Arugula: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Arugula: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


Among many types of daily vegetable, arugula is popular.

In fact, arugula is a leafy green plant which contains many beneficial substances for people’s health.

Therefore, it is a good addition to daily diet.

Generally, benefits of arugula usually include its ability to fight cancer, improve bone health and support weight loss.

This article will shed light on nutrition facts and benefits of arugula which you may not know.

Nutrition Facts

Arugula: Nutrition Facts

It is really easy for people to take arugula for lettuce due to their similar appearance.

However, not all green varieties have equal qualities.

In fact, benefits of arugula contain anything which people can enjoy from eating cruciferous vegetable.

There are many names which people can use to call arugula.

They are garden rocket, colewort and roquette.

All of which are originated from “eruca” – a Latin word.

Belonging to Brassicaceae, arugula is related to radishes, cauliflower and kale.

Nowadays, arugula appears widely in many parts of the world.

Averagely, arugula is 20-100 centimeters high and consist of many small, white flowers.

Loaded with great amount of folic acid and antioxidant substances, arugula can be beneficial for fighting free radicals.

What’s more, arugula is a good source of carotenoids and minerals.

They are potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, etc.

Especially, phytochemicals in arugula is a special agent which can work against cancer.

Bottom line: The richness in nutrient is a good contribution to benefits of arugula.

Health Benefits of Arugula

Following are top 8 benefits of arugula which may promp you to add it more into your daily diet.

1. Antioxidant Qualities

In reality, antioxidant quality is one of the most important effects which contribute to benefits of arugula.

In particular, powerful antioxidants in arugula can increase ORAC value in people.

ORAC stands for Oxygen radical Absorbance Capacity which can estimate antioxidant strength.

According to scientific studies, antioxidants may keep enzyme balance reaction in check.

Also, they are responsible for identifying and breaking free radicals which may cause many diseases (1).

What’s more, arugula consumption is beneficial for boosting the treatment of cancer, common cold, etc thanks to antioxidant power.

Bottom line: Valuable amount of antioxidants in arugula may help with many health problems.

2. Body Health

When it comes to benefits of arugula many people mention its ability to bring about a healthy body.

Loaded with vitamin A, arugula is beneficial for the health of many body parts.

Specifically, arugula consumption can improve condition of bones, teeth and eyes effectively (2).

Also, flavonoid components in leaf vegetable including arugula may work against skin, lung cancer.

3. Brain and Bone Health

Another key benefits of arugula is to foster function of bone and brain.

In fact, high content of vitamin K in arugula can serve as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Therefore, arugula consumption can lead to better health of bone (3, 4).

For old people, osteoporosis is a common dread.

Luckily, arugula consumption is linked to effective prevention of osteoporosis (5).

More importantly, vitamin K plays a key role in slowing down neural degradation.

Thus, it may be really good for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (6).

Many other leafy green vegetables are full of vitamin K as well.

If you want to stay away from bone-related problems, try visiting Parsley Health Benefits or Cabbage Nutrition Facts.

Bottom line: Vitamin K is a key element which can lead to arugula’s effects on bone and brain functions.

4. Immunity

One of the most typical benefits of arugula is to enhance immunity health.

Undeniably, immune system is really important because a good-functioning immunity may protect people from dangerous attack of foreign invaders.

Packing with vitamin C, arugula can find and eliminate free radicals before they do real damage (7).

Furthermore, vitamins and minerals in arugula can result in proper function of immune system.

Therefore, people will witness remarkable progress in their strength, durability.

Bottom line: Arugula is beneficial for better health of immune system.

5. Cancer

Arugula: Cancer Prevention

Nowadays, one of the biggest killers all around the world is cancer.

This disease have caused the death of thousands of people.

Unfortunately, cancer remained uncured.

Therefore, it is important to prevent cancer from its early stage.

Among many foods which can prevent cancerous cell development, arugula is typical.

Phytochemicals in arugula may neutralize cancer-causing agents in the body system (8).

Results from many studies have said that arugula can help the fight against prostate, breast, colon and cervical cancers.

Bottom line: The habit of eating arugula can bring about many benefits, one of which is cancer prevention.

6. Metabolism

To foster metabolism process is among another benefits of arugula (9).

In reality, the appearance of B-vitamins in arugula can benefit metabolism process a lot.

By involving in almost all cell activities, B vitaminss may assist energy and red blood cell production, fat synthesis, etc effectively.

7. Eyesight

Arugula is an excellent source of carotenoids which are natural medicine for people’s eyesight improvement (10).

For long, caratenoids are famous for the capacity of neutralizing macular degeneration in which people’s central visual field gets compromised (11, 12).

Commonly, macular degeneration can cause more serious issues such as cataracts.

Therefore, if you are wondering about what to eat to improve eye health, you should go for arugula.

Bottom line: Thanks to abundant source of carotenoids, arugula may help with some eye ailments.

8. Weight Loss

Another field which benefits of arugula shines is in weight loss process.

As mentioned before, arugula is low in calorie.

Therefore, arugula consumption may have positive impacts on the effort of losing weight without leading to any side effects (12).

Take Home Message

In addition to above benefits of arugula, this food can also help with many health problems.

Generally, arugula is safe for people to consume.

Also, there are certain ways which you can learn to prepare arugula.

Green salad:

  • Mix fresh arugula, lettuce, radicchio and parsley together
  • Add some salt, pepper, olive oil and lime juice

Cheese salad:

  • Get the mixture of fresh and dry srugula
  • Add some slices of cheese
  • Put onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper
  • Mix them together


  • Have arugula mix with lime juice
  • Season them with salt and pepper
  • Cook the pasta well
  • Add arugula mixture and olive oil, cheese into the pasta.


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Arugula Nutrition Facts

Arugula Health Benefits

Arugula Health Benefits

Disclaim: The effectiveness from using these foods on certain problems and diseases will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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Arugula: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
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