Black Pepper: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Black Pepper: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


It is highly certain that no one is unfamiliar with black pepper.

In reality, black pepper belongs to Piperaceae family.

Peole usually apply black pepper to increase the taste of the dish.

Additionally, a wide ray of essential nutrients in black pepper enable it to become a natural medicine.

This article will focus on nutrition facts and benefits of black pepper which have been proved instantly by scientific studies.

Nutrition Facts

Black Pepper: Nutrition Facts

Back to the past, black pepper first appeared in Kerala and Southern India (1).

For long, human have been interested in special spiciness of black pepper.

This taste comes from the present of piperine in black pepper.

More importantly, black pepper is not a seasonal plant.

Thus, it is available throughout the year.

In general, peppercorn refers to dried black pepper which will become powder afrer grounding.

Loading with antibacterial effects, black pepper shows good ability to preserve foods.

What’s more, it is an excellent source of manganese, iron, potassium, fiber and vitamin K.

Bottom line: Black pepper contains many essential nutrients for people’s health, which is a good explaination for its various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Following are top 8 benefits of black pepper which you may not know.

1. Stomach

One mechanism behind benefits of black pepper is its good impacts on stomach.

In fact, black pepper is able to raise hydrochloric acid levels in stomach.

Therefore, it can effectively aid digestive function.

Obviously, proper digestion can help people avoid many problems.

They are diarrhea, constipation and colic (2).

More than this, black pepper consumption can do good at preventing intestinal gas (3, 4).

To specify, it may foster sweating and urination.

Therefore, toxins inside the body will have no environment to do harm to people.

Regarding urination, black pepper may keep uric acid, water accumulation in check (5).

Bottom line: Black pepper can show good effects on the activities of stomach area.

2. Weight Loss

Black Pepper: Weight Loss

Another field which benefits of black pepper can shine is in weight loss process.

According to some studies, peppercorn’s outer layer may break down fat cells (6).

Once fat cells transfer into their component parts, it is easier for the body system to process them.

As a result, excessive fat amount will be addressed.

Thus, by including black pepper regularly to daily meals, people may control their weight number.

3. Skin Condition

The massive benefits of black pepper make it good for skin health.

Among many skin-related problems, vitiligo is common (7).

This phenomenon may cause skin to turn white abnormally and lose pigmentation.

Result from a research has suggested that piperine in black pepper can stimulate pigment production.

Hence, natural treatment with black pepper for vitiligo can take better effects in comparison with chemical-based ones.

Bottom line: The piperine content in black pepper is beneficial for treating vitiligo – one of the most common skin issues.

4. Respiratory System

To improve respiratory system’s function is another benefits of black pepper.

In fact, black pepper is popular ingredient which Ayurvedic community used to release colds and coughs.

Also, this spice can provide instant relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion (8).

To specify, expectorant quality in black pepper may break up mucus accumulation.

Additionally, it can release phlegm depositions in respiratory tract (9).

As a result, discomforts which come from sneezing or coughing will disappear quickly.

Bottom line: Black pepper is a good ingredient for getting rid of discomforts which come from respiratory problems.

5. Antibacteria Quality

In general, antibacterial quality is one of the most effects which contribute to benefits of black pepper.

According to certain studies, antibacterial effects in black pepper may support the battle against insect bites effectively (10, 11).

More than this, the inclusion of black pepper into diet may clean arteries.

By doing so, it can scrap excessive amount of cholesterol in the body system.

As a result, people will experience less chance of atherosclerosis (12).

In fact, atherosclerosis may easily trigger dangerous heart issue including heart strokes.

6. Antioxidant Potential

Another quality which brings about various benefits of black pepper is antioxidant.

It is undeniable that antioxidant is strong agent which may destroy activities of free radicals (13).

In fact, free radicals are results of cellular metabolism.

They will destroy healthy cells and lead to some dangerous health problems such as cancer.

Among many natural antioxidant food, black pepper is popular.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that black pepper consumptioncan lead to the prevention of cancer or cardiovascular issues.

Bottom line: The appearance of antioxidant effect in black pepper is good for many health problems.

7. Bioavailability

Black pepper is famous as an effective transporter to bring essential nutrients throughout the body.

As a result, it can help the body consume essential substances to the fullest extent.

Therefore, black pepper intake enables nutrients to nurture body better (14).

8. Neurological Health

One of the most typical benefits of black pepper is to improve neurological health.

In fact, piperine – the key ingredient in black pepper can lower memory impairment effectively.

Also, this substance is beneficial for reducing cognitive malfuntion.

Some studies have supported the positive effects of black pepper on Alzhermer or dementia.

In fact, these 2 health issues are both related to neurological function (15).

Take Home Message

In addition to these above benefits of black peper, this ingredient can do good at many other areas.

For example, black pepper can serve as herbal medicine for earaches and gnagrene (16).

Also, black pepper can address tooth decay, visual problems, etc.

Moreover, instead of purchasing available pepper powder at market, people shoul prepare it at home.

Generally, people should use black pepper powder within 3 months.

In generally, all people can well tolerate black pepper.

However, in some cases, we should be careful with black pepper consumption.

For example, it is really easy for black pepper to cause sneezing.

Therefore, ones with abdominal surgery should be careful with black pepper.

In different situation, black pepper can lead to allergic reaction.

Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from allergic symptoms, you should stop using it.


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Black Pepper Nutrition Facts

Black Pepper Health Benefits

Black Pepper Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Black Pepper: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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