Black Beans: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Black Beans: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Black beans are the name people use to characterize one kind of legumes based on their color.

They have many relatives which differ from each other in the color, for example, red, white or yellow beans.

The widespread belief is that black beans originated from Central and South America. Spanish and Portuguese explorers brought black beans back to Europe when they returned from their voyages.

Then, they made their appearance to Asia and Africa.

For a long time in human history, black beans have remained a popular ingredient in numerous cultures. And it is still popular in this day and age.

Nowadays, India and Brazil exceeds other countries in terms of the production of dried beans.

If we mention non-dried beans, China will be the leading producer with approximately 6 million metric tons every year.

One of the reasons for this bean’s popularity is that there are many ways to cook it without losing nutrients.

Let’s examine further black beans nutrition facts first to understand why they hold many amazing health benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Black Beans - Nutrition Facts

Raw black beans hold a moderate amount of water which makes up for only over 11 percent (1).

What impresses us in black beans nutrition facts is that it provides a very high amount of kcal with 341 calories per 100 grams.

Therefore, black beans are a good recommendation for those who want to raise energy level immediately.

Black beans are also rich in carbs, proteins and dietary fiber with over 62, 21 and 15 percent, respectively.

Black beans contain almost no fat, but they are full of vitamins and minerals. This is the reason why they have many health benefits on human-beings.

Folic acid, potassium, iron and magnesium are some examples of essential substances that we all need to grow normally.

Flavonoids in black beans are responsible for benefits of black beans that are associated with antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Black Beans

Some information on black beans nutrition facts may help you have a clearer understanding of this common legume.

Here are top 6 health benefits of black beans that will profit you in the long term.

1. Digestive Diseases

Black Beans - Digestive Diseases

Compared to their small size, black beans really surprise us with their richness of fiber and proteins.

And one of the best health benefits of black beans is to make our digestive system function better.

Fiber plays the key role in aiding the movements of foods in your digestive tract (2).

It helps the body absorb essential nutrients and eradicate toxins more effectively. This will reduce significantly the possibility of suffering from constipation or other common problems.

Proteins have the same quality and they also make you feel full for longer.

As a result, black beans can help you avoid overeating, which is hazardous.

On the other hand, thanks to their small size, it is much easier for us to digest black beans.

Bottom Line: With considerable amounts of proteins and fiber, black beans are beneficial for our digestive system.

2. Nervous System

It is surprising that such tiny beans can have great effects on one of the most important parts of human body.

But it is true that one of the best benefits of black beans is to strengthen your nervous system.

This advantage results from their high content of molybdenum and amino acids.

Folic acid which is present much in black beans can regulate some kinds of amino acids necessary for our nervous system (34).

Some studies even stated that folic acid is beneficial to improve the development and recovery of adults’ brain after injuries (5).

Folate also hinders the growth of homocysteine level, which is a common cause for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s (678).

Bottom Line: Folic acid in black beans is a promising factor to help you fight against many problems related to the nervous system.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Molybdenum is responsible for benefits of black beans on the function of sexual organs.

It is worth bearing in mind that this element is not present in many foods.

There is an association between molybdenum and the treatment for sexual dysfunction in elderly men (9).

It can help improve their desire and strength to make love.

Besides, there are many other advantages of molybdenum. For example, it also contributes to the growth of nervous system (10).

4. Heart Health

The increasing consumption of black beans is reasonable as one of top black beans health benefits is to maintain your cardiovascular health.

Their high content of soluble fiber is great for the reduction in the blood cholesterol (11).

As a result, the artery walls will not become thicker and the risk of strokes and heart attacks is lower as well.

Additionally, although existing in small amount, omega-3 fatty acids in black beans still have positive impacts.

With anti-hypertensive qualities, they can prevent oxidative stress and foster the flow of blood efficiently (121314).

Bottom Line: Benefits of black beans on the cardiovascular health mainly come from their abundance of great nutrients, such as soluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Against Cancer

Black Beans - Against Cancer

One of benefits of black beans that you can profit in the long term is the anti-cancer quality.

Black beans provides 8 flavonoids which serve as antioxidants to limit the activities of free radicals (151617).

Among these flavonoids, there are 3 anthocyanins which hinder the abnormal growth of cancerous tumors (18).

Therefore, it is a good idea to include black beans inn daily diet to minimize the risk of cancer.

Bottom Line: Containing many types of flavonoids, black beans help you stay away from cancer.

6. Blood Sugar

Benefits of black beans on the digestion can do much more than themselves. They also have positive influence on the blood sugar.

When the absorption of nutrients is stable, there might be no possibility that blood sugar spikes will happen.

These spikes are very risky and in many cases, they put our life in danger.

Therefore, black beans might be a great choice for diabetic patients or those with high blood sugar.

Side Effects

Hardly does an ingredient have only health benefits. In other circumstances, it might cause some unwanted effects that threaten ourselves.

Black beans are not an exception. They have side effects, but these consequences are dangerous only when we use them wrongly.

The presence of phytic acid in black beans will affect adversely your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients, such as magnesium or calcium.

In some severe cases, phytic acid may damage the function of our brain and digestion.

Thus, the recommendation is to cook black beans before consumption. And you should also remember to dip them in water first. This method can help reduce its bad impacts.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Black Beans: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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