitude (20).

6. Diabetes

Cantaloupe - Diabetes

To help fight diabetes is another benefits of cantaloupe.

Diabetes is one of the biggest killers all around the world.

It is a term indicating the condition which mainly happens due to insulin sensitivity.

Early research has indicated that cantoloupe consumption can bring about better insulin metabolism (21).

In reality, improved insulin metabolism may regulate blood sugar levels, leading to reduced fear about diabetes.

7. Arthritis

For people, especially the old, arthritis is a common dread.

Clearly, chronic inflammation in bones and joints mainly cause arthritis.

According to scientific evidence, phytochemicals in cantaloupe are essential components which may lead reduce inflammatory level.

In particular, a suitable amount of cantaloupe in daily diet may repair oxidative stress on joints and bones, hence lowering inflammation (22).

Thus, it it easy to understand that high intake of cantaloupe can help with the state of arthritis.

In case you have creaky feeling around your joints, you should add higher amount of cantaloupe into yout diet.

Take Home Message

A luckly news is that cantaloupe is one of few foods which may not bring allergy to people.

Along with that, cantaloupe’s nutrition list includes no chemical, enabling it away from any side effects.

Therefore, peope can feel totally safe when consuming cantaloupe.

The key to choose a quality cantaloupe is finding one which is absolutely ripe.

This may challenge inexperienced customers as it is quite hard to recognize whether a cantaloupe is ripe or not.

Simply, peole should try the weight of a cantaloupe.

If it feels fuller and heavier than your expectation, it is an indication that this cantaloupe is ready to eat.

Moreover, when it comes for you to slice open the cantaloupe, let’s take notice as bateria may find way to contaminate your foods if you do not wash hands carefully.

It is also necessary to rinse cantaloupe under cool running water to remove unwanted bacterial contamination.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Cantaloupe: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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