Beets: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Beets: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Beet is defined as a member of root vegetables and it can bring a lot of health benefits.

Its origin has to be around the prehistoric times when it was a wild vegetable growing wide-spread in North Africa, Asia and Europe.

The human cultivation of beets is claimed to have come back to as far as the ancient Roman empire.

Human beings started consuming beets since the 16th century and it became very popular even when there was no science-based evidence.

Not until the 19th century has the nutrition value of beets been discovered.

Since then, its health benefits have been even more widely accepted through societies.

Nowadays, the United States lead the world in terms of producing beets, followed by Russia and France.

Before investigating health benefits of beets, let’s have a closer look at beets nutrition in order to understand this vegetable better.

Nutrition Facts

About 87 percent of beets is water and 100 grams of beets provides no more than 50 calories.

About 8 percent is carbohydrates and they exist mainly in the form of fructose and glucose.

Regarding the glycemic index which is used to count the increasing level of blood sugar after you eat something, the score for beets is 61, among the medium.

Another important nutritional value of beets lies in fiber, which makes up for 2-3 grams per 100 grams of beets.

Besides, vitamins and essential minerals play a vital part in making health benefits of beets.

There is a considerable amount of folate, or known as vitamin B9, in beets. Therefore, beets are very beneficial for tissues and cells.

Other elements include iron, manganese and potassium.

With this nutrition profile, there is no denying about health benefits of beets on human health.

Health Benefits of Beets

Here are top 10 out of the best health benefits of beets that have been known for thousands of years.

1. Boost Stamina

Beets - Boost Stamina

One of the first and also best health benefits of beets is to improve your stamina, which means to support your physical strength.

The amount of dietary nitrates in beets can limit the use of oxygen when you experience intense physical performance.

Specifically, nitrates in beets have significant influence on the effectiveness of mitochondria, which takes responsibility of the energy production (1).

Beets get high appreciations for those involved in running and cycling (2) (3).

Bottom Line: The improvement in your physical performance is one of the most striking points in beets health benefits.

2. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The second among the best health benefits of beets is to lessen the possibility of heart disease.

The rich content of folate in beets is the main reason why it is beneficial for people who want to stay away from heart disease.

And guess what? You can find a lot of folate in watercress nutrition.

To be clear, diatary folate is responsible for the reduction in coronary heart disease risk (4).

Some studies published the result that folate can have positive impacts on the prevention against stroke (5).

Bottom Line: With the support of beets nutrition, you can protect yourself from dangerous heart disease.

3. Reduced Blood Pressure

When the blood pressure goes up beyond the control, it is referred as hypertension and it does harm to our heart health.

Hypertension may trigger premature death and it fact, it is really one of the leading fatal causes (6).

The consumption of vegetables and fruits, containing many inorganic nitrates, such as celery, can deal with cardiovascular diseases (7).

Therefore, undeniably, this is one of the best health benefits of beets.

Bottom Line: Thanks to its richness of inorganic nitrates, beets can prevent you from high blood pressure, with many problems to come.

4. Better Brain

The list of health benefits of beets will be missing if its positive effects on the brain function are not mentioned.

According to some studies, the participation of nitric oxide is good for the learning process and memory capacity (8).

It is because nitric oxide will improve the flow of blood into the brain more efficiently.

Besides, for older adults who struggle with their brain function, nitrate-rich foods, like beets, are scientifically proved to be good (9).

Another study in 2010, with 14 around-74-year-old participants, demanded them to use beet juice.

After 2 days, more blood went to the brain and their executive functioning skills were signifciantly better.

The same process can be replicated if you use simple fruits, such as guava.

5. Support Liver

In fact, one of the most amazing health benefits of beets is to foster the detoxification, which helps you have healthier liver.

Because of a substantial amount of betaine in beets, your liver might benefit. This substance cuts down the fat concentration in the liver (10) (11).

Besides, it is also a promising agent to help you stay away from fatty liver disease, with evidence based on some studies (12).

If you want to know more about liver improvement, artichokes are another choice.

Bottom Line: Nutrition value of beets can be shown in the improvement of your liver condition.

6. Treat Indigestion

Beets - Treat Indigestion

The rich content of fiber is said to contribute to many great health benefits of beets, one of which is to deal with digestive problems.

In addition, betaine which is present in this vegetable is claimed to have good impacts on the digestive system (13).

Therefore, the suggestion is to use beets if you need to cope with a series of problems, such as hemorrhoids or constipation.

7. Prevent Cancer

To explain for one of the most amazing beets health benefits, it needs to refer to the presence of betalains in this ingredient.

Betalains are a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance to fight against oxidative stress in our body (14) (15).

As a result, it makes beets become excellent at preventing chronic inflammation which may lead to the uncontrolled development of cancer cells.

Of course, you can see a great number of antioxidants in other sources, like dragon fruit nutrition.

Some researches carried out in lab concentrated on human tumor cells.

They indicated that beets possibly reduce the risk of cancer in stomach, colon or breast.

Bottom Line: Because of many antioxidants, beets may protect you from cancer.

8. Vision Health

Among health benefits of beets, it is important to remember the one related to our eyes.

This advantage mainly results from nutritional value of beets, namely, the presence of lutein.

There is more than 275 micrograms of lutein in a cup of green beets.

Lutein has great impacts on the protection against eye-related problems (16) (17).

In some studies investigating old people, lutein might reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

In addition, the content of beta carotene in beets also makes great contributions to this effort.

9. Anemia Treatment

Beets - Anemia Treatment

Even in the anemia treatment, we can still find one of the most surprising health benefits of beets.

Anemia is characterized as a problem with a lack of red blood cells in your body (18).

The amount of iron in beets brings the cleansing quality for this vegetable.

This means that beets can provide more oxygen inside the body and enrich red blood cells (19).

Bottom Line: Nutrition value of beets, say, iron, can surprise you with its advantage in the anemia treatment.

10. Cope with Arthritis

Last but not least, arthritis can be treated efficiently with the support of beets.

Because of alkaline quality, beets make intervention in the accumulation of deposits around your joints, which causes much trouble in daily life.

This can be outstanding among beets health benefits.

There are over 52 million adults suffering from this problem in the United States (20).

And beet is just one of many natural remedies for arthritis. You can find this among health benefits of avocados.

Side Effects

In general, looking at beets nutrition, we can be certain that anyone can benefit from benefits of beets.

Nevertheless, there are always some points that need noticing when you use anything. And beets are not an exception.

First, those who have kidney stones should skip beets.

They provide a considerable number of oxalates, which might worsen the appearance of kidney stones (21).

Besides, fructans in beets might lead to some irritating digestive problems, especially for those who are quite sensitive.

For example, irritable bowel syndrome is a common problem when it comes to side effects of beets.

On the other hand, many people find it more interesting to use beet juice.

However, if you consume the juice too much, it can trigger tightness in your throat. This tightness prevents you from speaking normally.

Lastly, as beets enhance the detoxification, low fever might happen to somebody, although the fact is that it is quite rare.

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Beets: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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