Calcium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Calcium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Calcium is an indispensible nutrient for people’s health.

Among extensive diversity  of benefits of calcium, its good effect on bone health is the most popular.

Also, calcium is beneficial for colon cancer prevention and obesity reduction.

This article focuses on nutrition facts and benefits of calcium which have been proved by scientific evidence.

Nutrition Facts


Calcium is necessary for people, from their birth until they grow older.

When we were a child, calcium is essential for good development of bone system.

During our adolescence, calcium show great support to our growth.

In the end, when aging process accompanies with weakness, calcium intake may work against it.

However, due to people’s interest in various diet around them, they appear to avoid consuming calcium-rich foods.

Hence, the majority of us deals with calcium deficiency.

In reality, calcium deficiency may accompany with numerous problems.

Among them, the biggest trouble may be osteoporosis.

Averagely, calcium accounts for 2% of total body weight.

It concentrates on bones, teeth and circulatory system.

Health Benefits of Calcium

Playing a key role in the health of bones, gums and teeth, calcium can also support our health in various ways.

That’s why people with bone issues should consume calcium supplementation (1).
This part will take closer look at top 10 benefits of calcium.

1. Bone System


One of the mechanisms behind benefits of calcium is its ability to support bone health.

In fact, calcium may enhance the health of backbone effectively (2).

Moreover, this substance is responsible for ideal body shape and contribute to back pain elimination.

To specify, calcium will stimulate the connection between joints, making them work smoothly.

As a result, calcium intake may neutrailze skeletal problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis (3, 4).

Also, you can move more easily and suffer pain less.

In addition, you also need other minerals, such as potassium, to avoid these bone problems. Read more about Benefits of Potassium.

Bottom line: By supporting the smooth connection between joints, calcium may improve bone health considerably.

2. Obesity

To support weight loss naturally is another benefits of calcium.

In fact, this nutrient can maintain potimal body weight in both men and women.

Specifically, the lack of calcium may directly enable your body to release parathyroid.

This substance will be released into blood stream and foster fat production inside the body.

As a result, you may be obese easily (5).

Also, calcium will favor a decrease in energy intake and control appetite in individuals as well (6).

Thus, people should make sure that they are consuming enough calcium if they don’t want to get fatter.

When it comes to weight loss, it is worth remembering that fiber plays an important role.

Bottom line: Calcium supplements may be helpful for preventing obesity.

3. Cardiac Muscles

When it comes to benefits of calcium, people usually mention its good impact on cardiac muscle improvement.

In fact, enough calcium intake can relax cardiac muscles and keep them contracted (7).

Moreover, this substance will make pressure of nervous system in arteries in check.

Also, calcium drop may release a hormone called calcitrol which is responsible for smooth activity of artery muscles.

This happening can result in increase in blood pressure.

4. Colon Cancer

The massive benefits of calcium make it good for preventing colon cancer.

Nowadays, colon cancer is quite popular among people.

This problem happens mainly due to the overgrowth of polyps.

Luckily, daily calcium supplementation can suppress can development of polyps.

Moreover, calcium may support to lower the danger of adenomas and nonmalignant tumors in the colon (8).

However, it remains unclear whether calcium may minimize cancer risk or not.

In fact, after the calcium consumption of your body, the remaining will be put in intestinal system.

People believe that this unabsorbed amount will prevent cancer promoters from developing (9).

Bottom line: Calcium intake may have protective effects on the condition of colon cancer.

5. Depression


In these days and age, with increasing amount of works and study, people are more prone to depression.

In fact, sufficient calcium intake may lessen discomforts from premenstrual ailments (10).

They are dizziness, mood swings, hypertension, etc.

Vice visa, lower calcium levels will put high pressure in nervous system.

As a result, you probably suffer form irritability or depression, which is really annoying (11).

To deal with depression, you can also get positive results from magnesium health benefits.

6. Kidney Stones

The ability to work against kidney stones is one of the most typical benefits of calcium.

In fact, kiney stones indicate crystallized deposits of not only calcium but other minerals in human (12).

Among numerous forms of kidney stones, oxalate stones are the most common.

Long time ago, people thought that high volume of calcium concentration may trigger kidney stones.

However, recent research have proved that dietary calcium consumption may reduce the danger of kidney stones (13).

Bottom line: Despite people’s common though, dietary calcium intake may address the condition of kidney stones.

7. Alkaline pH Level

Not many people are aware that a healthy alkaline pH level can make a good contribution to benefits of calcium.

Facts have shown that the habit of eating junk foods or preserved foods may lead to acidity formation in the body.

As a result, people may get nearer to health ailments including cancer, hypertension, digestive disordes, etc.

Luckily, calcium consumption may keep pH level in check.

As a result, it lead to vitality and  health improvement.

8. Blood Pressure

Calcium may have positive impacts on blood pressure regulation.

Obviously, diet with the participation of calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber may effectively regulate blood pressure.

In a study, a diet which is rich in calcium show better ability in decreasing blood pressure (14).

Bottom line: The consumption of fruits, vegetables and especially calcium can help with keeping blood pressure balanced.

9. Good Dental Health

By keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy , calcium may guarantee  tight fitting teeth.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that benefits of calcium include maintaining health teeth and gums.

In case your children are provided with enough calcium intake, they may grow up with strong  teeth.

10. Transportation of Nutrients

Calcium serves as effective tool to stimulate the movement of nutrients across the body system.

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of calcium, this nutrient can also bring about many other good effects.

Generally, there are many natural sources of calcium.

However, milk and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt appear to be the most common.

Also, salmon, nuts, seeds are typical providers of calcium.

While milk is believed to be the greatest calcium source, broccoli may help the body system absorb this nutrient the quickest.

It is also important to recognize calcium deficiency to have proper solution to it.

Generally, the lack of calcium causes people to experience sudden cramps or spasms.

Also, it is likely that calcium deficiency leads to hypertension, insomnia, loose teeth, etc.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Calcium: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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