Brazil Nuts: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Brazil Nuts: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Selenium is one of the most important nutrients for our body’s growth, but the fact is that it is present only in a limited number of foods.

Regarding the content of selenium, nothing can outweigh brazil nuts.

It is simple to conclude that brazil nuts originated from Brazil. However, it is not limited in this country only.

The origin of brazil nuts is recorded in South American regions with some typicall examples: Venezuela, Peru or Colombia as well.

Brazil nuts come from an up-to-200-feet tree with the same name.

Nowadays, this type of nuts becomes popular on the global scale. The industry of producing brazil nuts can be up to $50 million every year.

This popularity has its root from brazil nuts nutrition and health benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Brazil Nuts: Nutrition Facts

Undeniably, selenium is the brightest star in brazil nuts nutrition facts. This element is responsible for most of brazil nuts health benefits.

Besides, it is important to bear in mind that brazil nuts are full of proteins, dietary fiber and fat (1).

This is an extremely high calorie food because 100 grams of brazil nuts can provide up to over 650 kcal.

In addition to selenium, brazil nuts contain considerable amounts of other minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium or copper

The richness of vitamins is another outstanding feature of brazil nuts nutrition.

Folate, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin C are present in brazil nuts with moderate amounts.

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Here are top 7 health benefits of brazil nuts that people have made use of for years to improve their well-beings.

1. Weight Loss

One of the first health benefits of brazil nuts is to enable you to manage your weight more efficiently and easily.

However, remember to control your consumption of brazil nuts because they provide so many calories. The excessive intake will directly lead to abnormal weight gain.

The ability of brazil nuts to support weight loss comes from their richness of fiber which might make you more successful in controlling weight (23).

Furthermore, brazil nuts are rich in carbs and proteins, which make them a more filling food. This means that brazil nuts can extend the time you feel full.

As a result, you will consume fewer foods, which reduces the intake of calories. This is very important for those who try to lose weight.

Bottom Line: Thanks to filling propery and richness of fiber, brazil nuts are a wonderful assistance for weight loss.

2. Mood Improvement

Benefits of brazil nuts on our mood result from the brightest star in brazil nuts nutrition – selenium.

This element is associated with the higher chance of preventing depression (45).

The Swansea University Department of Psychology in Wales carried out a study with the use of selenium in 50 volunteers.

They used 100 mg of selenium every day.

The result indicated a significant drop in the cases of anxiety or depression (6).

In addition to their positive impacts on the mood, brazil nuts, like other types of nuts, can improve the production of serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin plays a vital role in regulating the appetite and sleep (78).

Bottom Line: If you want to prevent or get rid of depression, the recommendation is to include brazil nuts in your daily diet.

3. Hormones

Another body part that needs selenium for proper function is the thyroid gland.

The throid gland is responsible for the production, distribution and regulation of many important hormones.

Therefore, it is possible that one of top health benefits of brazil nuts is to support this body part’s responsibility.

Studies have proved that selenium is vital for the thyroid gland to produce important hormones (9).

A research from Brazilian researchers in 2015 claimed that those with low amount of thyroid hormone T3 could reverse the condition with the support of brazil nuts (10).

Bottom Line: Brazil nuts add more selenium to help your thyroid gland function better with the proper production and regulation of hormones.

4. Heart Health

Brazil Nuts: Heart Health Improvement

One of the long-term health benefits of brazil nuts is to protect your heart from many diseases.

Brazil nuts contain some healthy unsaturated fats which hold remarkables amounts in their content.

They refer to oleic and palmitoleic acids which are beneficial for cardiovascular health (1112).

These acids are some forms of omega-3 fatty acids which fight against harmful fatty acids inside your body.

As a result, you are less likely to undergo stroke or heart attack.

Nevertheless, due to their high calorie content, brazil nuts should not be consumed excessively, or else you will increase the risk of heart disease.

Bottom Line: With a modest consumption on a daily basis, brazils nuts will enhance your cardiovascular health.

5. Prevent Cancer

The combination of selenium and ellagic acid is perfect to constitute anti-cancer benefits of brazil nuts.

The effectiveness of brazil nuts to prevent cancer has been studied in a number of research.

According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, serum selenium is associated with esophageal cancer (13).

Additionally, a number of studies on animals suggested that selenium might help get rid of toxic mercury resulting in cancer (14).

Bottom Line: There is the possibility that brazil nuts are great for cancer prevention, but it is necessary for more studies to test it.

6. Skin Health

Generally speaking, nuts usually have positive influence on skin conditions and brazil nuts are an exception.

In other words, thanks to their content of nutrients, one of the greatest health benefits of brazil nuts is to protect your skin.

Brazil nuts provide the skin with a great amount of selenium to guarantee that it is glowing and elastic.

Other vitamins and minerals contribute to better skin health (1516).

Some scientists explained that selenium promotes the release of glutathione which is powerfully antioxidant.

As a result, free radicals are neutralized, which reduces the risk of cancer cells on the skin.

7. Digestive System

The substantial content of fiber in brazil nuts is crucial when it comes to benefits of brazil nuts on the digestive system.

Fiber is good for the body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients from it (17).

As a result, you can stay away from a series of problems, from gastric ulcers, bloating to colon cancer (18).

By promoting the digestive health, brazil nuts also take part in the process of helping you lose some weight.

Side Effects

With all brazil nuts health benefits, it is undoubted that many people consider them as their favorite part of the diet.

Nevertheless, there are some side effects of brazil nuts that anyone had better be aware of.

Thus, it is a great idea to ask doctors or experts before you decide to use brazil nuts.

Owing to their high amount of saturated fat and calories, some people with heart issues need to be cautious.

Besides, allergies to nuts are rare, but there are.

And if someone consumes brazil nuts without realizing they are allergic, the stake will be high (1920).


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Brazil Nuts Nutrition Facts

Brazil Nuts Health Benefits

Brazil Nuts Health Benefits

Brazil Nuts Side Effects

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Brazil Nuts: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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